Welcome To Earthcolony.net – When Europeans Steal African-American Identities – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney – Political Economist

            When rap first began it was a craze that began at house parties and performed by Black Disk Jockeys who loved to talk over the party records.  With artists like Grand Master Flash And the Furious Five and Curtis Blow, some of the lyrics were catchy, and sometimes even hysterical.   Later, rap evolved into political poetry with artists like Public Enemy and Paris.  Shortly thereafter many Californians chimed in with artists like Easy E, Ice Cube, Tu-Pac, Dr. Dre, Too Short and Snoop-Dogg and it evolved from messages that prevailed in the streets, like pimping, drugs, and being tough and hard, to what we now call “gangsta-rap.”




 Grand Master Flash And the Furious Five


            Now it looks like rap is going the way of Jazz, Rock-N-Roll, the Blues, Soul, and Reggae, which were all considered African heathen noise until Europeans started openly buying it and trying to emulate and imitate it. 


            Jazz is a music genre that originated within the Deep South, in African-American communities.   Its African musical basis is evident in its use of blue notes, improvisation, polyrhythm, syncopation, and the swung notes.


            Louis Armstrong once purportedly said on a radio interview on the Bing Crosby Show, “Ah, swing, well, we used to call it syncopation then they called it ragtime, then blues, then jazz. Now, it’s swing. White folks – yo’all sho is a mess!”


            When we first heard rap, Europeans claimed it would never last because it was tasteless.  Now thirty years later it has lasted, and yet again morphed into something that is not quite rap.   It is antithetical to rap.   Rap was once a hard, manly, rough genre, even when female artists like Salt-n-Pepa performed it. 


            Today, Ben Haggerty, known as Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis, known as Lewis form a duo called Macklemore and Lewis.  Tonight they won three of the key rap Grammys and they won four Grammys in all, including one for Song of the Year for “Same Love.” The duo  performed the marriage-equality anthem during the ceremony, and during the performance, dozens of couples were wed in an on-air ceremony.


            The duo is talented and they may be poetic.  However, their music is not rap.  Rap belongs to the streets, the streets of the hood.


            Yes, just like gay people use the Black struggles to justify their own, a white group is using traditionally Black rap music as a basis for a gay national anthem. 


            Rap is about the Black struggle.  Blacks fought for equality, not because they love white people so much, but because that was the only way they could make a living and get an education.  White folks made black schools so poor by underfunding them and assassinating so-called “smart niggers” that the only way Black people could get a decent education was to integrate the schools so Blacks could have the same resources that white people had for so long. 


            White folks made the food Black people ate so unhealthy that the only way they could get a decent meal was to eat from the same trough. 


            The water fountains and the restrooms were so nasty and unhealthy that Black folks had to fight to use the same facilities or wait until they returned home to quench their thirsts or use the toilet.


            On the job, Black people had to fight to end discrimination so the Black folks would not be forced to do dangerous jobs and be underpaid.  


            Even in the military, during World War I and World War II, Blacks were forced to retrieve ammunition and supplies from mine fields and airdrops that were often in the line of enemy fire.  


            Even if Blacks built businesses that were equal to or superior to white businesses, white people in white hoods and sheets would close them down and lynch the proprietors.  


            Speaking of songs, some white people openly sang songs like “Old Black Joe” which was supposedly written about a white master who was saddened at the death of his elderly deceased Black servant, who was more like a loyal dog than a human companion. 


            No other struggle on this continent is the same as the Black struggle.  No artist should be able to compete with Black artists over music that is the very soul, and is born of the identity of Black culture. 


            No white artist should be able to call his music rap because true rap comes from the heart of the Black community.  Rap music is about Black consciousness.  No artist or producer, not even a Black one, including Kanye West or Jay-Z, should exploit or dilute Black people’s music to the point where it is not even about Black people, but instead about things that have absolutely nothing to do with the Black experience.  If there were no Black people there would be no rap music and true rap music, like true soul music, does not exist outside the Black Diaspora.












High Tech Lynching Still Alive – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney – Political Economist


            Emmett Louis Till was an African-American boy who in 1955 was murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman.


