YOU BETTER WAKE UP, QUICKLY, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

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You should read the book: ‘Propaganda’.  It was written by Edward Bernays and published in 1928.  Edward Bernays was the nephew of the German Physician, Sigmund Freud.  He was the founder of modern ‘Public Relations’ which is ‘newspeak’ for the word Propaganda.[i]

The thesis of his book turns on several fundamental biological and psychological premises first written on by his uncle Sigmund Freud.

First, the masses are incapable of thinking logically and clearly.  They are driven by instinct and prejudice.  Most people never read a book from cover to cover after high school.  If they drop out of high school then they probably never read a book of any kind.[ii]

Second, we are politically dominated by a plutocratic elite; that most people have minds, tastes, and ideas suggested to them by powerful men who remain hidden from public view and can even be unknown to each other.

Third, economic power is correlated with political power.

Fourth, propaganda is the “…executive arm of the invisible government.”[iii]

Fifth, by means of the media, information is ‘rubber stamped’ (the stimulus) such that there are uniform imprinted pictures and audio sounds onto the minds of millions of people at the same time under all circumstances and is evidenced by herd regimental behavior (the herd response).

Sixth, propaganda is a large scale organized effort to indoctrinate millions at a time into a set of officially approved range of beliefs and behaviors.

Seventh, people are more likely to respond quickly to their instinctual impulses, i.e., sexual erotic impulses and/or fear or anxiety (simply put, to pleasure and/or pain) not to a rational presentation of facts.  All markets are set up so as to prong those two basic impulses along a desired pathway.  The net result is power in the hands of the plutocrats over the majority of the masses of people.[iv]


Six corporations own 90% of the media outlets in the United States and 70% of your cable television media. General Electric, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS are the big six.  They have amassed unimaginable power and wealth.  They have been given a license for power by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission).


African Americans watch on average 7 hours and 12 minutes of television per day.[v]  That is over 50 hours per week or almost 1/3 of the hours in a week of 168 hours!!  That’s as much as we sleep in a week! It is over 2,400 hours per year.  That is more television time than any other ethnic group in the United States and in the world. African American brains are totally accessed by propaganda. Their sentiment is fashioned by media.  Correlated to that is the fact that we have the lowest education scores in the nation! Has the ‘idiot box’ made us into idiots?  Most African Americans will never understand what you are now reading because they can’t follow the critical logical argument or as a defense reaction out of fear that they would have to face the hard task of changing and putting at risk their illusory comfort.

A corporation is owned by its shareholders.  So, hundreds of thousands of owners derive profit or income from their corporate enterprises. Since African Americans watch the most television, and ratings are based on the number of viewers which in turn attracts advertisers to spend money for air time, it is African Americans who generate a disproportionate amount of profit for media corporations cable television companies!

There are about 232 corporate executives who run the day to day operations of all corporations along with all of the journalists, camera persons, writers, etc.  Each of them brings to the collective a mindset which was and is derived from the same public mindset conditioned by media over generations of time. They make the day to day decisions about how to present information to the public or whether or not to omit information from public view.  This is important to know.  It is important because it is that cadre of executives and workers who are wedded to government agencies to promote propaganda to us, the public.


Below is a CIA memorandum.  Read it carefully.  It is evidence that media corporations are infiltrated by government agents with the sole purpose to control what and when people think about and respond to preselected economic, political, and racial events.  Your mind is under their control.  We are not free to choose because our choices are being predetermined for us by the use of raising the anxiety throttle or by provoking sexual impulses.

The CIA memo below is evidence that the media is controlled from top to bottom by CIA operatives.  Today, all major news and talk show hosts are vetted by the CIA, et al, to work for them.  They sell out for money, prestige, and status.



