Is President Obama Criticizing Black Men Again? – A Call To Change February to “Black Appreciation Month” – By Wayne Johnson


I really hate to talk about President Obama, but somebody has to stand up for Black men.  At a recent graduation at Morehouse College, Obama set out again to do the unthinkable.  Yes.  He isolated Black men for not being good people and and for not being good fathers in particular. 


This is so familiar because in 2009 Jesse Jackson was caught on tape whispering, “[B]arak been talking down to Black people.   I wanna cut off his nuts.” when he was criticizing Obama for making similar comments before a Black audience. 


Similarly, Bill Cosby also went before a Black crowd at Spellman University, made fun of their names, and criticized every bad thing imaginable Black people have ever done.



First, to the world, his speech makes it seem as though Black people are always looking for a handout and have not done anything worthwhile in America since 1776.    Everyone knows that stereotype.  That is a broken record.  What Obama did not say, and not many so-called- successful Black people say is nothing can be farther from the truth.  I suppose it is Obama’s job as President to send out misleading information.  Earlier in the week, he incorrectly stated the United of America invaded Iraq to punish Al-Qaeda for the September 11th attack.   In truth, the United States supposedly invaded Iraq to remove weapons of mass destruction.  Moreover, Al-Qaeda was not even in Iraq before the invasion. 


If the purpose is to motivate instead of catering to the White American media, maybe a descendant of Black slaves would have been better suited to give a more motivational speech.  Maybe the people at Morehouse should have given Obama a script and reminded him that even founding Morehouse, particularly the reasons it was founded, was an achievement of historical importance to not only Black Americans, but to all Americans.


Second, Obama offered no blueprint for being more successful or more responsible.  He did not offer Black men a stimulus package for being more responsible.  

He offers White American and those at his fundraisers stimulus packages all the time.   Even worse, he did not acknowledge the accomplishments Black men have made in this country and any of the firsts Black men have achieved.  And, he did not mention how Black people made tremendous contributions that were killed and he failed to emphasize the tremendous contributions that were reduced by Jim Crow and other forms of institutionalized racism. 


Third, Obama’s criticisms are unfair.  He is preaching to the choir.  

 Speaking to college students and giving them a lecture on why they should go to college, make contributions to society, and not to be irresponsible parents is nonsensical.   It is like telling a gunfighter to make sure his gun is loaded before a gunfight or telling a paratrooper to check his parachute before jumping.  They all recognize the importance. 

Aside from that, what parent, even a deadbeat parent, does not want the best for his or her child?  Most people on the lower economic end have not a clue on what to do to overcome educational and economic challenges.  


These college graduates are educated or in the process of educating themselves for that reason, so they can make a mark on society.  This does not mean everyone with a college degree, Black or White, is intelligent or that he or she will be successful.  It just means that they understand the potential value of an education, and they want to see their children excel too.  It is part of the bragging rights thing that the “Black Bourgeois” or the “Black Boule” strives to accomplish.  It does not matter that the children are actually doing well.  What is important is that their children appear to be doing well on paper. 


Should you ever attend an event sponsored by the Black Boule one of the very first things you may hear is how well their children are doing.   It would not be uncommon for the very next comment to be a question directed at your children and how well they are doing.  If your children are doing well that is tantamount to you doing well for that is the creed and the criteria under which they live.   Heaven forbid your children being a drug addict or drop out.   You would do better to stay home for you would be the talk of the event.


Fourth, Obama claims to be “biracial,” whatever that means.  He claims to be half White and half Black.  This is why what he did was so racist and so inappropriate.  If he is half White, and since he is not the “Black” man’s President, why does he not ever criticize his White half?  Can you imagine him addressing a primarily White audience of poor or lower middle class White men and telling them that they need to step up to the plate and be better fathers to their children?  Of course not.  White men would not tolerate that.


So why does he believe he can get away with that sort of criticism when it comes to Black fathers?   The answer is simple.  Everyone criticizes Black men.  Some White women still clinch their purses when Black men approach.  Some believe they are about to be robbed or otherwise assaulted when they cross a Black man on a dark street.  Black men are still Americas favorite whipping boys.   That is why no matter how far they go in life,  how many patents or inventions they have, how many wars they fight, or how educated they are, everyone thinks they should be racially profiled.  No matter how much Black men accomplish, people still have the impression that Black men are getting a free ride and that they have made no significant contributions to society.


