Wall Street – Its relationship to Slavery and Protest – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney, Political Economist

I read an article some time ago that suggested Wall Street was named because of the walls that housed slaves for sale.


I like to cross check my references and this is what I discovered. Wall Street was indeed founded on slavery and, to this day, it remains a key pillar in upholding racial inequality and economic oppression. However, its relationship to slavery was a little more tenuous.


The Dutch West India Company utilized labor of enslaved Africans who were first brought to colony around 1627. The African slaves built the wall that gives Wall Street its name, forming the northern boundary of the colony and warded off resisting natives who were indigenous to the area. Thus, slaves built the wall and slaves, and insurance for slave owners were some of the main commodities sold therein. However, the wall itself was built to defend the fort from the indigenous people, but not to keep slaves corralled.


So when immigrants come to America and brag about how rich some of them have become, and look down upon the descendants of slaves, I like to give them this analogy…


Compare two parcels of land, one filled with gold, the other a barren wasteland. If you are permitted to work on the wealthy parcel your efforts may yield wealth. If you are relegated to the barren wasteland, your efforts will yield nothing.


Given that the slave trade made this country one of the richest in human history, if you travel here and open a store, you may become wealthy.


Even if you are here and not allowed to participate in the wealth, you will be just as poor as the person working on the barren wasteland. Although Blacks were here since this country’s inception, it was not until violent protests broke out in the 1960s that opportunities presented themselves. Many are still not permitted to the opportunities offered others in business and education. Many are still discouraged by teachers, those who are paid to inspire them.


In 1664, The Dutch relinquished control of the colony to Britain and New Amsterdam was renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York.


The Royal African Company had a royal monopoly on the British slave trade and the Duke of New York was a major shareholder. With the Dutch gone, the British maintained the system of slavery in New York. They immediately created a series of laws to protect it. In 1665, a law was passed that legalized slavery. In 1682, slave masters were given the power of life-and-death over their slaves.

blog-royal-african-logo Insignia of the Royal African Company


In 1702, New York adopted its first comprehensive slave code and it equated slave status with being African. The entire system of slavery was justified by an ideology of white supremacy that considers black Africans inferior and white Europeans superior — an ideology that for most Blacks and whites exists today.


Slavery became the backbone of New York’s economic prosperity in the 1700s. To normalize this massive trade in human beings, in 1711, New York officials established a slave market on Wall Street. Slave auctions were indeed held at Wall Street selling African slaves as property to traders wanting to buy them.


Between 1700 and 1722, over 5,000 African slaves entered New York, most of whom came directly from Africa, while the rest from British colonies in the Caribbean and southern colonies. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, as Phyllis Eckhaus points out, New York had “the largest urban slave population in mainland North America”. Therefore, New York was a crucial location in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, which established it as the world’s financial capital.


Many well-known companies and financial institutions benefitted from the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  They include Lehman Brothers (which went bankrupt in 2008), J.P. Morgan Chase, Wachovia Bank of North Carolina, Aetna Insurance, Bank of America, and the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Banks, such as Wachovia’s predecessors Bank of Charleston, South Carolina, and the Bank of North America, and J.P. Morgan Chase’s predecessor banks, made loans to slave owners and accepted slaves as “collateral”.


When the slave owners defaulted on their loans, the banks became the new owners. The Lehman family members who established Lehman Brothers started their company to trade and invest in cotton, a cash crop produced by African slaves. Aetna sold insurance to slave owners who wanted to protect their investments in slaves aboard slave ships in case one of them died (this was a very common occurrence as millions of African slaves died on ships carrying them from Africa to the Americas).


The insurance company’s policies compensated slave owners for the loss of people who were considered “property”. To this day,there are lawsuits against these corporations to seek reparations for their participation in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


When I see people, including Black people, protesting the killing of Michael Brown, and others, I am surprised to hear them quote the founding fathers that they insist established this country to pursue freedom and democracy for all.