         On New Years Day in 2009, Oscar Grant was fatally shot by a Transit Police Officer Mehserle after being allegedly punched by another Transit Officer Pirone for allegedly speaking disrespectfully to a White Female transit Officer.  See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puvgit073kY.  Whether officer punched Oscar Grant or not is not the relevant issue.  The relevant issue is this officer was dishing out some form of retaliation for what that officer mistook as Grant disrespecting the white female officer in the video as if the white female officer was not capable of handling herself


            Fast forward to 2014.  The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers were in a heated contest over the 2014 NFC Championship and the right to go to the 2014 Super Bowl.  Some of the 49ers and Seahawk Players were talking “trash” to each other in an attempt to hype themselves up and to “get into the heads” of their opponents.  Apparently, some of the trash talkers took the taunting more serious than others.   When in came down to the final scoring attempt by the 49ers, Richard Sherman, a native of Compton, California, and a Stanford University Graduate, knocked the football into the air where it was caught by his teammate securing a Seahawk’s victory, 23-17.  At the end of the game a television interviewer who appears to be a White woman, interviewed Sherman. 


Andrew Luck, Richard Sherman –  Stanford Football


            Sherman screamed: “I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me. […] Don’t you open your mouth about the best or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick.”  “[D]on’t you ever talk about me!” 


            The white woman interviewer asked, “[W]ho was talking about you.”  Sherman screamed: “Crabrtree.”    The interview followed an unpleasant exchange between the  49ers star wide receiver Michael Crabree and Sherman, and later Sherman’s choking gesture to the San Francisco bench which triggered an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. 


            What followed was a “High Tech Lynching”… to coin a term by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas when he was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct on the job during his confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court. 


            Richard Sherman was animated and he was excited, but he did nothing to threaten the interviewer.   His comments were not even directed at her.  However, a white male newscaster began criticizing and attacking Sherman.  He assumed the white woman could not handle herself.  Mistakenly believing Sherman to be verbally attacking the white woman interview, the white male made rude comments about Sherman and he commented that I am sure she, Erin Andrews, has never before heard anything like that.   The White male felt he had to protect the white woman and put Sherman in his place.  Ostensibly, his place would he the modern day version of the plantation, the ghetto.  


            Yesterday, I was walking the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market.  I heard yelling.  When turned I saw a young Black male, who stated he was rapper, and a white woman concessionaire.  From what I gather, he was upset with her for moving his personal items from one location to another and he was telling her to not touch his belongings.  She believed his belongings were improperly placed somewhere in the venue.  Her defense was she believed she could move his items because she explained she was renting a space somewhere at the marketplace and that gave her license to oversee the entire venue.   Instead of both of them apologizing and moving on, he called her disrespectful names and she repeatedly told  him to get out of her face, all the while making disrespectful gestures like shooing him away with her hand, as though he was an animal. 


            What happened next was this older white male who was passing through stopped and chimed in.  He had not heard the conversation between the Black male and the white woman.  He ordered the Black male to leave or he would call the police.  The young man became agitated and yelled obscenities at the white man and exclaimed: “I don’t care if you call the police.” 


            The White male apparently called the police and I could hear him describing the Black male.  However, his description of the Black males conduct was exaggerated.   He accused the Black male of being threatening and violent towards him and the white woman with whom he had words.   I heard him give his telephone number to the police and he stated he would be there when the police arrived.   For minutes afterwards, the older white male traversed the market, apparently looking for the young man so he could be identify him for the police. 


            How dare the Black man display anger at a white person, particularly a white woman for touching his property? How dare her shoo this Black male away as though he was a slave?  How dare the Black man challenge the white males authority telling him to leave a public venue?   This white woman assumed she had rights superior to this Black male in the entire market simply by virtue of her renting a booth.  She felt compelled to tell the Black youth where he could travel within the venue.  


            Additionally, this older white male assumed the white woman to be incapable of handling her own affairs.  He assumed the white woman was on the right side of the disagreement solely by virtue of her gender and race.  He further assumed he could order this Black male to leave a public venue or face incarceration.  Just as the “paddy rollers” placed Africans in shackles, the modern day slave patrols have the same attitudes and employ many of the same strategies. 


            We will never get beyond the race question in this country so long as some of us hold onto the old notions that Black people are always wrong, always threatening, and white people are always right and never threatening. 