When Black men are stopped by police, no matter what their station in life, White and Black police officers feel they can ask Black men if they are on probation or parole.   This sort of profiling will not stop until the attitudes change.  When Black men get the impression they are appreciated and that more is expected of them, only then will they stop engaging in the buffoonery that comes along with low expectations.   In fact, this is why I advocate changing “Black History Month” to “Black Appreciation Month.”  In February, let us not just talk about Black history, let us also talk about the things we appreciate about Black people.  In the tradition of Thanksgiving, during February everyone just walk up to a brother, give him a hug, and just say: “[T]hank you!”


So, Obama went on this tirade about how important it is for the Black college graduates to be responsible and maybe one day, they will end up like him.  Obama gives a good speech.  He was a community organizer, whatever that is, and they are usually good speakers.   He was packaged up and sold to us as an example of what we should strive to be.  I do not want to spend too much time criticizing Obama for I understand there are good things and bad things that go along with the job, and those things are probably even more complicated when you are the first so-called Black President.  .  However, I do want to focus on the positive achievements of Black men so everyone might understand how difficult that can be too, and so everyone can understand that Black men have always participated in the struggle and that they have never abandoned the struggle.  Moreover, they never will.


I would have preferred that the first Black president be a descendant of African slaves raised by a proud Black father, and mother, in the United States.  However, his wife fits the criteria, and that is close enough.  Of course, she too could spend a little more time addressing issues that impact Black families, but I do understand it is probably more politically safe to  spend time on issues effecting military families and obese children.

I wish one of them would push more for Black economic education and empowerment; however, I do understand why they cannot.  By the same token, I do not have to play like I like the fact that more is not being done.   As complicated as his job is and as much about it as we will never know, he does not seem to be as bad as Clarence Thomas or Ward Connerly.  


Let’s face it.   White America would not tolerate a descendant of African slaves in that seat criticizing them on a daily basis and asking for forty (40) acres and a mule.   Let’s also face it, we are not going to get a radical or a Black activist in that position.   All we can hope for is a President who unfortunately will carry out the White Westerner’s agenda, and be able to deliver a few perks when no one is paying attention.   


Many of the Black people he does appoint to positions get into trouble by trying to out White their White predecessors.  Look at the U.S. Attorney General and the United States Ambassador To The United Nations.  In case you did not know it that is why Obama selected them.  Even as a “lame duck” President he does not want it to appear to White folks that he is doing Black people a favor. 


White people elected Obama and he owes them.   They know it and he knows it.  He does not owe Black people anything.  That is why he is always flying here and there attending $35,000 plus dinners in corporate executive homes.  Politicians like Obama are beholding to them.   No wonder corporations like Apple pay little or no corporate taxes.  


Let face it, the average Black person does not have $35,000 to spare on a fundraising dinner.   It would be nice if we could buy some politicians and get a tax break.

Unfortunately, the average Black person in America probably has never seen $35,000 in a lump sum free and clear .  Even though his facts about Black men are inaccurate or unfair, I am not surprised he chose Morehouse, a Black College, to deliver his message.  He had to do something to quiet the Black critics who complained he was not doing enough for Black people before he leaves office.   


However, does that give the President the privilege to criticize Black men in general?  Let us examine this.  


First, growing up Barack Obama had probably never seen a responsible Black man except, ironically, Bill Cosby on this television sitcom.  He saw his father a hand full of times.  Obama recalls his father taking him to a jazz concert when he was 10.  According to his book, that was the last time he saw his father and at that time his father was ill.   However, he never described speaking to his father about why he was absent.   Obama offers no real explanation.  We do know his father was a minister in the Kenya Oil Ministry and that he fell out of favor with Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta.  We know that his father was drinking heavily, otherwise in poor health, and he had lost the use of his leg in a terrible car accident by the time President Obama was 10 years of age.   



Second, President Obama was raised for a time by his White mother, then briefly by his White mother and her Indonesian husband, and finally by his White grandparents.   During his 2008 campaign for president, while distancing himself from Reverend Jeremiah Wright as Wright attempted to clarify misconceptions about his speech, he told us that his White grandmother admittedly said things about Black men that made even him cringe.   I wonder if he meant she referred to Black men as worthless, shiftless, criminals, or as Niggers.   If she said things about Black men that made him cringe, maybe she had no problem expressing those same sentiments directly to Obama, Jr. or to Obama, Sr.’s face.  Maybe Obama’s mother even said some of those things to Obama’s father when she became angry or upset.  