That was never the intent of the founding fathers. The founding fathers, most of which were entrepreneurs and aristocrats had no such plans for the common man, or women, Native Americans, or Africans, who were regarded as stocks, bonds, and other forms of property.   The United States was founded to make money and the pursuit of happiness was synonymous with the pursuit of wealth.   In fact, nearly all of the original rights in the Constitution were included to protect the right to make money, and to get the King off their backs so they did not have to pay Royal taxes and tariffs.


Even when the founding fathers protested, their protests were designed to attack the wealth of the King. For example look at the Boston Tea Party when tea, alcohol, and other products from the crown and his cohorts were tossed into the Boston Harbor. So when people protest, the peaceful protest is not an end, but a means.


If peaceful protest gets results it is a preferred manner of voicing dissatisfaction.   However, if you are seeking to overturn the system, you must confront the system on all fronts and levels, and not just relegate your efforts to a single strategy, particularly one that is comforting to the group you hope to frustrate and you hope one day will honor your demands.   In other words, one should not play solely by the rules of the people to which you are at odds.   That is a losing strategy, and is not designed to force your oppressor to capitulate or concede to your demands.


What many do not recognize is an intelligent oppressor has already decided what he or she is willing to surrender before the conflict begins, and he or she begins to negotiate from a lower place before the reactionaries take to the streets.   They view the burning and looting of their giant corporate stores as a cost of doing business. However, burning and looting small mom and pop operations is usually not a good strategy because it isolates those who are most willing to sympathize with you.


To Serve One’s Country and Make the Ultimate Sacrifice – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney – Political Economist


We hear how good it is to serve one’s country, by making the ultimate sacrifice.

What does it mean to serve your country? What is the ultimate sacrifice?

Who actually serves one’s country?

President Obama often gives praise to those who allegedly served their country.

First Lady Obama heads a program that supports the families of those on active duty.

Rarely does a President actually serve in the military, and it is even rarer for a First Lady to serve in the military.   Furthermore, it is very unlikely that a President or First Lady, or any politician has ever been on duty in active combat.   In Vietnam, the brunt of the combat soldiers were poor whites and Blacks.

So why do politicians encourage us to put our lives on the line? Why do they offer incentives or entice people to put on the uniform?

If you qualify you may be eligible to receive benefits from the G.I. Bill, you may receive:

1)             In a Public school: All Tuition & Fee Payments for an in-state Student

2)            In a Private or Foreign school up to $20,235.02 per academic year National Maximum.

3)            You may also be eligible to receive Burial benefits for the deceased service member, which include:

  1. a) A gravesite in any VA national cemetery with available space, perpetual care of the grave at no cost to the family, a government headstone or marker, Presidential Memorial Certificate, and a U.S. burial flag;
  2. b) Dependency and Indemnity Compensation at the monthly rate of $1,154 for a surviving spouse, with additional benefits for dependent children; and
  1. c) Life insurance, which most military members carry at the highest level,


But, what does it really mean, and whom are you really serving when you believe you are serving your country?

I know politicians claim that people who serve in the United States Military are spreading democracy and fighting for freedom against tyranny.

That is rarely the case. What you are really fighting for is big business’ prerogative to increase its wealth. So when you put on that uniform you are like a security guard for America’s wealthy corporations. You are much like the security guards who protect Wal-Mart, except you are on a grander scale, you have more at risk, and the weapons are much more sophisticated.

The United States could care less about whether dictator X is killing his own people or some other people unless it has an economic interest in the area. In fact, the United States supports or has supported many of the alleged dictators who allegedly kill their own.   Personally, I’d rather they kill their own instead of killing one of mine.

Let’s face it, the average person does not really care about who dies or how many die, as long as they and their loved ones are not targeted. Also, as average citizens, we do not care if any country is run by a President, a Parliament, a King, or a General so long as we have bread on the table and the rules are not overbearing.

