Ray Rice, Chivalry – Violence – An American Epidemic – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney – Political Economist

I am tired of all of these chivalrous hypocrites pretending that they love women so much that they just cannot stand violence against women.   Joe Biden is the latest of these hypocrites. Vice President Joe Biden had the nerve to weigh in. He said: “under no circumstances, except in self defense, should a man ever strike a woman.” Then he implied that this was somehow a rape by adding “No means no!”


Needless to say Joe Biden encouraged and advocated bombing defenseless women and children in Libya, Palestine, and Syria.   Who is he to be so high and mighty? How many widows and widowers do U.S. bombs make? First off, I am not going to take advice from a man who does not know when to let the hair go. Let it go Joe.


Joe Biden.  What a hypocrite.


Let me premise this article by saying under no circumstances do I advocate a man strike his lover, and under no circumstances should a woman strike her lover.


Let me also say that I think violence against Black people is the worst kind of violence, whether it be as a result of lynching or financial earnings discrimination.


I will take it a step farther… there should be no disrespect or violence at all between lovers, whether it stems from the conduct of the woman or the man. This includes dishonesty, infidelity, or whatever. However, that is not the real world. As long as there are people there is going to be violence and disrespect.


You can probably tame a person; just as you can tame a lion, or make life so uncomfortable or expensive that a person is scared to express his or her violence.   However, would it not be best if we could eliminate the feeling to strike?   What we should be working on is not curbing the violence, but getting to the root causes, and eliminating them.


I have studied the so-called Ten Commandments, and this is what I believe them to be:




I understood all of them except the last. I did not understand any of these Commandments to be in any hierarchical order.   I sought a definition of what it is to covet. To be covetousness is to have a strong desire to obtain what belongs to another.   If you leave your place of birth and travel to another people’s land not to learn, but to exploit them and their resources, are you not being covetous?


What Europeans did in the 16th – 19th centuries was extremely covetous. What the western powers are doing in the so-called Middle East today is covetous.


Do violating any of these Commandments justify domestic violence?   I know Europeans have tortured men, women, and children in the name of the so-called “Good Book.” There is nothing in the Ten Commandments about domestic violence. However, violence of any kind, against any person, especially against a loved one, leaves a negative taste in your mouth.   It is undesirable.   If you ever strike anyone, even in self-defense, it may leave a sour taste in your mouth, especially if you use more force than is necessary.


So long as we think we, or the State, are God and that we can dish out an “eye for an eye” we will have that desire to want to strike or punish.   We want to spank our lovers like we want to spank our children.   Sometimes we want to kill, like we want to have others put to death.


Rap Brown once said that violence is as American as apple pie, and it is. For us to abhor so-called domestic violence or violence against women on one hand, and to drop a plutonium enriched bomb on an entire town filled with women and children is extremely hypocritical. To lynch a man or kill a man, and to prevent him from supporting his family, is violence against women and children.


H. Rap Brown

I like the old adage let he who is without sin cast the first stone.   If you have killed anyone, supported killing, or ordered the death of anyone, as in the case of Joe Biden, and you call yourself a Christian, I think you should be forever barred from commenting on any wrong.


When Ray Rice was so stupid as to strike his fiancé in the elevator and separately stupid enough to be caught on film, all these folks came out of the woodwork and pretended that is just the most horrific event of all time. Well, it is not. It pales in comparison to what those racists did to Emmett Till, or what Johannes Mehserle did to Oscar grant … or what the CHP Officer did on July 4, 2014 to the Black woman on the Highway 10 near La Brea.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnpT6GLk6a0


Ironically, on August 16, 2014, a 30-year veteran Walnut Creek, California peace officer, donning a mask, and welding a baseball ball, beat a woman he suspected of entering his father’s abandoned property.   He supposedly also attacked another woman who tried to come to the woman’s rescue. We heard about the violence, but it was never billed as violence against women. So again, we are left with an irony.