Third, we know his father died at the age of 46, after being ill for many years.  How could he be responsible under those circumstances?  What killed him?   We know Obama’s mother divorced his father, and that she married again.  He married two more times and tried to raise another family with another white woman.  He even took her back home to Africa wherein she met and married another African.  


Obama’s family was not like the typical family for many other reasons.  We know his father attended Harvard University and found a high level position in the Kenyan Oil Ministry as an economist.   Obama’s mother is considered White and his father is considered Black.   President Obama is what they now call “biracial,” whatever that means, as if everyone on the planet who is not a pure central African is not a descendant of some “interracial” intercourse.  Along that vein, it was not Black people who decided  every person who had one drop of Black blood was Black.  It was the White racists who did not want to lose their slaves who decided to create that distortion.


Obama’s parents lived in Hawaii when they married; however, in 1961, inter-racial marriages had to be especially problematic. They are still problematic.


President Obama does not have enough information or the qualifications to criticize even his own father for being a deadbeat or absentee father.  How can he criticize Black men in general?  For President Obama to base his entire knowledge of Black men on his one example, his father, is unrealistic and unreasonable, especially in light of the fact that his images about his father were most likely spoon fed to him by his mother’s racist White family. 


Let’s face it, the way they treated Black men in America in 1961, and way they still treat most Black men, his father probably did him a favor letting his privileged White family raise him.    


Moreover, Obama’s father, being Kenyan, probably was not subject to the full authority of the United States Court system.  Moreover, in 1961, the courts were not that involved in child custody and child support; however, they probably would not have awarded a Black Kenyan much by way of custody.  Many men thought it best to leave their children in the hands of the mothers, and frankly, that is what many mothers wanted and expected. 


Another point to consider is Black men have a more difficult time gaining and holding employment.  Additionally, there are White deadbeat dads too, and they out number Black deadbeat dads.  Even when women lose custody of their children, and are ordered to pay child support, they may waver.   The fact is no one wants to pay the amount of money the courts may order.  It is based upon an algebraic formula derived from one’s gross income, after taxes and a few other deductions. 


What Obama does not appreciate is how much he did get from his father.   Obama, Sr. attended Harvard University.   Even though Obama, Sr. was from a small tribal area, he was able to travel, educate himself, and obtain an important position in government.  Those were positive examples for Obama to follow and President Obama was lucky enough to follow in his fathers’ footsteps and attend Harvard University and in reaching a high level government position.  For some, being a father is more than taking children to baseball games.  It is doing big things, raising the bar, and setting examples. 


From here on out, let’s challenge everyone, especially so-called Black politicians, who support racism against Black men.  Let’s hold them accountable.  Ask them to inspire Black men to do better without supporting negative stereotypes.



Malcolm X (640x480)


Malcolm X was born into a family. Malcolm’s father had been a positive role model for Malcolm and his siblings. His father did his best to provide economically for his family and was an organizer for the great leader Marcus Garvey.  But circumstances changed for his family.

Malcolm’s family became dysfunctional.  The breakdown of his family can be traced to the murder of his father by the Black Legion (a white racist group). As a result, Malcolm’s mother eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and was subsequently put into a mental asylum. Put in another way; it was the absence of the father which weakened Malcolm’s family structure and which set in motion its downward spiral and the eventual separation of the siblings from one another. They had lost a protector and a provider. They had lost their family leader.  

If you are incarcerated you are absent from your family. Because of your incarceration, your sons and daughters have less physical and emotional protection. Your absence has negative repercussions on the members of your family which can be life-long. The repercussions are physical, economical, emotional, and psychological in nature.  Those repercussions are painful to experience. At a young age, Malcolm was pained for the rest of his life due to the loss of his father, mother, and his siblings.

I have observed that kind of pain. For many years I was a social worker. I worked with families in Oakland and East Palo Alto, California.  I observed over the course of my life an interesting change in family structure exemplified by family portraits. When I was a boy, families prided themselves on their family portrait.  Usually, they would place them over the mantle in the living room for all to see.  There was the father and mother and usually in the foreground of the picture there would be the child or children, sometimes in the background would be grandparents. But circumstances started to change.