Welcome to Earth Colony.Net: THE SYLLABUS OF MALCOLM X, “Under Bimbi’s Tutelage…” by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

Perchance to dream

There were some very hot days with no relief from the heat in prison. On those days, Malcolm might have meandered his way many times to and from the mess hall like everyone else.  He too would have stood in the chow line to get served his ration of food and more often than not he would have eaten with total strangers.


Inmates eat very fast in the mess hall. They hardly chew. Rather they gulp their food down like birds. Is it because most of them lack teeth? Or is it because they have an intuitive sense or at least a sense conditioned by experience that a meal at any moment can be disrupted by a mortal threat or at least a threat poised to take their food away from them? It is more likely that their prison etiquette describes a law of necessity.


All animals have that manner of eating. It should not be surprising that in a place structured to dehumanize its captives that they too would eat like animals. The terrible pain and the feeling of utter vulnerability and helplessness is at full force in a 6 by 8 foot cell, alone, buried in concrete and steel while hungry. So a person tends to revert back to bottom line animality. He or she ceases to be a person in the social and legal sense of the word. He or she is unborn from the embrace of humanity. He or she is cast out into the wilderness. Malcolm must have learned to eat fast, too.


Then as quickly as he made his way out and into the crowded yard he sought for its spaciousness which would make him feel safe. A place which makes one feel safe in prison is rare and thus highly valued. The yard, where one could have a panoramic view of everything and everyone, was a treatment in itself for the kind of paranoia that only the joint can cause.


Just to find a place to sit, hopefully in a little shade, and to put on a wet do-rag to cool the top of one’s head. What a  comforting relief from the fine dust kicked up by the steady stream of convicts as they poured out of the mess hall and out onto to the yard.


But there were moments when the crowd was eerily quiet. Especially after having had a heavy meal of mashed potatoes with pork chops smothered in greasy gravy. The state uses food as a sedative because it reduces crowd anxiety. Sometimes they even add other drugs to the food. That makes it easier for the inmates to be controlled.  When it was just too quiet you would know something was about to jump off.  Everyone could sense it.


Then all of a sudden a metal shank would rise above someone’s head; while catching the full face of the sun, it would flash in the air like lightening and then plummet down into the flesh of some sedated fool.  Thirty OT Six gunshots from the gun towers would then pierce the air and thunder across the yard as inmates hurled themselves to the ground clinging like babies to old mother earth for dear life.


The next day after lockdown and strip searching had ended, Bimbi came up to Malcolm on the yard. He said “Malcolm there’s a lesson in every situation for an astute observer.  How do you think the Egyptians were able to map all the stars in Dendara? They did it because they were astute observers and because they understood that there are patterns in the sky and on earth involving everything that happens.” At that moment Malcolm would know that Bimbi had a lesson for him.


Malcolm, “the best time to kill a man is when he is eating or right after he has eaten.” Bimbi went on, “you see for a man in the joint eating becomes his number one pleasure. It takes the place of sex. It don’t matter how bad the food is anymore than it matters to a man how ugly and fat the women he’s with is. The point is he is fully consumed with the sensations and passion for her and so is not paying attention to what’s going on around him.  The same after he’s eaten. Think about how you feel after you have had an orgasm. All you wanted to do is roll over and rest your eyes for the few moments of euphoric feelings you are having. You’d be unaware of anything around you. Food does that to a man, too.  See, afterward you are just satiated with the euphoric feelings you got from the food. It’s the best time to kill a man if you want to sneak up on him.’ That’s why that man got stabbed coming out of the mess hall”.


Bimbi looked at Malcolm directly into his eyes and smiled.  He said “but Malcolm there’s something else I need to tell you. But first I want you to look out over the yard and see all the people milling around. You see them?” Malcolm nodded saying “yes I see them.” Bimbi continued “they don’t all belong to the same group and they don’t all share the same space. Malcolm, that’s what you call geopolitics. You see, Malcolm, the world is a prison yard.” Then Bimbi paused for a moment as if to collect his thoughts before continuing…




Welcome to Earth Colony.Net: “FEAR HAS ITS USE BUT COWARDICE HAS NONE”, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed


There are two fundamental impediments challenging the African American community. They are its unscrupulous members and its fears. The first and worst challenge faced by the Black community are from people within its own population who share the same ethnic characteristics. For that reason they are camouflaged and thus more likely to win the trust of innocent persons. These unscrupulous people are individual malicious men and women, as well as institutions within the community.  Whether they work for plantation masters and overseers or whether they work out of greed and selfish material interests, all of them act to do harm to the innocence of African people. They are in street gangs, religious groups, businesses, education, government services, and law. All of those entities support the plantation status quo and are rewarded for doing so.