Before the incident in the elevator In the Ray Rice video, eyewitnesses claimed they observed Ray Rice spitting on the woman. In the elevator I saw Rice and this woman having what appeared to be harsh words. Then I saw what looked like contact between Rice and the woman, and then Rice backing away. Then I saw the woman advance towards him. Next, I saw what looked like a Rice left hand striking her on the right side of her head. Then I saw her fall. She appeared to be lying on the elevator floor in an apparent unconscious state.   I am not sure what caused her to be in that state. It could have been the punches, provided he  connected hard enough to knock her down or unconscious.


Nobody has shown any injuries resulting from the purported blows. It could have been her striking something else as a result of him striking her. For all I know she could have been drugged or under the influence of something.   She could have been faking her unconsciousness or just lying still to avoid being struck again.  Then they showed Rice dragging the woman’s limp body partially out of the elevator.


Whatever the facts, it was ugly and it seemed unnecessary.  They should have been teaming up and redirecting that energy to the root causes of their problems because if she was depending on his earning capacity to survive, they are both struggling now.


White folks, particularly those who control the modern day slaves or gladiators in the NFL, also control their incomes.  Ironically, the NFL is an extremely violent sport. Every week many people are seriously injured playing professional football.   However, we still love gladiators and we will pay to see another struck so hard such as to cause his eventual death, but we pretend we do not want to ever see a woman struck by a man.

Are we knights in shining armor?  From where does these chivalrous attitude stem?  We sure as Hell do not seem to really care about women.  Considering the wealth of this nation, we do not even have a reasonable healthcare or educational system.

What I loathe equally is the notion that we treat grown women like children.  We say she is not in anyway responsible for her own actions or the attacker’s actions.  Well, if she is grown she can take some responsibility for something.  She gets up in the morning.  She goes to work.  She goes home.  She is woman, hear her roar.  I frown on the notion that a male is a woman’s protector, and no matter what the woman does either before or after a violent incident it is unconditionally the male’s fault.  I am sorry, but some women are stronger mentally, and sometimes even physically than some men.  She is not always at a man’s whim or she is not always so caught up in being in love that she disregards her own safety.  That Domestic Violence Theory 101 is not necessarily true.  Just as there are manipulative men, there are manipulative women.


I fully understand what the National Organization for Women hopes to accomplish, the protection of women.  However, just because a psychologist advances a theory does not mean it is true all of the time or even half of the time.  It is an extremely dangerous precedent to advance a theory that a man is always the aggressor, always stronger, always more dangerous, always at fault, and always bears the responsibility for violence in a relationship just because he is a male.  It is bad when you cannot criticize a grown woman at all or if you do you risk being deemed insensitive to women or domestic violence.

It reminds me of he Silicon Valley executive who had to step down because he donated money to the Proposition 8 campaign.  Regardless of how you feel, you should be able to donate money to either side of the campaign.  For all we know he may be gay, but he may not believe in same sex marriage.  Preventing people from expressing an opinion is just wrong. Moreover, we should not have to be sensitive to everyone’s values.  Having an open dialogue is the only way to resolve issues.  If I am an idiot, you should hear me out and allow me an opportunity to alter my position.  Forcing me to accept your position or you mine to avoid losing money will only make us bitter.  That is like modern day McCarthyism, the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for the evidence.

Years ago I was involved in a case when a woman discovered her husband was having an outside affair with a younger woman and she was understandably furious.  She purportedly struck her husband numerous times and made life in the home just unbearable for him.  It got to the point when he could not take it and fled the home.  However, he forgot his keys and his shoes.   When the wife noticed him at the door she opened it and began attacking him again.  She prevented him from getting his keys and his shoes.  He even tried to push her out of the path of his shoes and keys, but he was unsuccessful so he picked up the telephone and tried to summon the police.  His wife warned him not to call the police because she felt introducing the police might exacerbate the problem.  He called them anyway.


When the police arrived he tried to tell them that all he wanted were his keys and his shoes so he could leave.  The police were not responsive to him.  They walked around him and asked his wife what happened.  She said that nothing occurred.  Then one of the officers asked her if he ever touched her.  She responded that he did not strike her, but he did try to push her aside to get his keys and his shoes.  The officer decided the husband’s actions constituted the crime of domestic violence.  With that, the officer directed the man to turn around and be placed in handcuffs.  The couple believed that the police abused their power and they retained me to fight the case.  She did not think her husband attacked her and she did not want her husband to go to jail.