If you listen and watch closely you’ll notice how some events are raised to provoke public sentiment while other stories are ignored or debunked.  For example, listen to Al Sharpton’s radio show.  He frames issues within a very narrow range of subjects.  Besides religious issues which are targeted to a southern Baptist base, most of the issues are framed to highlight ‘racial polarization’ because that’s always how he has gathered attention to promote himself as ‘America’s civil rights leader’. He feeds on racial polarization. Its’ not that racism doesn’t exit, it does exist, but between 1976 and 2011 there have been 279,384 African American homicides. The fact is that 94 percent of those homicides have involved an African American murdering another African American.[vi]  Al Sharpton can’t get traction on that fact because it does not involve racial polarization, so he ignores it or minimizes his comments on it.

He also works for MSNBC and the Democratic National Party (corporation). He is President Obama’s safe ‘house negro’. His job is to corral African American voters for democratic candidates through his organization ‘The National Action Network’.  He is a vote hustler with the gift of the gab.  He cannot speak truth to power.  But this is not new. Jessie Jackson through ‘People United to Save Humanity’ or P.U.S.H. with Clinton in the 1990s and Vernon Jordan, the National Urban League, for Jimmy Carter in the 1970s played that same role for many years. That political strategy was devised by the plutocrats to preempt the likelihood of any more Martin Luther King like grass root leaders from gaining an independent political power base.  It has worked. Why?  To play on a line from the movie ‘Network’ (1975): “…Because they’re on T.V. stupid.” The National Action Network is totally infiltrated by government agents. Some of the very ministers working with him are undercover agents. His annual convention was paid for by corporate interests. Note that he does not call for national boycotts anymore!









[i] 1984, by John Orwell

[ii] Some individuals may think logically and clearly but here it is the ‘masses’ or the totality of all people in a given thought and act moment which is being analyzed. Edward Bernays concluded that the average of all thinking by all people at any given time in the United States is illogical, so hustlers should appeal to their appetites for pleasure and their fears.

[iii] Propaganda, Edward Bernays, Published H. Liveright, New York, 1928

[iv] You should also read: Physical Control of The Mind: Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society, by Jose M.R. Delgado, M.D.,1969

[v] Nielson, April 2011

[vi] The Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2013

Trayvon Martin, Trial & Tragedy – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney


Photograph of Body of Trayvon Martin


What is the tragedy of the Trayvon Martin case? The real tragedy is we have forgotten that a young man is erased from his this life for no apparent reason, other than another man wanted to feel important. It does not matter that George Zimmerman got off. We seem to forget that justice in the United States has always eluded people of color. Otherwise, there would not be a Thirteenth or Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. There would be no civil rights legislation. There would be no celebrating the First Black President or United States Attorney General.

The fact is even if Zimmerman had been tried and convicted for murder in the first degree, and even given the death penalty, that young man would still be gone. The tragedy is we still believe that six people or twelve people who are brainwashed can sit on a jury and not bring their own prejudices into the courtroom. The tragedy is we still believe that a judge, who decides what evidence enters the courtroom or the jury room, is not brainwashed by his or her life’s experiences.

The tragedy is we believed that trying George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida would result in anything other than an undesirable outcome. Sanford is in Seminole County. You may know that the Seminoles were a band of renegade former African slaves, Native Americans, and other freed Blacks in a rebellion against the United States. Seminole is a Spanish word that means, “to run away.”  It is ironic that this band of renegades fought the United States army to a standstill or a stalemate and forced it to sign a treaty, yet another treaty, that resulted in the “Trail Of Tears,” another treaty that the United States failed to honor.  That band of mostly Africans were originally from that area that is now Seminole County. So, it is somewhat ironic that this case was tried in Seminole County.

In the Oscar Grant case we saw what happened on that BART platform and we saw that outcome in Los Angeles, California. Why did anyone think that six jurors from rural Florida would convict anyone of killing an unarmed Black person for allegedly looking suspicious and walking around a predominantly white community?

That fact is each member of that jury probably all would have suspected Trayvon Martin of looking suspicious and would have at least called the police. Most White folks love calling the police. If you have a candid conversation with them about most any uncomfortable situation, one of the first things they may mimic is “[W] ere the police called?” This is how some of them think. They generally feel unsafe and they feel that their lives are in danger anytime a Black man confronts any of them. If they have a firearm, they may discharge it.