We often hear about the Buffalo Soldiers, a Black segregated unit of the United States Army.  I read about how great they were when they served in the United States Army. The Buffalo soldiers were indeed soldiers.  They followed orders.  They were respected by those they fought; however, they were not respected by the White people in this country.


Buffalo Soldiers

I am not particularly proud of their legacy. They killed Native Americans.  They cleared trails so that the United States Army could get to the West coast to kill Native Americans and Mexicans.  They also went to Cuba and other places to help corporate America control markets.

The Tuskegee Airmen were likewise respected by those they fought, but not by the white people in this country.

When Blacks served in World War I, in some states they could not receive a hero’s welcome when they returned home.  Many had to fly flags from other countries at the victory parades.

The United States will support a ruler in a heartbeat, so long as America’s corporations benefit. Under those circumstances to Hell with democracy, women’s rights, or whether a person is beheaded or stoned to death for adultery.

The military supports corporate interests and in doing so, corporate America is able to cash in on oil and other valuable resources. In some places, the main resource is discounted labor, far lower than the cost of labor here in the United States. The bottom line is profit.

Given that is the ultimate goal, corporate America should hire soldiers first because in serving what they think is their country; they are really serving corporate America.

Not all corporate America benefits from a strong military. The obvious corporations who benefit are the military-industrial complex, those who produce war machines. Companies that rebuild infrastructures such as Bechtel and huge energy companies like Halliburton also benefit. Companies like DuPont and Standard Oil benefit. It is usually the richest, most racist, and most sexist, and most Republican corporate interests that benefit from superior military might and control of foreign lands.

It is a contradiction; however, Liberals Support Hiring War Veterans Over Conscientious Objectors.

Liberal and so-called progressive politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths.   They object to war, and they claim to support conscientious objectors, yet when it comes to hiring preferences, they support hiring veterans over conscientious objectors.   Because we believe to choose to tell ourselves that we are fighting for our country does not make it so. What if you discover that your country is wrong, or immoral, should you have the legal option to abandon the team?

I always tell people that Bush II is my favorite President. He was the most colorful. He was not shy and he was not afraid to take the bull by the horns. He told Congress that they were either with him or against him. When he completed his first invasion of Iraq, he stood on a United States ship and proclaimed: “Mission accomplished.” We laughed when several months later the insurgency rose to do battle. However, Bush II had the last laugh.  He indeed accomplished his mission, that being, to regain control of the Iraqi oil for himself and his corporate friends.

One politician told me that they support the veterans first hire policy because it is not their fault they serve and kill. Many of them come from poor and underprivileged families and they have few choices, but serve in the military.

Well, what about those who voted for you and those who make a conscious decision to work to change injustice?   Who will hire them first?

Well, what about those who are just as impoverished, but they are also intelligent enough or compassionate enough to not want to kill or be killed just to better their economic position?   Who will hire them first?

Besides, if you want to encourage peace, you should hire peace lovers first, and pass a peace lovers bill.

VARNA MEANS COLOR, By Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed


The idea of white supremacy has a long history. Five thousand years ago nomadic tribes of south Europeans out of the Caucus Valley region began to move south and finally into north India which was called Palan. When they arrived they came into confrontation with the great Indus Valley Civilization.

The Aryans were pressured by climate change to move out of their habitat. They moved because the great North African monsoon rains which had lasted for 20,000 years had come to an end.

One of the collateral effects of the end of the North African monsoon cycle was that their ancient homeland could no longer support their growing populations because of severe climate change.

One of the Hindu books was written by a man named Manu. In that book the laws governing racial purity were laid down. The superior race of Aryans were called Golden or those of Golden or ‘blonde color’ by the word ‘Su-varna’.

Varna is a Hindi word which means ‘color’. The language of Hindi belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is a term used in the religion of Hinduism to describe the social and economic model of the Hindu religion. It is the most ancient system of white supremacy. It dates back 4,500 years or to 2,500 years B.C.

