The ‘Afrocentric’ paradigm laid down by Dr. Molefi Asante is ideologically illusory.[1] There is no ‘circle’ which bounds the place he identifies as Africa. And thus there is no center. It is a thesis he intentionally and negligently supports by numerous false premises.  All of those premises have been and are now proffered as facts, but such are in fact false.

For those reasons the implication in the basic assumption of ‘Afro-Centrism’, i.e., that descendants of slaves in America can find, experience, and express a higher ethnic unity by means of his ideology is impossible. Afro-Centrism, therefore, must be rejected as a logically defective ideology. 

Such fallacious arguments have been and are promoted by scholars such as Dr. Molefi Asante of Temple University, Philadelphia. He does not live on the continent of his ancient ancestors but rather he lives here in the United States. He is culturally a descendant of slaves.


His central thesis is that ‘Africa exists’. He does not address that in his definition of Afrocentricity.[2] But the truth is that ‘Africa’ as a concept does not correspond to anything which exists objectively.  The term ‘Africa’ has no existential import. That is because the continent designated ‘Africa’ was named by Europeans after a Roman military general named ‘Scipio–Africanuus’ (236-183 BCE). Therefore, we cannot affirmatively quantify the concept of ‘Africa’. We can only qualify it by saying that ‘Africa is not’. The Continent has a slave name. It is Continent X.

Thus, their adoption of the moniker ‘Afro-Centric’ and then making the argument that ‘African’ names adopted by descendants of slaves in the Americas are a sign of being a member of a universal culture is wrong. In truth, scholars such as Dr. Molefi Asante are instead using Afro-Centrism as a wedge to further divide and confuse the descendants of ex-slaves in the Americas. 

Dr. Asante’s effort to propagandize the ideology of Afrocentrism also indirectly collaborates with European culture. Dr. Asante cannot support an ‘African’ unity because the subject of his ideology does not exist. However, what Dr. Asante does do indirectly is to celebrate a Roman invader of an ancient Canaanite (Black) nation and thus celebrate western dominance over the people of the continent he purports to love.  

The designation of the continent as ‘Africa’ and the categorization of all persons living within its geographical borders or who are living in the Americas and descended from people living within its borders as ‘African’ is based upon the false premise that people living on the continent have a universal identity. 

On the contrary, people living on the continent do not have a universal set of socio-economic interests, values, and perspectives above that of the necessities of life. The truth is that there is no evidence to support the claim of a universal identity on the continent.

Family and tribal sentiment are the historical basis for individuals’ self-concept and cultural identity on the continent. Family and tribal sentiment is generally the basis of cultural identity on the continent today. Descendents of slaves in the United States do not share any of the myriad sentimental attachments to values, interests, and perspective of the people living on the continent.

Furthermore, the geopolitical fact is that all of the 55 nation-states on the continent are based upon European colonial political structures and thus do not even rationally reflect in their codified law and higher educational institutions the local cultural sentiments of the people. The continent is fractured into uncountable pieces with very few strings of attachment.

That fact is most evidenced by the many different indigenous languages spoken within the borders of the many so-called nation-states on the continent. If the continent were divided along linguistic lines instead of those boundaries superimposed by colonial powers from the 15th to 20th centuries there would be over 2000 independent nations.

The truth is that those colonial ghost states are now ruled by dominant tribes and the elite families within those tribes and finally by European and United States military and economic interests. Those same dominant tribes have adopted French, English, Italian, Portuguese, or Arabic (except for the Eritreans and Abyssinians) as their national languages because there has been no universal language ever adopted by Black people on the main continent. White supremacist ideology dominates the whole continent because indigenous leaders can do nothing significant for their people without the approval or support of a Western power.

The same argument can be made regarding traditional religious practices on the continent. Dr. Asante’s claim that: “All people create their religions out of their histories.” is false. Again he violates the logical rule of existential import. It is only true that some people create their religions out of their histories. Some other religions claim their creation outside of human history. The two differing claims are essential to understanding why parochial religious beliefs and practices are diminishing in the face of both Christianity and Islam. It is because both Christianity and Islam are universal in scope and yet are elastic enough to be adapted to any culture. But let us look at it another way.

If the continent were divided along traditional religious lines there would be as many nations as there are clans.  That would make a universal identity on the continent impossible because the uncounted local religions do not have the potential for universality. 

The Kingdom of Aksum is a case in point. There the religion of Christianity was established by decree of the Negus Ezana of Aksum beginning in 330 A.D. From that date Aksum, later called Abyssinia, maintained a stronger cultural unity because of the popular sentiment for the universalism of Christianity. That country remained more unified than any other culture on the continent and was not colonized by a European power until the 20th century. In short, divide and conquer didn’t work against them because of their greater cultural unity.