Over the course of 30 to 50 years I have observed a definite change. No fathers in the home. Increasingly, there were family portraits but with no father. There would just be the mother and children; in other instances there would be a picture of the father on the prison yard sent from prison and stamped on the back ‘approved’. In both cases, the prison pictures demonstrate the breakdown of the traditional family structure not unlike what happened to Malcolm’s family and not unlike what happened during slavery when Africans were prevented by law from marrying and having families.  History now is repeating itself.

Today, over 70% of African American babies are born into single parent families and over 200,000 African American children are wards of the States in residential foster care programs. That is paralleled by the fact that 36 per 1000 African American fetuses are aborted and 32% of all abortions ever done have been done by African American women. It is the highest abortion rate and the highest proportion of women getting abortions in the nation, indeed in the world.  Now, understand that all homes are not absent a man.  But in the majority of cases there is no father in the home.  As a consequence the quality of family life for African Americans has been spiraling downward.

Statistics reveal much about how African American children are doing in their families. What one is compelled by the facts to conclude is that African American women are failing at raising their children alone. The incarceration rate, high school drop-out rate, obesity rate, and drug addiction rates are symptomatic of poor childhood supervision and rearing practices.  However, there are other arguments.

Some would argue that poverty is related to family dysfunction, if we examine Malcolm X’s family adversity I think that argument is supported by facts. Put another way, it does follow that poverty is related to family dysfunction in the African American communities today.   Malcolm’s father was murdered by Black Legionnaires (a white racist group) in 1931 at the beginning of the depression. His family never recovered economically from the loss of their head of household. They became very poor and had to go on welfare which in turn subjected his mother to the police policies of the welfare system.  They then suffered a loss of freedom and privacy.

Millions of African American families are in urban prisons which have and are slowly taking from them their self-dignity. All of their private or personal business is accessed by governmental agencies which support them financially. That is always the condition of financial support from government. This kind of humiliation is learned and then passed on as high personal tolerance for humiliation to succeeding generations of children. Humiliation and the lack of self-dignity that it causes then becomes a characteristic of the demeanor of whole neighborhoods. It was done to Native Americans. It is a feeling analogous to what a person feels when he or she is strip searched in jail or prison. If you’re in prison or jail then you’ve been strip searched, so you know exactly how it feels. 

Malcolm’s family lost its dignity. That loss of dignity started with the murder of his father and the destruction of his family.  But Malcolm got his dignity back by building a strong family.  You can get your dignity back, too, by putting the value of your family above all else.  Go get your children and start building your family today. It will be the greatest investment of your life.







Fed Up With Groups Using Our Civil Rights Pain to Gain Sympathy – By Wayne Johnson


I too am fed up with everyone piggybacking on the struggles of African Americans and benefitting from the pain Blacks suffered and continue to suffer.

If your group has not been victimized and tortured by the KKK it has not earned the right to compare itself to African Americans.  There are a few misunderstandings that go along with Blacks in the United States and “civil rights.”

First, those in power would have us believe that they are so respectful of humankind that they just bestowed civil rights upon Black people.  They would have you believe that they did us a favor by enslaving our ancestors and that they did us a favor in freeing the slaves.  None of that could be farther from the truth.

The truth is the forefathers never truly believed “all men are created equal.”  The forefathers and none who have followed in their footsteps have been particularly sympathetic or benevolent or kind to any group save very wealthy White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs).

According to Supreme Court Justice Taney, the authors of the Constitution had viewed all blacks as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race…

“They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect, and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit.”  See Scott v. Sandford 60 U.S. 393 (1857)

Instead of looking at the situation as one of the WASPs making a donation to the people of color, maybe they should look at it like an obligation owed to descendants of those who fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, The Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, and all other wars. 

They have no problem stating they owe an obligation to veterans and families of the War in Afghanistan, and the War in Iraq.  In fact, they did not deny owing this debt initially to freed slaves who fought in the Union Army.  After a significant period of time passed, they forgot about the forty acres and a mule they promised to those who took up arms against the Confederacy.   They even forgot about the  land and other rewards they promised the Seminoles (Black Runaway slaves living amongst the Native Americans)  if they agreed to stop fighting against the federal government. 

That is very difficult to understand given the amount of wealth in this country.   Statistics show that at least one third of the world’s population lives on the equivalent of less than $2 United States per day, and the United States consumes 35% of the world’s resources, and the top one percent of the United States population controls over 80% of the wealth in the country.  