They wanted to send a message to the country. That message is we believe the stereotypes about Black men. We do not want them wandering about our neighborhoods. If they do, we want to know what they are doing. We certainly do not want them “back talking” or being uppity.

Trayvon Martin was killed for being an “uppity nigger. “ So was Oscar Grant. If they had just kept their mouths shut, they would still be alive. The question is do we want our Black youth to be docile, and live? Do we want them to stand up, and speak out when they feel they are not being treated fairly?

Even in a State where firearms are not allowed, no one knows who possesses a firearm. So when you speak up to another person you never know who will produce a firearm. So, unless you do not care whether you live or die, it is best to conduct yourself as though the other person has a firearm and will not hesitate to shoot you.

What do you tell a young person? We have come to expect too much from the justice system. We do not want to be in trial over the death of a family member anyway. A trial will not give you justice. Even if you prevail, all you will receive is money in a civil trial, and in the case of a criminal trial, you may send the other person to jail or to death row. You will still not have your prized possession.

What you do then is gather evidence and you keep walking to your anticipated designation. You do not have to prove yourself. Observe license plates, descriptions, and you make a report. If you are a minor, make a report to your parents or guardians.

Be careful. Be smart. Live to see another day. Justice is an elusive concept.

STOP AND FRISK: President Evo Morales, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

President Morales of Bolivia

Evo Morales is the President of Bolivia. He is the first indigenous person (Native American) to be elected to the Presidency in that nation.  Bolivia has had a long history of struggle against  U.S. and European colonial exploitation of its land and people.  He was refused flight travel over several European nations on Tuesday July 2, 2013.  He had been in Russia to attend a trade conference.

His Presidential plane was forced to land in Vienna, Austria because it had run short on fuel.  President Morales’ life was put in danger because the United States by order of President Barak Obama interfered with his flight over the air space of its European allies: France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.  These actions were done on the presumption that Edward Snowden was on the Presidential plane.  Such actions were criminal.

Once President Evo Morales’ plane had landed it was forcibly searched.  It was an unparalleled violation of international law.  His plane was stopped and it was searched no differently than the 800,000 minority persons on the streets of New York city were stopped and frisked in 2012.  South American grass root leaders have long suffered this form of physical and psychological abuse.     

It is evidence of the prevailing plutocratic attitude toward non-white leaders world-wide.  That plutocratic attitude is capsulated by the denigrating statement made by Secretary of State John Kerry in April 2013 when he likened South America to Washington’s “backyard”.  That is the slave-owner plantation mentality.  It is the mentality of gang lords. It is the sound of the ‘whip-cracker’.  John Kerry is a ‘Whip-Cracker’ and President Barak Obama is a ‘Whip-Cracker’, too. Never mind the color of his skin.


But there is dramatic irony to this act of aggression toward Bolivia and charges against Edward Snowden.  Its called ‘Operation Paperclip’.  After World War II, it was determined that the Nazi government had incinerated over 6,000,000 Jews, Socialists, Journalists, and conscientious whistleblowers. Nevertheless, our United States government allowed over 104 of those very same Nazi leaders entry into the United States where they lived very good lives long after the war ended under fabricated biographies made up by the Office of Strategic Services (forerunner of the CIA).  Harry Truman, a presumed member of the KKK, ordered it.  I hope you’re getting the point.

Edward Snowden is not a Nazi nor a murderer. He was under oath to: ‘Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States ‘against all enemies foreign and domestic.’  His act of conscientiousness was an act to defend the citizens of the United States against violations of their 4th amendment rights from anyone or group who would destroy that right.  For Snowden not to have acted conscientiously would have been a crime because he would have been in breach of an oath which takes precedence over all lesser laws. 




