Sacred Places, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

All places on earth which have been defined by religious and governmental institutions as divinely ordained or gifted to some people will be destroyed by environmental in combination with technological conditions.  Drastic changes which will cause that are now taking place all around us.

Such places often called ‘holy’ or ‘sacred’ are merely temporary symbols for worshipers. Those places do not possess supernatural power of any kind. Veneration is given to those places by the people who believe in what they stand for and who use those holy and sacred lands for spiritual association with fellow worshipers.

Your ignorant religious teachers, false prophets, detractors from the truth, and suppressive governments do not want you to know that everything you have been taught about human civilization has occurred during the present inter-glacial period or 30,000 years. They don’t want you to know that humanity has gone through this kind of destruction and regeneration hundreds of times before. Human beings are more easily manipulated when they have an illusory consciousness of permanence. Thus the history of the present inter-glacial period is not discussed and is relatively unknown to the masses.


The word ‘inter-glacial’ means between the ice sheets. What that means is that we are still in an ice age which started 2.6 million years ago.  It means that a reversal of the average global temperature on this earth is imminent. We just don’t know in which direction the temperature will shift. The average global temperature could increase or it could decrease.

Most of the resources which humanity has enjoyed over the last 12,000 years have been accessible because of a general increase in global temperature. That rise in temperature over the last 12,000 years BCE (Before The Christian Era) has resulted in the melting of the glaziers.

We have been living in what is called the Holocene period. ‘Holo’ means ‘whole’ and ‘Cene’ means ‘new’.  This fact compels a simple conclusion. Life chances on earth are positively correlated with resource accessibility. Meaning, animals live better the more often they get what they need. It also means that conditions of extreme heat or cold kill humans and other animals fast.

The intellectual elite have been playing every conceivable trick to prevent you from seeing the big picture concerning our human predicament. They hide the truth in unnecessary written complexity or vagueness because they know that if you see the picture in its entirety, then economic cooperation with big governments and corporations would come to a standstill. Then their plan for survival without economic cooperation from the masses despite their new technology and underground bunkers would fail. It would fail even after the majority of the world’s population has died.  Economic cooperation has many facets.

The intellectual elite have made both prescription and illegal drugs available to you. You or your children can get them over the counter. They know giving easy access to drugs will dumb you down. They experimented on African Americans with crack cocaine in urban centers to stop the civil rights movement and it worked splendidly for them.  They have purposely neutralized the critical thinking skills of the masses and their actions have been financed by your tax dollars. Now many Americans are like caged neurotic chickens.

For the masses who don’t use drugs, the elite have set up staged news, staged political contests, staged minstrel religious liars, and a media which focuses on political celebrity to distract you. And then, of course, there is the music with its attendant celebrity minstrel coons, pictorial, and print propaganda to construct for you an idiot identity.

What the intelligent elite don’t want you to know is that we humans are now caught in the middle of an inescapable environmental vice. That vice is going to cause unparalleled national and international conflicts and mass death in part because of the way that we have allowed the elite to organize our societies for thousands of years. That is why we are already experiencing an erosion of the Bill of Rights in the United States and a rise in political fascism here in the United States. That is why there is also a parallel rise in global fascist government. It is the emergence of a new economic world order intended for a few. But what besides greed and pathological egoism is driving this psychotic rush to fascism? The answer is that it is an environmental change for the worse.


 Whether or not you believe that industrialization over the last 150 years has accelerated global warming because of the massive burning of fossil fuels there are some factual scientific measurements which you cannot deny.  You must admit the fact that average global temperatures have been increasing at an accelerating rate.  You must admit that long-established weather patterns favorable to agriculture have been changing for the worse. You must admit an increasing imbalance in the ratio of life to death on earth. The fact is that over 1000 species per year are becoming extinct and you must admit that far fewer than 1000 new species are coming into being. You must admit the major shrinkage of the north polar ice cap during summer months and the accelerating meltdown of the Greenland glaciers. You must admit the increased use of prison vernacular like ‘lock-down’ for a public school under threat to slowly condition collective public sentiment into accepting martial law. 


Now ask yourself this question: do those patterns suggest imminent danger to the quality of human life as we know it? I answer, yes; those facts are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine. When the Canaries drop dead you better get out fast. But what are the mechanics of these sweeping changes?