Second, Black people did not just get civil rights, or stumble upon them.  They fought and died for them.  If Blacks even considered a “peaceful protest’ in the daytime to complain about “Jim Crow” they could be visited in the evening by the “Night Riders” or the KKK.

Third, not only did Black people fight and die to get civil rights, they had to fight for the right to fight for them. The KKK, many of whom held law enforcement and other government offices, did not just let Black people waltz outside and “occupy” the town square.  They just did not allow Black people to go to the polls and vote as we did in the case of California Proposition 8.  Moreover, we did not have a judge sitting on the bench ruling that discrimination against Black people was over.  The elections were rigged and the ballot boxes were stuffed.  We had to March on Washington.  We had to face the military.  A lot of Black people had to refuse to be drafted into the war of the day.  Many had to go to jail and a lot of Black people had to  die.

As far as the right to marry is concerned, modern science, DNA, tells us that there really are no different races.  People originated in the same geographic area in Africa and most mutated to adapt to the environments in other parts of the world.   So prohibiting two people of opposite sexes from mating or entering into matrimony, which is really what the entomology of the word is derived from is illogical.  

The related word “matrimony” ultimately derives from Latin mātrimōnium which combines the two concepts mater meaning “mother”” and the suffix –monium signifying “action, state, or condition.”  

Obviously, the mating of two people of the opposite sex has an intended consequence, even if they do not stay together, because that is the only way humanity can continue.    Science seems to suggest that everything in this universe, including, but not limited to mating, electricity, and the Yin and Yang require opposites, or at least significant differences to function.  Any other relationships seem to arise out of convenience and are not necessary for the functioning of the universe.                                                                 

On the issue of benevolence, even the Great Liberator, Abraham Lincoln, despised Black people, initially.  He wanted those slaves he openly called “Niggers” to be sent back to Africa where they could not compete on the labor market with whites.  Only when he saw he might lose the Civil War and he needed extra foot soldiers, i.e. Blacks, to fight did he change his tune.  Ironically, he now gets credit for doing Black people a favor in freeing them and allowing them to integrate into American society, something he clearly did not want to do.

Besides, if they attempted to send Blacks to Africa, where in Africa were Black people going to return?  The slaveholders intentionally erased their languages and family ties in Africa so they could not return.

Fourth, most Blacks still do not enjoy civil rights, at least the civil rights Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned.  White gay people still enjoy larger incomes and other privileges that most Black people do not.  If fact, if White gay people hide in the closet they can achieve everything the other privileged Americans achieve.  Because of their dark complexions, most Black people cannot hide in the closet, and believe me, many of them tried and are still trying to hide their ethnicity so they can enjoy their citizenship and get a larger slice of the pie.

African Americans suffered slavery on this soil, in this country, after being stolen from their homes and families in Africa.  They fought in every battle the White people started, and in the ones fought on this soil they fought on both sides.  During the civil rights struggle, they were attacked by the government, particularly law enforcement, hunted, infiltrated by uncle toms, had canines, and human dogs (KKK)  “sicced” or “seeked” on them.

They were bombed, hung, lynched, burned, mutilated, brainwashed, raped (men, women, and children on the plantation and afterwards), shot by water cannons, and otherwise humiliated.

The final humiliation is for anyone, except maybe some of the Native Americans, to compare their suffering with that of African Americans on this soil.  And, even the Native Americans might have stopped their own massacre had they had the insight to join together and eliminate the Europeans before they grew strong enough to build this empire.   

Aside from their history in this country, Blacks here still do not know their particular origins and they do not speak a common language other than English.  Most other minority groups share a common language even if it is not their original tongue.  For Example, so-called “Latinos” are proud to speak a a language that is derived from the Spanish language; however, many of them have very little Latin, particularly Spanish blood.   They were just conquered by the Spanish, the French, and the Portuguese who forced them to build European empires and missions in the Americas.   Even they have but a little knowledge of their true African ancestry and heritage.  For example, most Mexicans do not know that Mexico’s second President, Vicente Guerrero, was part African slave, that he ended slavery for all in Mexico, and that he was assassinated for his efforts.

VincenteGuerrero                             Bust of Vicente Gerrero, Second President of Mexico

I understand why one would think in terms of humiliation and the last straw; however, the brainwashing is the worst thing that ever happened to Blacks, and the hype we continue to believe is part and parcel of the brainwashing.