Tribal religions on the continent, though they are ancient, have always been and are parochial or clannish in nature. Furthermore, they have no written religious texts and thus have linguistic and geographical limitations which make them lack the potential for a universal scope of appeal.

Some may argue that ancient Kemet did have universal concepts which embraced all those who lived on the continent and even humanity.  However, that is a false premise, too.  There is no evidence that the people of ancient Kemet invited other people living on the continent and outside their culture to the east, south, and west of them to share with them as members of their culture.

One possible religious exception may be argued. The Pharaoh Akhenaton did establish a monotheistic religion not created by his peoples’ history but rather born out of a non-historical visionary experience. But he was murdered by the parochial priestly class. The priests wanted to maintain their status, power, and privilege within their parochial religious practices. That historical fact simply proves the point that parochial traditional religious practices on the continent lack the elasticity to provide a universal identity for the people on the continent. 


This leads us to yet another argument made by Dr. Asante. He argues that Arabs and thus Islam enslaved Black people on the continent because of some defect in the religion of Islam and hatred toward Blacks. There are several logical inconsistencies to his argument. Let’s look at some facts one at a time.

First,  Blacks conquered Arabs and enslaved them prior to the advent of Islam. For example, Abyssinia extended to the whole of the Hejaz and  Yemen on the day of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birth.

Secondly, dominant Black tribes made war with and took prisoner Black people from weaker Black tribes and then sold Black people to Arabs. That occurred before the advent of Islam as well as after the advent of Islam. It is a myth that the different tribes on the continent lived in peace for over 60,000 years. The different cultures did not live in peace for thousands of years before there were Semitic people.[3]

Thirdly, Dr. Asante denies that Arabia is a peninsula of Africa. That it is a peninsula is a geographical fact. That means that Arabia is a part of the continent. Furthermore, it is a fact that the people living on that peninsula are either Black people or descendants of Black people who migrated out of Africa over 50,000 years BCE. That migration hypothesis is supported by DNA evidence. Thus it is proof that Black people made war with each other long before the advent of and during the rise of Islam in the 7th century A.D.

Fourthly, Dr. Asante does not accentuate the role played by dominant chiefs who bartered with both Arabs and Europeans for the sale of Black people as slaves. But it is a historical fact that the interior of Africa was generally impenetrable by both Arabs and Europeans and that but for the assistance of dominant Black tribes on the continent who saw profit to be made by helping slave traders, most Black people would not be in the Americas today. Before white supremacy had been internalized by indigenous people, tribal chiefs opened the doors to white supremacy without a fight.  

The fact those dominant tribes had no indigenous religious texts rationalizing slavery for profit does not negate the behavior which evidenced the practice of enslaving Black people as an acceptable value in tribal business affairs.

It was Black people who lead the slave traders through the interior to capture Black people on both the east and west coasts of the continent. It was Black people who lead David Livingstone to H.M. Stanley on the Zambezi expedition and to the source of the Nile River.  

Today it is Black people who are allowing the resources of the continent to be hauled away outside the continent by pirate nations. It is Black people right here in the United States who work to thwart the progress of their own ethnic members for monetary reward. House Negroes all as Malcolm X would say!

The fundamental assumption underlying Dr. Molefi Asante’s Afrocentric ideology is like a glass marble which when held up to the eye can be seen to have a crack running dead through the middle of it. It is defective and can only lead to a chain of defective inferences.  It, therefore, follows necessarily that his whole ideology is inconsistent with the rules which govern sound and cogent thinking and should be rejected by anyone who aspires for truth and justice.

[1] Afrocentricity: The Theory of Social Change (Revised and Expanded), by Molefi Asante, pub. African American Images, Chicago, Illinois, 2003

[2] Afrocentricity: The Theory of Social Change (Revised and Expanded), by Molefi Asante, pub. African American Images, Chicago, Illinois, 2003,

[3] See the Pluvial Period of the continent

White Men versus Black Men – The Real Wage Gap – By Wayne Johnson, Political Economist, Attorney

Today, White women complain about the wage gap between the genders.  They have even enlisted minority men and women to assist them in their war against corporate America.  Today, President Obama took America to task on the gender gap in employment. 



If anything, the War on Women is a misnomer.   If there is a war on women it is a war that is almost exclusively a war contrived by White women against White men and maybe Asian men.



Statistics show that in 2010 women who worked full time, year round, still only earned 77 percent of what men earned. The median earnings for women were $36,931 compared to $47,715 for men, and neither real median earnings nor the female-to-male earnings ratio have increased since 2009.

Well, I am tired of Black men taking the rap for rich White men.  Most Black people, let alone, Black men, do not control anything in which to discriminate against women, especially White women.  If anything, White women and White Men discriminate against Black people and prevent them from not only earning a fair wage, but in most cases any wages at all. 