Visions in the Darkness of the Hole

At Concord State Prison, Malcolm had what is called an epiphany. An epiphany is a moment of deep insight.  While at Concord State Prison he suddenly realized that he lacked basic academic skills in arts, letters, and science.  While looking at a letter he had written to one of his brothers he decided to compare it to an earlier one he had written and concluded that the latest letter was even more poorly written than the first letter. Malcolm had a sudden realization of truth; he needed to start the learning process. He had accepted the advice from ‘Bimbi’ (Friend), but only Malcolm could go within himself and begin the hard work of self discovery.

The kind of self-criticism which Malcolm experienced is an indicator of personal growth.  He wasn’t fearful of accepting his defects whatever they were and they were many.  It was as though Malcolm stood outside himself and looked at what he saw objectively.  With no denial response, he recognized where he needed to begin work on himself to improve himself.  That is where real lasting change begins. It begins within yourself.

Maybe for a moment Malcolm felt sad. Maybe he even felt depressed because of what he saw. What he saw in himself was a socially disabled person who was unable to live a meaningful life.  What he saw was Malcolm Little, a convict, a loser; dependent upon the state as a criminal for his food, clothing, and shelter. If you’re in prison, then right now you are a loser, too, and if you don’t change you’ll remain a loser; you’ll be dependent for the rest of your life. But despite your present conditions you can become a winner. You can become socially able to be a meaningful contributor to your family and your neighborhood.

If you’ve ever lost any contest be it a track race; a competition for a job; a competition for another person’s love; a contest with yourself to learn a skill; then you know what losing feels like. Nobody feels good after having lost a contest. Loosing is painful; in the extreme it could even result in death. But at the moment you’re feeling the pain of loss you’ve got to also feel something else; you’ve got to feel the urge to live. That urge must be greater than the impulsive fear to quit. Either you’ll never try again by wandering into a crowd never to be heard from again or you’ll find the start line and get on the mark so that you can contest again.

What is it that makes some people seemingly oblivious to the pain of loss and who despite their losses and the pains associated with loss they try and try and try again and again?  Whereas others peel over due to the pain of loss then wander into a crowd and disappear?  The answer is that the one who gets back to the start line has both love and mental calm. That one perceives correctly that one loss does not equal a lost life. Conversely, the quitter is overwhelmed by the anxieties caused by past pains he or she has experienced and looses the enthusiasm and motivation to try and try again.  They perceive their loss as total and conclusive; they run away from the field of contest in fear.

Enthusiasm, motivation, and fearlessness are the forces which drive one’s sentiment for self dignity and the will to succeed. That self dignity makes him or her act in ways which serve their best interests. One who fears will never dare to fight and one who lacks enthusiasm and motivation will lack passion for the fight.  Malcolm had enthusiasm, motivation, and fearlessness but they had been misdirected through his role as ‘Detroit Red’.  As though in a stage play, he was neither the writer of his script nor the director of his actions, but he thought he was. He thought wrong. He was making decisions but he wasn’t making good decisions.  As a consequence of thinking poorly and making poor decisions, Malcolm deteriorated both psychologically and physically. He put himself in the gutters of inner city drama and quagmires. Once there, he could not get himself out.  Malcolm was human waste.  Eventually, he was flushed out of the gutter and into the prison system.

Now, in prison, the moniker of ‘Detroit Red’ was snatched from him. With no direction, the bare naked truth stared back at him off of his cell wall. What he saw was ‘nothing’ reflected back.  He was now to play the role of convict. Instead of being known by a street moniker he would be just another number.  But his inherent fearlessness and passion spewed upward to reinvigorate his sentiment for self dignity. This time, however, he would write his own script and he would direct his actions in ways to serve his best interests. That new role for Malcolm was the role of student and his script would now be written by his own hand.


Your lives are analogous to the life of Malcolm.  Many of you reading this book have a street moniker or a nick name. It is supposed to characterize your strengths and that your game in ‘the life’ is tight. It is supposed to get respect for you.  But in reality the moniker you have is an oxymoron.  An oxymoron is a self contradictory word. Think about it.  Your moniker doesn’t characterize your true self because you don’t know your true self.  You haven’t begun to develop that which is your true self.  How can a ‘street’ name characterize your strengths as a man or woman? How can it typify your potentials as a human being?  The fact is that it can’t.