The picture below is what the earth looked like 765,000,000 (million) years ago. There were no human beings on earth. This is an example of how bad it could get.  It is called ‘Snow Ball Earth’. The ice sheets were generally 2.5 miles thick up from the surface of the earth. Their maximum height was half the height of Mount Everest at 5.3 miles high. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on earth.  765 million years ago there was zero carrying capacity for land animals and birds on earth. Any existing life lived deep under the oceans near volcanic vents because it was warm.  One last fact you should know about ‘Snow Ball Earth’, the amount of water on earth is constant. That means that Snow Ball Earth could happen again.

Snowball Earth 2.3 billion and 750 million years ago


 Here is another important fact. One hundred and twenty-five thousand years ago (125,000 BCE) there was another interglacial period like the one we live in now.  It ended about 114,000 years BCE. That’s an 11,000-year time span from its beginning to end. During that time span Homo sapiens, Neanderthal, and Denisovan stone-age cultures flourished independently of one another. The average global temperature was at most 5 degrees warmer than it is now. The sea level has been calculated to have been as high as 30 feet more than it is now.[1] It is projected that within a century and a half the average global temperature will once again be approximately 5 degrees warmer. But that temperature rise could happen sooner.  It could happen this century. Study the picture below well because visually one can see those areas which will be most devastated if this scenario plays out.

eemian interglacial


 Another major climatic event occurred about 90,000 years BCE. It was the eruption of Mount Toba, a super volcano, in Sumatra, Indonesia. That eruption was so massive that it caused a major change in global climate causing temperatures to plummet worldwide. It also triggered a mass migration of humans and animals out of Africa. That eruption caused the average global temperature to drop and thus drastic climate change occurred. Sea levels dropped over 500 feet as precipitation was frozen as snow in the north and south poles.  It is estimated that only about 20,000 human beings survived and they began to migrate out of Africa. All modern humans derive from them.[2]

Glacial Maximum of this ice age

Now, look at the next picture above. It is a picture of the earth 58,000 BCE when the earth was still in an ice age. Note on the picture where there are no glaciers (ice sheets). Generally, human hunting and gathering, pastoral, and agricultural cultures began to flourish along a belt of land running along the equatorial longitude and latitude as well as North Africa, South African coasts, South America, the sub-continent India, and Australia. They multiplied in numbers and spread over vast areas. Evidence of their cultures has been found on all the continents mentioned above.

The picture below is one of the Andaman people who migrated out of what today is called the continent of Africa. They founded the Indus Valley Civilization and are the indigenous people of India. They populated the subcontinent of India over 50,000 BCE.   

Andaman 3

The habitable regions were lands rich in resources. The human population was probably about 5 million worldwide. They lived alongside Neanderthals and Denisovan Hominids and mated with them as late as 40,000 BCE. Many human groups in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia today are descendants of the genetic mixing of those three hominid species.  DNA testing has identified a common ancestor between them and us, Homo sapiens, about 1 million years ago.

Now find a picture of the world we know today.  The world we know today started to form about 28,000 years ago as average global temperature increased. From that time to about 9,000 years ago or over a time span of 19,000 years BCE, the average sea level increased over 400 feet worldwide.

Human agricultural and coastal cultures which had flourished for thousands of years (prior to 9,000 years before the Christian era) were flooded and destroyed due to unimaginable floods.  Monsoon rains came down everywhere from about 7,500 BCE until about 3,500 BCE or 5,500 years ago. North Africa was fertile and rich with life for thousands of years until about 5,500 BCE. Great cultures flourished.

Evidence that human beings had been flourishing during good times is evidenced by their demographic growth to about 5 million human beings on earth by 10,000 years BCE.  Most of their cultures were destroyed or became isolated. It is from that period that the myth of Noah in the Torah is derived. An earlier flood narration is that of ‘Gilgamesh’. So catastrophic were the flood events that narrations were passed down as an oral tradition by peoples all over the world.

Many of the lost civilizations have been rediscovered.[3] They have been discovered off the north-west coast of India, under the English Channel, under the North Sea as well as underwater off the south-east coast of Japan. There are much more undiscovered because they are covered with mud.