One assumption of the Hindu religion is that skin color determines whether a person is good or bad and thus their caste status for life. That assumption derives from a myth which tells how the different castes of India were created.

The Hindu Purusha Sukta of the Rig Veda narrates that the first man named Purusha destroyed himself so that a human society based upon hierarchy could be constructed out of his body parts. 

The myth narrates that the high caste called the Brahmans were created from the head of Purush; the K-sha-trias were created from his hands; the Vai-shia were created from his thighs; and the Sudras from his feet. This myth is similar to the Torah myth in the book of Danial when in a dream he saw the various castes of the Kingdom as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and iron mixed with clay. Each denoting a different race caste. 

After many years of war the great Indus Valley Civilization was destroyed and its people enslaved. The original people had lived in Palan or India for over 50,000 years. They were descendants of Black African people who migrated out of Africa more than 70,000 years ago.

Enslaved under Hinduism they were called Sutra or outsider. They came to be the untouchables because the qualities associated with them in the Hindu religion were those of stupidity and lack of creativity as well as carriers of disease, and filth.

One thousand years later the idea of White Supremacy would be expressed through the Greek thinkers Plato and Aristotle. Plato sketched a social hierarchy which he divided into four castes. The castes were based on the idea of race; the Golden, the Silver, the Bronze, and the Iron. He warned against the mixing of the races and argued for racial purity. His racially divided society corresponds to the Hindu caste system outlined by Manu in his book: Manu Smriti.

Plato and Aristotle planted the seed of white supremacy deeply in Europe and the Middle East and over time the idea of white supremacy would grow to become entwined with religious beliefs and anthropology.

You might ask at this time: ‘but what does that have to do with us here in the United States?’ It has much to do with us. That answer to your question leads us to the most important document in the United State. The United States Constitution is what we must turn our attention to now because in it we will find the Varna ideology of White Supremacy.

Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution defines a class/caste hierarchy by gender and race. It first defines free persons as those who are citizens. As citizens they are the full beneficiaries of the Bill of Rights. But the definition of who could be a citizen was not without its controversy.

The phrase ‘Free Person’ was identified as being vague and so when congress met it specified who a free person was. The Congress specified that a ‘Free Person’ was a ‘Free White Person’.

But even more specifically only white males could be free because white women could not vote nor if married own property in their name. So, even within the highest caste there was a division by gender giving all political and economic power to white males.

The second group is a caste/class. They were ‘those indentured for a term’. They were contract laborers who sold themselves out to do work for payment for passage from Europe to the newly founded United States.

Once an indentured servant completed their contractual obligation they were free to apply for and be granted citizenship as long as they could prove that they were white.

The third caste identified ‘those not taxed’ were Native Americans. They at that time were recognized as sovereign nations and thus outside the scope of rights and privileges granted by the Bill of Rights.

The last and bottom caste is that of ‘3/5ths all others’. That famous phrase refers to African slaves who were then defined as chattel property. As such African slaves had no constitutional rights, nor human rights which a white man had to recognize. That idea was expressed by Thomas Jefferson.

No doubt Thomas Jefferson was influenced by the Varna ideology when he wrote his only book, Notes on the State of Virginia-Query 14. In that book his description of African people corresponds exactly to that given in the book of Manu and the role of the ‘untouchable’ black people of India.

The hierarchy which I have described from the U.S. Constitution overlaps perfectly with the Varna caste system defined in the Book of Manu which governs Hinduism to this day.

The fact that the color caste system established 4,500 years ago by the Aryan tribes in the Indus Valley and long before the Christian era and over two thousand years before the advent of Islam proves that the ideology of white supremacy is a global movement equivalent in nature to a religion which demands in its dogma the belief in the superiority of the white race and the inferiority of Black people and all other people of ‘color’ wherever they may be found.

Another unavoidable conclusion is that every post-Christian and Arab cultural institution was influenced more or less by the race caste ideology of Hindu White Supremacy. Thus global enslavement and economic exploitation based on skin color emanated from the centers of Europe and the Middle East.