Not only did Blacks provide manual labor and fight in all the wars fought by the United States, they built towns where they were not allowed to thrive, and they invented things that they were not allowed to fully exploit.

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable founded Chicago.  Blacks founded a thriving town called Rosewood in Florida.  Black pioneers were among the first non-Native people to settle the West.  George Washington Bush is one of the original founders of the State of Washington.  The Los Angeles Pobladores founded Los Angeles. William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr. became one of the wealthiest men in California.  In fact, much of the gold from the California Gold Rush was found on his land.  

There was even a “Black Wall Street” near Tulsa Oklahoma during the oil boom of the 1910s.

Pretending they benevolently bestowed civil rights upon us allows the wealthy WASPs to “write-off” all wrongs they perpetrated against us and continue to call us violent, ignorant, lazy and shiftless.

If the WASPs and the KKK had just let Black people alone, and stopped taking their ideas, land, and capital they would not have needed affirmative action.  They would not need a Black President to feel good.  They could have had their own empire right here and they would have been fully respected as humans.

The United States has still not fulfilled its promise to Blacks, and electing a Black President does not satisfy the debt.  Moreover, considering the length of time we have been in the United States and what we helped America achieve, we are still under-employed, under-educated, not very wealthy, our health is not what it should be, and we have a higher mortality rate than we otherwise should.

On the issue of other groups capitalizing on our pain, one such group is the LGBT community.  The first thing they claim is the discrimination they experience is like the  discrimination Blacks experienced, with the emphasis on the past tense as though the discrimination against Blacks is no longer taking place.

A majority of those age 32 and under have been brainwashed to believe that everyone is entitled to a lifestyle that is at least as good as that enjoyed by African Americans.  However, there is a reason that a higher percentage of those who are under age 32 share these beliefs, and particularly believe that the LGBT community deserves to be treated at least as good as Blacks.  Not that it is wrong to be in the LGBT community, but how they think has a lot to do with propaganda.

I am not complaining about a person’s sexual preference.  I am complaining about people belittling our struggle.  Stop comparing yourselves to us!  What you are going through is nothing like what we have gone through and continue to go through.   Moreover, funds are being designated to others that should rightfully be spent on descendants of slaves in this country because those are the people who paid for those benefits with their blood.   There would not even be a concept called civil rights in this country if it were not for African Americans.

Whoever controls propaganda controls minds.  To paraphrase: “[H]e who controls the diameter of your thoughts controls the circumference of your actions.”  When we take to the streets those in power know exactly what we are planning and they know before we even present our demands exactly how much they are willing to concede to keep the peace.

And, we do not push the envelope too far either because we have compassion for those in power.  We even vote for them on election day and we call them when we need help.   It is sort of like Stockholm syndrome, or capture–bonding, a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors.  We have empathized with our ancestors’ captors primarily because our crisis has not ended and basically, not many want to hear us whine.  If we complain too much about mistreatment we are accused of “playing the race card,” as if this is a game.  This is not a game and those in power are no joke.

What has happened since the late 1970’s is there has been a concerted effort by the pro-LGBT lobbyists and others to usurp the civil rights movement and promote the LGBT agenda claiming it is the civil rights movement.  LGBT movies have made it the big screen, and not just of the “X-Rated” variety.   Propaganda is how this country works.  It is how they got the masses to go out and kill Native Americans and enslave Blacks.

The “Crying Game” and “Brokeback Mountain” would never have been aired in a major movie theater before 1980.  LGBT books and teachers have made it into the classroom, and not just high schools, but to the elementary and middle schools.

Of course, there are movies and books about Blacks, but unfortunately the top selling materials were not created by Blacks.

If you are brainwashed to like a person, or he or she is your supervisor or teacher, you will be more likely to sympathize with those people.  Even if you do not agree with their goals or their agenda, you may go along because you like them as people. 

In places like San Francisco, being gay may even help you get a job or be promoted.  Gays have created a reverse discrimination policy that is subtle.  They hire each other and they can choose when, if ever, to come out of the closet.  How often do you hear of a lawsuit when a straight person is complaining of discrimination by a gay supervisor?  If you take the case to court, you may even run into an openly gay judge or one who is in the closet, like in the famous California Proposition 8 case.

There are a lot of LGBT people out there now, and they should not feel demoralized because they are not accepted by heterosexuals, and they should probably stop trying to be heterosexual or trying to be accepted by the so-called heterosexual community.   People are different and even gays are not monolithic.