All of them add up to a degenerative force in the community. Such was the structure of the southern plantation wherein Negro slave was pitted against Negro slave for a prize of pork guts; such was the structure of the Warsaw ghetto wherein Ashkenazi Jews were manipulated to literally cannibalize each other as they jockeyed for a dead life and for favor in the eyes of their Jewish overseers who in-turn hustled for their Nazi war lords’ approval.  And it is never by overwhelming numbers that they are ruled. But rather they are paralyzed by fear.


Fear is the second impediment. For it is never the number of degenerates that are greater because they are always far outnumbered by their victims.  No; the harm to the innocence of African people can only happen if enough African people have a deficit of conscience.  A greater deficit of conscience establishes amorality as the new norm in the inner cities of the United States. 


There is a deficit of conscientiousness in the African American community otherwise that new norm would not exist. A prime example is the hip-hop ‘nuisance’. The fact that the hip-hop counterculture can openly defame African icons such a Harriett Tubman and is produced and controlled by a Jewish media cliché in Hollywood supports the claim there aren’t enough conscientious African people who will stand up to stop it. Consequently, many young African American men and women have literally lost their minds and it is we the educated and understanding folks who have allowed that to happen.


When men and women of learning and thoughtfulness ignore the long shadow of social evil that is cast over them, those they love and their communities by unscrupulous persons among them, then their community is more dead than alive.  Thus, whatever their class or presumed status they too are more dead than alive. They are more dead than alive because they have a deficit of conscience.  The facts support that thesis. The 1 million entombed men and women locked away in prisons, the 7,000 who will die of ‘Black on Black’ homicide this year, and the 22 million fetuses aborted since 1972 are incontrovertible proofs that both those victimized, even the unborn who are dead, and the community are more dead than alive. But is this a passing fog or a permanent shadow which envelopes us all?


It is a shadow that is now cast over all African Americans -descendents of slaves.  It is a shadow which does not smother all the life out of innocence, for then the unscrupulous ones would die, too.  Rather it lingers over innocence as a shadowy pall; it is an immoveable pall because it feeds upon their spirit of innocence day and night. We are their ‘live-stock’.  Their strength over us comes from our fears, our ignorance, and our ill health.  For the victims must be kept morally and physically weak so that they can be dominated. You see, the relationship has become sadomasochistic.


This is a time different from the past. It is a time when men and women of learning and thoughtfulness tremble at the thought of their own death. There is no difference in the passage of time but  there is a difference in the texture of common character. Even more, they have become so psychologically impaired by their fears that they cannot throw themselves with full force at their nemesis. Nor can they at least speak out against the social evils which sap the spirit from their own children in their own homes and in their own communities.


Those same people however learned and however thoughtful are cowards. Their fear of death and want of sugary comfort and entitlements outweigh their conscientiousness.  The end result is always cowardice. That is historically true. Cowards never act. Cowards tremble in sleep and when awake. Cowards do what they are told to do. Then they die.




Welcome To Earthcolony.net – What is a Conflict Diamond, also known as a Blood Diamond, or a Conflict Mineral? – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney – Political Economist


 Panning for diamonds in Sierra Leone

A blood diamond (also called a conflict diamond, converted diamond, hot diamond, or war diamond) is a diamond mined in a war zone and sold to finance a insurgency, an invading army’s war efforts, or warlord’s activity. These terms are particularly used in the context of diamond trading to indicate the negative effects for this sale. These diamonds are mined particularly in Africa and where two-thirds of the world’s diamonds are extracted. The phenomenon of conflict mineral has the same nature.

Some like to relate the concept of unsustainable diamond mining to conflict minerals, giving the impression that being unsustainable is un-green, and therefore bad.  They ignore the fact that most mining efforts have been crude and unsustainable, and throughout history most Europeans became rich using unsustainable mining methods.  Additionally, it is debatable whether any mining method is sustainable or has ever been.   

