Why Blacks are Different And Deserve More Respect, by Wayne Johnson, Attorney at Law

I agree that Black history is “American history.” It is also Black History. However, a more appropriate description of this kind of history is “American History as told by and through the eyes of Black People.” Black people suffered in this country and it is our story. I personally cringe,  as  Barack Obama claims he did when his racist white grandmother spoke of Black men, when I hear these stories or see these photographs … not because I sympathize with the victims, but because I feel the pain of people who look like me or my ancestors. Moreover, Black people died preserving this history and protested to get Black professors hired to teach this history in schools and colleges and universities. It should be a privilege and an honor to present this history in books and on television, and if one is not from the lineage or did not personally risk anything to bring it to the universities and colleges, one should at the very least demonstrate through a “litmus test” why he or she deserves to teach it or profit from it.

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