Treating women like infants or imbeciles who cannot decide whether they feel threatened is gender discrimination, if not misogyny, even if it comes from other women.


People understand that Rice has to sit down for the good of the sport, not because we love women so much. He is a liability. As in the Godfather gangster movie, he is bad for business. And, some will rejoice in his misfortune because they do not believe a “nigger” should be earning millions anyway.


Moreover, Mr. Rice, and his now wife, were probably arguing about something comparatively trivial. I apologize, but if you are going to be waste time in a relationship, you should have each other’s backs, like the White folks do when it comes to us. No matter what differences White people have, they put them aside to team up on us and the darker and lower classed White folks, who they call “poor White trash.”


Let’s face it, the real reason some of these white folks are jumping on Ray Rice is they hate the fact that he is making all of that money for doing something they know they cannot, run with a football in the NFL. They do not give a Damn about Rice’s woman, or women, in general. Some of them are probably replaying the video and laughing.


Look what they did to the Native Americans.   No matter what fights they were having, when they saw Native Americans they circled the covered wagons, and tried their bests to kill the natives, and separate them from their land.


Look what happened in South Africa.   No matter what problems they had with the crown, they put them aside to enslave the Africans and separate them from their land, and to steal their diamonds.


During slavery or Jim Crow, don’t you think White folks had differences or even murders in their families? However, when it came down to making a dollar or keeping Black folks down, they posed a common front.


You never hear stories of White people crawling to the Africans and asking them to do justice for them, as we, even us Afro-centrists, crawl to them seeking justice involving our own.

We see Europeans complaining of “Boko Haram,” and their kidnapping and violence against women. Why does the White man determine when, or if, you should put your hands on each other?   I have news for you. The White man is not God. His values are not God-like.   Jesus was not a White man. For your Christians, what would Jesus do in the case of this sort of violence?   For you Islamists, what would Muhammad do?


Stop using hypocritical values to determine right and wrong.   Guess what?  There is no universal right and wrong.


The Rice elevator incident looked horrible, not necessarily the confrontation, but the fact that two African Americans were in distress, and in a public place. Maybe he needs to lose his contracts to remind him that he should not embarrass himself or his woman like that.


Racists cannot wait to see something like that so they can say… “I told you those Black guys do not deserve all of that money.” You have to be a real nice obedient buck dancing Negro to deserve all of that cash. If he will swing at his woman like that, he might just as well swing at one of us.


It reminded me of that Metta World Peace (then Ronald Artest) incident when the White fan threw that liquid at Mr. Peace and he retaliated with a barrage of punches.  White people were shocked and outraged that this Black basketball player would have the audacity to attack a white fan.


Well, Mr. Rice, you have placed yourself at the mercy of the system and you may never play professional sports again or earn all of that money through endorsements.


“Guess what?” In the famous words of Dennis Rodman… His woman will be broke too because if he cannot earn a living he will not be able to buy her all of those nice things that justify in her mind her tolerating him in the first place. In all fairness to her, she did not call the pigs on him. He got caught up in his own doing.  It does not matter who allegedly provoked who, they are both up the creek.


Unfortunately, his incident will cause many to lose millions because the NFL and other sports franchises adopted a so-called zero tolerance domestic violence policy. What this mean is these athletes will have to judge more carefully the people they date.  Some, with hot heads may have to avoid relationships altogether.   You cannot grab your woman by the arm.  You cannot slap her.  You cannot yell at her.  You cannot display any emotion whatsoever, except emotions of joy.  That is too much power for a significant other to have. What if one person decides to set another up out of anger? It is easier now with the so-called zero tolerance.  Yet it is somehow acceptable to bomb, kill, and destroy entire communities.  It is even acceptable for police to shoot a Black man shopping in Walmart because he inattentively handles a toy or a ball bearing (BB) rifle while shopping.


I wish they had zero tolerance for “high tech lynching” in the words of Clarence Thomas, and employment discrimination.


Control yourselves and your tempers brothers. An angry Black man is the most feared and hated identity in the White man’s world. And. you are oft-times. if not most times, judged by a completely different standard than White people.

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