Angola, a Colony of Portugal, gained independence on November 11, 1975. Although independent, the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the National Union For the Independence of Angola ((UNITA), and the National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA) fought in a civil war from 1974 to 2001. Between 1992 and 1998, in violation of the 1991 Bicesse Accords, UNITA sold diamonds, valued at US$3.72 billion to finance its war with the government.

The Angolan government and UNITA formed the Joint Verification and Monitoring Commission and the Joint Commission on the Formation of the Angolan Armed Forces. The JVMC oversaw political reconciliation while the latter monitored military activity. The accords attempted to demobilize the 152,000 active fighters and integrate the remaining government troops and UNITA rebels into a 50,000-strong Angolan Armed Forces (FAA). The FAA would consist of a national army with 40,000 troops, navy with 6,000, and air force with 4,000. Multi-party elections monitored by the United Nations would be held in September 1992.

The UN recognized the role that diamonds played in funding the UNITA rebels and in 1998 passed United Nations Security Council Resolution 1173 and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1176, banning the purchase of Blood diamonds from Angola.  Resolution 1173 was the first resolution by the UN which specifically mentioned diamonds in the context of funding a war. Reports estimated that as much as 20% of the total production in the 1980s was being sold for what Europeans felt were illegal purposes and 19% was specifically conflict in nature. 

The sad thing about it is all African nations must have their diamonds approved for sale by Europeans before they can give them away or use them in trade even with other African nations.

It was okay that Europeans used funding from colonization to fund wars, slavery, and even apartheid.  It is somehow illegal for Black people to fund wars using the same form of wealth. 

De Beers is a cartel of companies that dominate the diamond, , diamond mining, diamond hops, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors. De Beers is active in every category of industrial diamond mining: open-pit, underground, large-scale alluvial, coastal and deep sea. Mining takes place in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada.

The De Beers cartel was founded in 1888 by Cecil Rhodes, the founder of the country of Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, once a strong apartheid state that was overthrown, and rightfully so, by African Nationalists.

Cecil Rhodes was financed by South African diamond magnate Alfred Beit and the London-based N.M. Rothschild & Sons Bank.  In 1927, Ernest Oppenheimer, a German immigrant to Britain who had earlier founded mining giant Anglo American plc with American financier J.P. Morgan took over De Beers. He built and consolidated the company’s global monopoly over the diamond industry until his retirement. During this time, he was involved in a number of controversies, including price fixing, antitrust behavior and an allegation of not releasing industrial diamonds for the US war effort during World War II. 

Ironically, the Europeans have instituted an embargo preventing Zimbabwe from exporting many of its products because the government is allegedly operating from the “racist”  standpoint of securing the land for the indigenous people and throwing the European land barons off of the plantations.

The Europeans justify their embargo against Zimbabwe by advocating that a quasi-reverse discrimination policy be in effect which allows the best qualified, wealthiest people to control the farmland.  Ironically, those best qualified, and most wealthy are the descendants of the European land barons who enslaved the indigenous people, and practiced not only apartheid, but genocide.  Ironically, for those most qualified, their wealth stems from their ancestors’ exploitation of the indigenous peoples.

There is no point in overthrowing your oppressor and instituting a democracy if your oppressor can simply regain his political and economic position by seeking redress through European controlled world courts and economic markets that make it illegal for you to sell on the international markets.

Despite the UN Resolution, UNITA was able to continue to sell or trade some diamonds in order to finance its war effort. The UN set out to find how this remaining illicit trade was being conducted and appointed Canadian ambassador Robert Fowler to investigate. In 2000, he produced the Fowler Report, which named those countries, organizations and individuals involved in the trade. The report is credited with establishing the link between diamonds and third world conflicts, and led directly to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1295, as well as the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.

Europeans have used these methods to suppress anti-colonialist revolutions in most African Countries, including Liberia and Sierra Leone, where they prosecuted the Liberian President, Charles G. Taylor, for supporting the anti-colonialists in Sierra Leone.   Similarly, the Europeans employ the resolutions to prosecute Africans in Côte d’Ivoire (The Ivory Coast), the Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Republic of Congo, and Zimbabwe.  The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme does not consider Zimbabwe Diamonds to be conflict diamonds.