Google is representative of most large United States corporations.  Its hiring practices are revealed below.  It shows a discrepancy in the hiring of mend versus of women, this is White men versus White women.  However, if you look at the chart, Black people, men and women, as a whole do not even make of five percent of the work force.  And, it is obvious that they do not run the corporations or receive any meaningful compensation.  Even if they did, it would still be a drop in the bucket, because they are powerless in such small numbers.

 This is Google’s Hiring Practice



This is why quotas, based upon real entitlements, not fundamental fairness for all, would be the most effective means of trying to level the playing field.   White America should first repay its debt to descendants of slaves before it gives one more White woman or man any benefits.   To make up for the injustices done to Black people from the 1600s to present, Black people should get first dibs on employment.  Qualifications do not mean anything.  As long as the person can be trained to do the job that is all that is important.  One of the things that Black people complain about in discrimination cases is they feel they had to train unqualified white people who were eventually promoted to supervise the Black person who trained them.  We are usually promoted to our level of incompetency anyway.   That means once we make it to a job that we cannot perform well, they stop promoting us.  For many years, businesses overlooked qualified Blacks and hired White folks, and their relatives and white friends, who have not performed well on those jobs.  So, let’s not complain about fairness between white men and white women.  Black slaves and their descendants have paid their dues, unlike any other group, including gays and lesbians, and especially white women.  It is our time.


 It is true Black men have not suffered a blow in the supposed battle of the genders because Black men cannot even get into the ring or the battlefield.   The last time there was a true battle between Black men and white men was in sports.  In the 1910 “Fight of the Century,” Black boxing champion, Jack Johnson, earned $65,000 while the over-rated White challenger earned $120,000.  After the fight, White people lynched Black people, upset that their challenger lost.  Speaking of the war on women, in 1912, Jack Johnson was jailed for violating the Mann Act, transporting a White woman, who he later married, across state lines for immoral purposes. 


James L. Jeffries vs. Jack Johnson 1910


Even in sports,  if such a player existed, how much do you think a White basketball player with the equivalent skills of a Michael Jordan or Labron James would earn in comparison to Michael Jordan or Labron James?



The fact is many Black men, even educated, and well qualified; men cannot even get a job, let alone, cry about a wage gap.  Of course, the United States has a self proclaimed half breed President, but that is a rarity, and even he cannot or will not take America to task for Black families and the wage gap that exists for Black people.



Even if you take the law profession, it is not uncommon to see that even out of paying customers, almost all White people and many Black people are still hiring White attorneys.   There was a brief period after Johnnie Cochran whipped Marsha Clark and Christopher Darden in the Trial of the Century that everyone wanted to hire a Black attorney, but that did not last.  As a member of the Fruit of Islam put it bluntly, “[W]e Black people would rather buy ice from a White vendor because we believe his ice is colder.” 



Black men cannot even get a Black or “Black-like” woman like Attorney General Kamala Harris to marry.  Apparently, she prefers a re-cycled White man to which to be engaged. 



Let’s face it; it is hard out here on a brother. 



Although slavery was abolished after the Civil War ended in 1865, yet was recreated in Jim Crow laws that lasted until the 1960s, significant differences in the wages among whites and minorities are ever present.  



When the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, it allegedly became illegal for employers to discriminate based upon race.  However, the wages of whites in the United States still exceed those of all other minorities, except well-educated Asians.  Many Blacks have been well educated in the United States since the end of slavery.  George Washington provided in his will that his slaves were to be freed upon the death of his wife and were to be educated at the expense of his estate.  Read “An Imperfect God – George Washington, His Slaves, and the Creation of America.”  Also, many Blacks became well educated during Reconstruction.   



After the passage of the Civil Rights Act, the wage gap for minority groups narrowed, both in absolute difference with white wages and as a percentage of white wages, until the mid-1970s. 



After the 1970s, progress for many racial minorities slowed, stopped, or even reversed.  As of 2009, the median weekly wage for Blacks and Hispanic workers was about 65 percent and 61 percent that of White workers, respectively.


If you are Black and you are lucky enough to get a foot in the door as an executive in corporate America, you most likely will be only a token, and you may only be there only long enough to train your White counter part to replace you.



Asian workers’ median wage was about 1 percent higher than that of white workers.  Overall, minority women’s wages in comparison to those of white women are better than minority men’s wages when compared to those of white men.



Knowing the inequalities in the wages of various races is useful for understanding the overall racial inequality in the United States because of the integral role that wages play.  Wages from the labor market are the primary source of income for most families in America, and income is a socio-demographic status indicator that is important in understanding the building of wealth.


If you are Black and you own any real wealth, such as equity in real estate, hold on to it, and train your children, and your children’s children to hold on to it.  I do not suggest just transferring it over to them.  Educate them, and train them, if at all possible to hold onto it first, or they will lose it, and your children’s children will be back at square one.  Please people, do not squander your wealth opportunities.