Today, we face the problem that no Black labor is needed in the United States. I mean that in the absolute sense.  Yes, influence peddlers will continue to hustle votes for either the Democratic or the Republican parties. But the fact is that African Americans are in more danger now than they were during the era of chattel slavery.

 I say that because even though white supremacists don’t need to exploit Black labor it does not necessarily follow that racism or white supremacy will go away. It won’t go away because even though the idea of white supremacy is no longer used as a rationalization to economically exploit Black people, White Supremacy is a religion or a belief system passed down from generation to generation  and which is now integral to Western Culture everywhere. 

I will leave you with this quote from a forward by Staughton Lynd in the book: Who Needs the Negro? He wrote: “…if the white American no longer needed the black American’s labor, he might feel free to express his racism fully; not merely to exploit the black Americans, as in the past 300 years, but to kill him.”

I recommend that you research the domestic demographic statistics on African Americans and add to that Labor Department annual reports. You do the math. You draw your own conclusion.







The American Negro League, Form Before Substance – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney

In recent years, the numbers of Black or African American Major League baseball players have been sobering. According to the league, only 8.3 percent of players on 2014 opening day rosters identified themselves as African-American or black.


2014 SF Giants, A Team with no United States Born Black Players

The highest percentage of African-Americans in the majors, according to research by Mark Armour of the Society of American Baseball Research, was 19 percent, and that was in 1986.


1973 Oakland A’s

Historically, because blacks were not being accepted into the major and minor baseball leagues, they formed their own teams and had made professional teams by the 1880s.


1924 Negro League World Series

The first known baseball game between two black teams was held before the Civil War on November 15, 1859, in the City of Nnew York. The Henson Base Ball Club Jamaica Queens scored 54 runs and they defeated the Unknowns of Weeksville, Brooklyn.

During Reconstruction, Black baseball clubs were comprised mainly of former Union solders that had not much else to do.   Even then it was difficult to schedule games because whites would not grant Black permits to play in many locations. Many of the good Black Baseball teams became traveling teams because the white people would not allow them to have a home field.

At the end of the 1867 season “the National Association of Baseball Players voted to exclude any club with a black player.” So, in some ways Blackball, as well as many other Black businesses thrived under segregation and “Jim Crow Many “Black teams earned the bulk of their income playing white independent ‘semipro’ clubs.

The few players on the white minor league teams were constantly dodging verbal and physical abuse from both competitors and fans. Then the Compromise of 1877 removed the remaining obstacles from the South’s enacting the Jim Crow Laws.

Moses Fleetwood Walker was possibly the first African American major league baseball player

The first nationally-known black professional baseball team was founded in 1885 when three Negro clubs, merged to form the Cuban Giants.

The success of the Cubans led to the creation of the first recognized “Negro league” in 1887 – the National Colored Base Ball League.

About 1910, J.L. Wilkinson started the All Nations travellng team. The All Nations team would eventually become one of the best-known and popular teams of the Negro leagues, the Kansas City Monarchs. After World War I, many of the Black teams thrived as Americans had money to spend on baseball games.

At the height of baseball, the league saw faces like the homerun hitting champions, Hank “The Hammer” Aaron and Barry Bonds. Who can forget Oakland’s Ricky Henderson who stole 130 bases in one season, and had more lead off homeruns than any other baseball player.

The league prematurely cut Barry Bonds’ career amidst an alleged steroid/dishonesty scandal. However, no one know why the league would not resign Ricky Henderson, who could out perform many in the professional leagues, and arguably had many years left to showcase his talents, while baseball allowed Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripken, Jr. to continue to compile statistics long after they should have been placed out to pasture.

With Black participation in major league baseball dwindling, it may be necessary to rethink and restart the Black baseball clubs so that Black people can have a source of income.  It is sad that in some major cities the unemployment rate for Black men is over 18%.  The wage gap between white men and Black men is still greater than any other group.  Blacks are still detained and arrested more than any other group.