Furthermore, there is a big difference between discrimination based upon what we call race and what we call sexual preference.  Unless you are employed in the sex industry, you should not be discussing sex or your sexual preference on the job anyway.  It probably makes some co-workers feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, except in the area of sexually transmitted diseases I do not want my children having sex related discussions with strangers, particularly school teachers and priests anyway.  I am not sure if I would want my child exposed to any person who felt it necessary to sexualize any of his actions or conversations.

Teachers are telling the children that it is “normal,” whatever that may be, for children to have two same sex parents.  Let’s face it, there is no such thing as normal.  Yes, there are same-sex and opposite sex people who have no business raising children, particularly in this environment.  There are abusive families in every gender, and status.

I feel for the LGBT people who want to fit in by living a fantasy, called the American dream; however, who says a lily white family living in a lily white house with a lily white picket fence, and 1.5 children should be a desirable goal?

Personally, I wish people could say what they really feel on a job.  That way I will know who and what to avoid. I am not commenting on whether any position is good or bad.  I am commenting on the schools brainwashing our children to be straight, gay, liberal, conservative, capitalist, and / or communist.  That is not the role of the government.

Of course, no student should be bullied or harassed to the point of irreparable harm.  However, bullies have been in schools since there have been schools, and they should be disciplined accordingly.

In this day and age no marriage issue should be on the ballot, gay or straight.  No group should be given a preference on taxes or healthcare, gay or straight, married or single.   No one should be denied the right to designate an end of life caregiver. 

Maybe the upper class should pay more taxes because they actually receive disproportionate benefits.  After all, tax dollars are used to support military actions that usurp resources from impoverished countries and those resources are then used disproportionately by the wealthy to make profits.  Yes, and they too receive disproportionate tax breaks and welfare.





In California and nationally for 20 years, the LBGT community successfully hijacked the civil rights movement of the 20th century and reduced it to a movement for one’s right to openly express a sexual fetish without being subject to harm as well as to marry under state law. Under the Constitution the LBGT community has a right to protest for rights. The Supreme Court will decide one way or another this year. But in California they could not persuade the majority of African Americans that their sexual fetish is equivalent to their movement for a broad scope of political rights demanded by African Americans and caused by the human holocaust suffered by African Americans in the United States for four hundred years and still counting.  Yes, there were some gays who were with Dr. King, but their efforts were transcendental in nature, not erotic.  You have never understood that.  Maybe you can’t.

There is resentment in the LBGT community against African Americans and some churches for that reason.  They want us to understand them; but they are presumptuous because we do understand them.  This community of eros has retaliated against African Americans of their own kind in the Castro District of San Francisco because they are black.  But then it is no secret that ‘White’ Gays and Lesbians have always been racist even while in the closet; they, too, have been suckled from the same cultural tit.  They don’t hire ‘blacks’ either. 

Yet, they expected that their political propaganda for Proposition 8 in California targeted to a community utterly demoralized by crack, FBI co-intel pro, police brutality, gangster rap/hip hop trash, HIV, herpes, unemployment, low education, single parent households, millions of abortions, Plan B birth prevention, hundreds of thousands of African men in prisons and jails, poverty, women who’d rather weave their hair than save money for their children’s education, and young men who’d rather expose their butts in public than read books should have such a low opinion of themselves that they would accept anything.

You think lowly of us. Well, its’ bad; but some of us can see very clearly. And we see you and the Negros who push your propaganda.  We know that your community donated to President Barak Obama’s 2012 political campaign millions of dollars; we know that he is in your service for that reason.  We understand that money makes him talk for you.

We also know that over 200,000 of all foster children in the United States are African American girls and boys; we know that the States and you plan to adopt our children and turn them out to your sexual fetish.  We know that the pedophiles among you will marry just so they can adopt African American boys and girls to abuse them.  After all, it has been happening right under everybody’s nose in the Catholic Church for longer than anyone can imagine. While their parishioners prayed, the priests were doing fellatio on their boys.  We will not allow this humiliation.  That will be the final straw.  By every rational and legal means, we will stop you and the States from doing this to our people. 

Dear God we pray that you will help us and use your mighty right hand with nails long and sharp to cut down those who seek to destroy us. Amen



What is Toxic Masculinity? – By Wayne Johnson

I heard for the first time today the term “Toxic Masculinty.”   That is a notion where men treat women so poorly that it kills them, either spiritually or physically.   It is a concept where men rape women, and dehumanize them to the point where they no longer feel valued.   This goes hand in hand with notions like equal pay for equal work.  