On January 18, 2001, President William Clinton issued Executive Order 13194 which prohibited the importation of rough diamonds from Sierra Leone into the United States in accordance with the UN resolutions.  On May 22, 2001, George W. Bush issued Executive Order 13213 which banned rough diamond importation from Liberia into the United States. Liberia had been recognized by the United Nations as acting as a pipeline for conflict diamonds from Sierra Leone.

The United States Department of State also maintains an office for a Special Adviser for Conflict Diamonds. As of March 5, 2013.

During the 1990s diamond-rich areas were discovered in Northern Canada.  Canada is one of the key players in the diamond industry.  Partnership Africa Canada was allegedly created in 1986 to help with the so-called crisis in Africa. This organization is also part of the Diamond Development Initiative. The Diamond Development Initiative helps improve and regulate the so-called legal diamond industry.

Conflict minerals are minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, mostly in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by the Congolese National Army, and various armed rebel groups, including the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) and the National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP), a proxy Rwandan militia group. The looting of the Congo’s natural resources is not limited to domestic actors; during the Congo Wars, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi particularly profited from the Congo’s resources. These governments have continued to smuggle resources out of the Congo to this day.

These minerals are essential in the manufacture of a variety of devices, including consumer electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, and MP3 players.

Intel® now claims to manufacture products using minerals that are allegedly “conflict free.”

Mines in eastern Congo are often located far from populated areas in remote and dangerous regions. A recent study by an organization calling itself the International Peace Information Service indicates that armed groups are present at more than 50% of mining sites. Europeans claim that at many sites, armed groups illegally tax, extort, and coerce civilians to work. Miners, including children, work up to 48-hour shifts amidst mudslides and tunnel collapses that kill many.  I suppose it is okay for other European industries including Nike to rely upon child labor, low wages, and other sources.  The groups are often affiliated with rebel groups, or with the Congolese National Army, but both use rape and violence to control the local population.   I suppose goods and services acquired by rape, violence, and colonization are acceptable since they are used by colonists.

The mineral list currently consists of only four minerals:

Columbite-tantalite (or coltan, the colloquial African term) is the metal ore from which the element tantalum is extracted. Tantalum is used primarily for the production of capacitors, jet engine/turbine blades, drill bits, end mills and other tools.

  • Cassiterite is the chief ore needed to production of tin.


  •  Wolframite is an important source of the element tungsten.  


  • Gold is used in jewelry, electronics, and dental products. It is also present in some chemical compounds used in certain semiconductor manufacturing processes.


These are sometimes referred to as “the 3T’s and gold“, 3TG, or even simply the “3T’s“. Under the US Conflict Minerals Law, additional minerals may be added to this list in the future.

In April 2009, Senator San Brownback (Republican-Kansas) introduced the Congo Conflict Minerals Act of 2009 (S. 819) to require electronics companies to verify and disclose their sources of cassiterite, wolframite, and tantalum. This legislation died in committee. However, Brownback added similar language as Section 1502 of the Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which passed Congress and was signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010.

Now, let’s employ a little sarcasm.  Who, if not Europeans, are best to determine what is best for Africans? 

There is a huge contradiction in who may mine and who may not, thus, who is in charge of the wealth.  Even in the South African shift in power the Blacks were required to give up South Africa’s nuclear might, lest it one day risk falling into hands of revolutionary Black Africans.  We all know that only Europeans and a few others approved by them are able to handle such military might.  After all, was it not the Europeans powers, particularly the Europeans in the United States of America who developed atomic / nuclear power, and used it? 

People wonder why Africans are so rich in minerals are not able to feed themselves.  We are curious as to why they are able to afford such sophisticated weaponry, but do not have shoes on their feet.   We wonder why they are not able to maintain democracies and are not able to launch sustainable or successful revolutions.  In all sincerity, if they cannot control and sell their own minerals, and thus, control their own wealth, their revolutions will invariably fail.

Even if we look to pollution, only the countries supported by military power and consumerism may pollute. 

Long and short of it, people of color beware…. despite the so-called end of colonization, only Europeans and those backed by Europeans may determine the fate of Africa, and the fate of the world.