The saddest thing is unless we experience a tragic event, like a natural disaster or witness a police shooting of an unarmed Black person we are not willing to admit we are at a disadvantage and/or we are unwilling to take any action to improve our situation.

We are still unwilling to admit how our use of concepts like “good hair”  and “light skinneded” (misnomer for light skinned) contribute to our demise.  In my opinion, using those terms are way worse than the use of the word “nigger” because wanting what we mistake as good hair or light skin is a state of mind that relegates us to an inferior position.  The word nigger is undefinable and is subject to varying interpretations.  Personally, I would feel more offended if someone described a Black person as having good hair or being light “skinneded” than if that person described him or her as a nigger.

We may have to return to Black power to feed our families.



There have been 5 generations of African Americans since the end of the civil war. A single generation is a span of 30 years from birth. 

A generation of people begins as a discharge of energy which is triggered by the coming together of opposites which when done opens a portal which releases energy and allows the conduction of energy in a clearly defined cultural pattern.

That in turn translates into motion and power which moves a generation of people freely in all directions.  That free movement in all directions is what it means to grow.

A successful generation of people is one which moves in a circle and for that reason comes back upon itself to regenerate itself or to give birth to a new generation people.

To do that a generation must have in itself enough power to overcome resistance otherwise it will cease to flow and thus that generation will fail to regenerate.  Evidence of a failure to regenerate is low power or no power.

So our problem today is the problem of ethnic generation and regeneration versus ethnic corruption and death.

When we adjust for technological and scientific advancements in the United States and the world African Americans are generally just as educationally and economically backward today as they were 5 generations ago.

Highly motivated business and professionally trained African Americans remain just as isolated from the masses of African Americans as they were 5 generations ago.

African American intellectuals are isolated because their conceitedness, narcissistic, and in some cases duplicitous behavior prevent them from pooling their mental energies so that they can accomplish a greater good for all.

And this is so because about 80% of African Americans remain an emotionally reactionary people. They are only motivated to a higher level of consciousness when they experience, witness, or hear violence or of a police killing. 

They, too, have fallen down into the rabbit hole of endless frivolous and self-destructive self-indulgences driven by every superficial fad spun off by the commercial and media industries. They have the most intricate tattoos on their bodies but will not learn a mechanical or medical skill.  They are the walking dead.

Most African Americans do not see the hand writing on the wall warning all people of historically unprecedented economic changes now occurring in the world.

Generally, the nations of the world are in debt to a few global banks one of the debtor nations is the United States of America.  Their citizens’ roles have shifted from national support to debt repayment to the global banking elite.

Generally, the aggregate wealth of African Americans is what it was 100 hundred years ago.  It is less than 1% of the aggregate national wealth in the United States and since the 1960s African Americans have constantly suffered twice the unemployment rate as Caucasians.

 And in every category of social advancement African Americans are disproportionately lowest in number. While in every category of social, economic, and medical dysfunction African Americans are disproportionately highest in number.

The November election results show that Republicans won enough seats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to control both houses of congress.

The Democrats have lost power in congress and the Supreme Court is more conservative than ever before.  So what should we expect?

 Ironically we should expect things to remain exactly as they have been for the last 65 years because both Democrats and Republicans apply the same political policies. Like a football team run the plays from an approved play book every President has an approved play book.

That is why whether or not you have democrats or republicans controlling congress there will never be significant changes to domestic or international policies.

Democrats and Republicans cater to the interests of Finance Institutions, Wall Street, and the Major Global Corporations. They cater to them because money controls government at every level in the United States.

What is their procedure, the algorithm of U.S. political policy?

It stares at us in the congressional auditorium. It is the twin Faseces or Fascist symbols on the wall of Congress; it is the ‘Bundle of Sticks with an axe blade protruding’, the sticks symbolize the power to punishment by whipping and the axe symbolizes the power to behead.

