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What is going on with these police officers?




There has always been police corruption; however, what is surprising is how we continue to rely upon them mistakenly believing they are actually protecting us.  Police are just highly paid security guards.  They are not necessarily good or bad people.  We hold them in too high esteem.   Let’s face it, it is a good paying job, with good benefits.  They are not necessarily heroes or villains.  




When they have too much power, they can become corrupted and full of themselves, just like Adolph Hitler, Napoleon, and even any President of the United States.




We are too trusting as people, and we base out trust in police in what news reporters and pubic officials mislead us into believing about them.   Any and everyone should always be cautious and look with suspicion upon anyone we do not personally know well, or come to trust based upon our personal experiences. 




The first thing out of our mouth when we are in crisis should not be: “[C]all the police!”




A San Jose police officer is currently charged with forcible rape.  Geoffrey Graves, 38, has been a cop for six years.   Someone placed a call into the police for domestic violence.  This officer arrived to investigate.   He recommended that the woman leave and go to a hotel until things quieted down between she and her husband.   He and another officer drove her to the hotel.  One of the officers cut out, and minutes later, supposedly Graves who remained at the hotel located her room and engaged in sex with her while he was on duty.  Purportedly his DNA was on the woman.  The woman claims it was forcible rape.    Santa Clara County deputy district attorney Carlos Vega said: “Unbeknownst to her, she opened the door. She was asleep, and that’s when he let himself in and forcibly pushed her on the bed.”




However, regardless of whether it was rape or not, this officer had no business alone in a hotel room while he was on duty and having sex with a customer, victim, or what have you.  He was supposedly sent on this call to protect someone during a domestic dispute.  This is a job, supported by taxpayer dollars. 




The victim purportedly didn’t report the incident for three weeks, and when she did, she went to the California Highway Patrol, not San Jose police.  So now the woman does not feel comfortable calling the City police. 


The newspaper says: “We’ve been through hard times.  The department now faces the challenge of restoring public trust.” 



I apologize, but who has not been through hard times?   What trust should we have in a human being with wants, hopes, and desires like everyone else?  It is like we are supposed to believe those old hero stories of good versus evil.  When you call the police, keep it professional.  Don’t get overly friendly.  Don’t let them get out of line.  Ask for identification.

In the back drop of this story, over half of the King City Police Department, and some of the highest ranking officers are being charged with some sort of conspiracy or scheme to impound vehicles illegally.



Sgt. Bobby Javier Carillo, 44, of Soledad, who impounded hundreds of cars, allegedly earning a free car for every 10 to 15 he towed. He is charged with conspiracy, accepting a bribe and bribing an executive officer.


Acting Chief Bruce Miller, who allegedly received one of the cars from Carillo, knowing its source, is charged with accepting a bribe. Brian Miller, the chief’s brother and owner of Miller’s Towing, charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and bribing an executive officer. A public official charges former chief Dominic “Nick” Baldiviez, 49, of Bradley, who is charged with giving a city-owned car to officer Mario Alonso Mottu Sr. Both with embezzlement. Flippo said two other officers were charged with felonies discovered during the ongoing investigation that were unrelated to the bribery and embezzlement case. Officer Jaime Andrade, 36, of Soledad was charged with possession of assault weapon and illegal storage of a firearm. Officer Mark Allen Baker, 44, of Paso Robles, was charged with threatening violence on a local resident. Each was booked into Monterey County Jail, where they posted bail ranging from $10,000 to $60,000. Sheriff Scott Miller said the officers were processed at the jail but never housed with the general population. The officers are on paid administrative leave.







Five San Francisco police officers and a former officer are under federal indictment for civil rights and other corruption violations, with two charged with stealing money and drugs seized as part of investigations.   The officers, based out of the department’s Mission Station, were identified as Sergeant Ian Furminger, 47, of Pleasant Hill; Officer Edmond Robles, 46, of Danville; and Reynaldo Vargas, 45, of Palm Desert, California.



On March 2, 2009, the officers took items they seized during an arrest, including a $500 Apple gift card, according to the indictment.  Two days later, prosecutors said, Vargas used the gift card to buy an iPhone and iPod Nano.


In a separate incident the same month, the indictment says, the officers took marijuana. Vargas is accused of delivering the pot to two informants and asking them to sell it and split the proceeds with him, Furminger and Robles.



We should stop blaming the police.  We should use our common sense and judgment and realize that police are just regular people.   Some say, it is not like the old days when you could trust a cop.  However, people in power, including the police have always taken bribes and used their positions and influence to obtain favors and other unwarranted benefits.  Gangsters purportedly had police and judges on the take during prohibition.    During the 1970s and 1980s police were purportedly confiscating tax-free drug money from the kingpins to finance extravagant lifestyles.



Let us use our intelligence and good judgment.    




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