You have been acting on a very narrow stage designed by powerful institutions and people who have corralled you into limited psychological, social, and economic spaces.  All that has been made available to you are contrary and contradictory roles which ‘misfit’ you into those limited social and economic spaces.  Those conditions are meant to stunt your inner and outer growth and cause you to feel pain and maybe escape that pain through the use of narcotics, cocaine, or alcohol.

On the famous temple of Luxor in Ipet Resyt, in the country of Kemet, on the continent of Africa (Thebes, presently called Egypt) 1400 years before the birth of Jesus and a thousand years before the rise of Greek philosophy there is written in hieroglyphics: ‘Man Know thyself.’ In order for you to know yourself you must have a master teacher who turns you within and then triggers the process of learning.  True knowledge begins with an inner vision of one’s self. No human being can trigger the inner awakening to such kind of Supernatural knowledge.  Only the master teacher who is a Supernatural being can do it. That entity does it by syncing the student’s mind with the Supernatural Mind.  Was Malcolm’s mind put in synchronicity with the Supernatural Mind?

Malcolm states that he had a vision in prison. He states that when he was in ‘the hole’( solitary confinement) he would picture himself talking to large crowds. He called them pre-visions.  The Master Teacher begins the learning process of the student with inner visions.   It was a vision of the mind’s eye which Malcolm had.  Malcolm’s mind’s eye was opened by the master teacher to his true supernatural nature and thus to the truth. Malcolm thus began his long life process of unfolding his predetermined destiny into space and time by hard intellectual and physical work.  From that point onward, every word he spoke and his every act in relation to others would be a pouring forth of what was designed in the Supernatural to be acted out in a natural context.


Different cultures have had different names for the master teacher.  In Kemet, the master teacher was called Ptah. It was Ptah who opened the mind’s eye of Im-ho-Tep (2650-2600 B.C.) to mathematics, engineering and medicine. In ancient Greece, the same master teacher was called Daemon; that one was the informer of the philosopher, Socrates.  Also, the Greek noun ‘Paraclete’ is the Informing Mind, the ‘mind’ that was in the mind of Jesus of Nazareth as it was said: “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ, Jesus.” For the Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah that one is called Jabril who ordered him to ‘Read’.

But the name of the Master Teacher in whatever language spoken is not important beyond what is needed to communicate the ideas to others.  Rather what is important is that the very same Informing Mind is active today in the unified human mindscape to inform you, too. For, as the natural worlds of space and time in uncountable dimensions are held in sync by the laws of physics and chemistry, so it is that The One Mindscape is held in sync with all minds by the Laws of Thought.  This is reducible to two simple premises: 1) That Mind is Truth and 2) Participation in Truth is Mindfulness.

The process of learning the truth is both exciting and frustrating. Learning the truth is frustrating because one must work against the gravity of one’s own ignorance multiplied by the ignorance of all those around you who reject the truth. That is like a heavy weight pressing against one’s body, mind, and soul. It was frustrating for Malcolm.  He says that he could not express himself clearly even though on the ‘streets’ he was articulate in slang.  But now, in prison, he realized he was inarticulate and dysfunctional when it came to communicating his ideas in a formal manner.  He was surrounded by those who spoke illogically and in slang.

But learning is also exciting. Despite all the many adversities he faced, Malcolm began to structure his thinking, writing, and speaking skills. He began with the letter ‘A’ and by the time he had finished his study of the dictionary at the last word ‘zygote’ of the letter ‘Z’ he had achieved a milestone in his quest to learn the skills necessary to become a social contributor and icon for his community.  You can do it, too. Wherever you are get a dictionary. Start copying it by hand on tablet paper.  You’ve got to start now!  Open your mind to the Master Teacher.