Every recorded civilization that we know begins at this time about 3,500 BCE. And with it the Iron age of technology. The Indus Valley Civilization, Kemet (Egypt), and Sumer are known but got their start from earlier cultures which were inundated when the ice sheets melted or when climate change caused widespread drought in North Africa. They are actually not the cradles of civilization because art, religion, written symbolic language existed prior to 5,500 years ago.

Now, look at the picture below. It is a picture of the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is an underwater current which is 20 times wider than the largest river on earth. Its speed is 300 times faster than the Amazon River.  Look at the arrows because they point in the direction which it flows.

gulf stream

What causes the Gulf Stream to flow is the amount of salt in the ocean at the farthest northern point of its flow at the North Atlantic Drift.  Test that hypothesis. Do an experiment.  Fill up a quart size glass with water.  Get 1 cup of salt and pour it into the glass of water. You will see that the salt sinks to the bottom of the glass because salt is heavier than the elements which make up water.  

However, what you don’t see is that as the salt sinks to the bottom of the glass it pushes water in front of it by the force of its mass and gravity. The salt causes a current of water to flow. The more salt the faster the flow, conversely, the less salt the slower the current will flow in the glass.

The North Atlantic is analogous to a glass full of water. In the North Atlantic Ocean, the amount of salt in the North Atlantic Drift acts as a pump in the ocean; it will cause variations in the speed of the Gulf Stream depending on the amount of salt in that part of the ocean. So, understanding the density of salt in the North Atlantic is essential to predict what will happen to our climate in the near and distant future. What then should we be concerned about?

The burning of fossil fuels causes heat from the sun to be trapped in the atmosphere. We all know that the evaporation of the liquid is caused by heat. Different liquids require different temperatures of heat to cause evaporation. On the North Atlantic, surface water evaporates naturally and forms into clouds, etc.  When and if that happens on a larger scale, the ratio of salt to water will tilt in favor of salt in the ocean.  So, the gulf-stream pump will work harder and faster. When the gulf-stream pump works harder and faster average global temperature will either remain constant or rise. In that scenario, it will get warmer. When it gets warmer more ice will melt; there would then be an ecological domino effect. That is precisely what we are experiencing today.


The issue is not whether fossil fuel pollution is causing global warming; the issue is whether or not we have some control over global warming or none at all. If we have no control then we are in for extremely hard times. If we do have some control then we should start to exercise it now. If we have no control we could have in that worst-case scenario a picture of the earth below. We could have a water world.


 On the other hand, if a large amount of fresh water were suddenly poured into the North Atlantic Ocean Drift then that would dilute the salt in the ocean water thus causing the ratio of salt to water to tilt in favor of water and so the Gulf Stream would slow down. So, now ask yourself: are the Greenland glaciers melting rapidly today?  

The answer is yes.  Freshwater from the Greenland glaciers is pouring into the North Atlantic Drift precisely where it would have the most effect on diluting the amount of salt in it.  If that continues to happen then average global temperatures will drop rapidly. That can precipitate even lower temperatures. Glaciers would then move down over the Northern Hemisphere again as was the case in both the little ice age and the last major Ice Age.

That, of course, would spell the end of the Holocene or inter-glacial period. It would spell the end of agriculture on earth. That is when the party ends. Eventually, freezing of large quantities of water would cause the salt to water ratio to tilt in favor of salt. That would, in turn, cause the Gulf Stream to speed up. If the Gulf Stream speeds up, then that would cause a rise in average global temperatures again, a shift in the trade winds, and a longer but more difficult Holocene period for humanity and all mammals, reptiles, and birds left on earth.

Do you see the see-saw pattern? There are natural cycles at work on earth. We have absolutely no control over them. So, avoid superstition. There is no substitute for logical thinking; so, think long and hard. The only sacred place is your mind. The longest, most difficult, most sacred pilgrimage that you will ever make will be the one from your lower nature to Divine Mind. “Everything shall perish, but the appearance Divine.”














[1] A. Dutton and K. Lamback, Ice Volume and Sea Level During the Last Interglacial, Science, Edition, July 13, 2012,

[2] Journey of Man: The Story of the Human Species, by Spencer Wells,, 203

[3] Documentary by Graham Hancock, Under-World-Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age, Parts 1,2,3, and 4.

© Copyright 2014 Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed, All rights Reserved. Written For: Earth Colony

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