 Where I get lost at is some people regardless of gender never receive equal pay for equal work.  In fact, some people never even get the chance to do equal work.  



The Thirteenth Amednment to the United States Constitution reads:



Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.



It was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, by the House on January 31, 1865, and adopted on December 6, 1865. On December 18, Secretary of State Williams H. Seward proclaimed it to have been adopted. It was the first of the three Reconstruction Amendments adopted after the American Civil War.



The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution reads: 


 Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.


Section 2. Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.


Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.


Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.


Section 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.



These Amendments were the catalysts to all equal pay for equal work statutes.  Ironically, they applied to freed slaves, and still today, the freed slaves do not enjoy equal work or equal pay for equal work.   In fact, even when they began their own towns and businesses or applied for patents, trademarks, or copyrights they were either denied or confronted with staunch opposition. 


What does it mean to be discriminated against?   Some speak of rape; however, women are not the only victims of rape.  Men and boys are raped too.  They are raped in schools, in churches, and in prisons.   Some refer to dehumanization.   Men and boys are dehumanized too.  They are dehumanized by other men, and by other women too.   Some speak of ill treatment on the job.   Black men and others are treated poorly on the jobs too.  Oft-times they are treated poorly by women supervisors who have stepped into the place of white men.  


If you want to talk about toxicity, let us talk about justice to all.  Let us not speak of unrighteous deeds that have been done to a portion of the population.  Let us talk about all unrighteousness, things that have gone on for centuries.  Let us get the benefits of the unrighteous system before we are held accountable for all of the misdeeds that have been done to us all.  


What will a Black man have to do before he will be treated with respect?   What about the toxic climate that prevents him from being treated fairly, that makes him the first suspect in a crime.  Let’s talk about the factors that prevent him from being accepted as a credible witness, prevent him from entering college, and curtail his efforts in his pursuit of economic gain or happiness.  



What is masculinity?   I was raised in predominantly feminine home and my original concepts of masculinity came from women.   They are the first ones who told me I was a punk if I let a woman treat me this way or that way.  They are the first ones who told me I was not a man if I let a woman beat me running, at a sport, or beat me up.  They told me I should be able to lift more and bear more.  They are the ones who told me I was feminine if I played with dolls.  They are the ones who told me to open doors and carry bags for women.  They relegated me to repairing things, cutting the grass and protecting the home while they washed the dishes, made the beds, and did the laundry. 

I think I should mention that none of my four sisters were “punks.”  If you wanted to whip one of my sisters, even if you were a male, you had to bring your “A” game.   They were all tom boys and they could fight like men or women if they chose.

My sisters told me never to let a woman slap me, punk me out, out perform me in bed, or cheat on me.  



In fact, they were the first to call another man a sissy.  Even today, women are the first to refer to a male as a gay if he does not ask them on a date or find them attractive.   



What about what I want?  What if I want to be greedy or selfish?   What if I do not want to cater to the every whim of my woman?  What if she wants sex and I do not?   Should I ever behave in a masculine fashion?   What if my woman wants me to behave like a chauvinist, but others don’t?  What if I do not think she is supportive of me and / or my dreams?   What if I do not like being called gender-based names like dog, or son of a “B”, or “MFer”, or the “N” word?  


What about the women who are disrespectful to other women, refer to them as “Bs,” or who beat or rape other women?  


What if my woman earns more than I and she will not share her wealth equally?   When do I throw in the towel?  When should I tell a woman to seek help?   What programs are set up to give women treatment for being abusive to her man?  What if I cannot take anymore?  


Should I write a book on Toxic Femininity?   That is a concept when I can stop catering to my woman’s needs and start complaining about when she is going to be sensitive to mine.   Oh.  I almost forgot… a woman once told me I cannot whine because I sound like a woman when I do, and the only thing she hated more than a whiny woman was a whiny man.


Men alone did not create these conditions.  Some men played absolutely no role in the gender wars.   Personally, I want a woman to earn more so she won’t beg for mine.  I want to beg for some of hers.  We were born into this society and many of us bred by women or in homes headed by women. 



If we are going to re-write the gender rules and how we relate to one and other, I am all for it.  However, everyone needs to attend the courses, not just the men.