It was the ancient imperial Roman symbol for power. It was the power of the secret society over life and death of its people.

It stared at us in the face of Andrew Johnson who empowered the southern Democrats when he repealed reparations for freed slaves and Ulysses S. Grant who ended reconstruction under the Freedman’s Bureau. 

It stared at us in the face of Woodrow Wilson, a democrat, when he sanctioned Jim Crow and the segregation of Federal Agencies by race.

It stared at us in the face when Franklin Roosevelt signed into law the Social Security Act of 1933. He signed it into law knowing that it contained a clause which excluded African American agricultural and domestic workers from receiving social security benefits but compelled them to pay into the system which would support Caucasian people upon their retirement. Roosevelt also knew that there was widespread housing discrimination under the Federal Housing Authority and Servicemen’s Readjustment Act.

It stared at us in the face when Richard Nixon applied the policy of ‘Benign Neglect’. That policy was proposed to him by a democrat named Patrick Moynihan. Its purpose was to stunt the social and economic movement of African Americans in the 1970s.

It stared at us in the face when Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2 pushed a war on drugs policy which harvested African American men and women for the prison industrial complex slave system. It is a system in which the incarcerated ‘body’ would generate wealth for private businesses.

So now here we are at the end of the year 2014.  Since the end of World War 2, we have watched the United States rise from a 17th ranked world power to the number one world power.  We have witnessed the United States peak in its economic power during the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.  And now the party is over and African Americans never got into the party.

I have a question. Why is it that we do not see the obvious fact that our democracy is governed by the idea of corporatism? Corporatism is the idea that government should be privatized according to the business paradigm. 

Now, if it is true that corporate and Wall Street interests have dominate control over the outcome of elections at the local, state, and federal levels; and if  it is true that corporations fund political candidates who run for office; and if it is true that some of those candidates win election in local and state elections as well as in both the senate and house of representatives, then the only reasonable conclusion that a person can reach is that corporations are dominate over the U.S. government. In fact, corporations and financial institutions are the shadow government.

You have to conclude the above conclusion because politicians in office sign the bills written by A.L.E.C. (The American Legislative Exchange Council) which when signed by the president become law.  So, most of our laws are formed by corporate and wall street interests to serve their purposes.

All of those facts point to the globalization of powerful corporations and international banking companies such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of International Settlements. But what does it mean for us?

Globalization means that the people of the United States are occupying a new rung in the global hierarchy. You can call it a global class structure but for many it will be a global caste system. They will be born, live, and die on the same street or in the same village they were born into.

The global hierarchy is not structured so that nations are listed from top to bottom. Rather, the new world order is structured so that banks and corporations are on top of the global hierarchy followed by nation states and their populations of consumers and laborers. And even more, the global economic infrastructure will be subservient to the profit making goods and services of financial institutions and corporations not the needs of the local people.

That means that the place of African Americans in the global hierarchy is no longer defined by the constitution because new global trade treaties like NAFTA and soon the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partners have and will open up borders so that people everywhere are shuffled into a mass global population most of whom are poor and dependent upon corporate policies.  

African Americans should know that we are seeing the end of Sovereign Nation States; in the new world order we will occupy the same bottom caste in a global plantation hierarchy as Africans do, the untouchables in India do, Mexicans do, Central Americans do, South Americans do, Indonesians do, Philippinos do, Palestinians do, Asians do, and every other economically destitute population in the world.

Their place in the global hierarchy is to play the role of bottom feeders. For example, in the country of Liberia its economy is controlled by Indians and Lebanese not indigenous Africans and in the United States Indians and Arabs control the ghetto inner-city stores not African Americans.

The indigenous Africans’ role is to borrow money from the banks; it is to receive a beggar’s handout from fascist governments; it is to consume goods and services endlessly and then to get sick and pay for treatment or die, and it is to labor day and night so that they grow wealth, power, and prestige for the global finance and corporate elite on this emerging global slave plantation.