The United States versus “The Islamic State” – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney, Political Economist

What is the Islamic State or “Isis” or “Isel?”


All I know is there is supposed to be a terrorist organization hating everything we supposed “free people” do in the world. When I last checked, we were doing some horrific things around the globe.


Well, the last time I checked anyone who is worth his weight in free speech in the United States was assassinated or killed too.


When last I checked we free Americans received subsidized land, stolen from the native Americans, subsidized labor, from slavery, and immigrant workers, and subsidized capital stolen from the natural resources, including gold, oil, water, and natural gas.


When last I checked some of us were in Asia and Africa, now called the Middle East, taking oil at reduced rates and selling it at a profit.


I am told that The Islamic State” is not a legitimate government.   Where is the legitimate government in Syria or Iraq?   When last we checked, did we not topple Iraq, and kill Saddam Hussein, his sons, and anyone else who might have been elected to take over, and prop up a puppet government?

Are we not now trying to topple Assad in Syria?


I am told five (5) Muslim States have agreed to go along with the bombings on The Islamic State.   Why? What is in it for them? Who says they have a legitimate claim to battle terrorists in Syria or Iraq?   What gives the United States a legitimate claim to battle so-called terrorists in Syria or Iraq? When was the United States elected to run Syria or Iraq?   Must be the money.

Oh!  I forgot.  “They are killing their own people.”  Should they be killing someone else’s people?  By the way, when last I checked, did we not conquer all of that area and separate the land into different so-called nation states?   Did we not combine people from different tribal areas, religions, and so-called races into these different nation states?  If that is the case, what determines who is who’s people?

One way to avoid being beheaded in Syria or Iraq, is to stay out of Syria and Iraq.   I do not see people in the Islamic State going to Europe beheading people.   We still execute people. Sometimes we even execute the wrong people.   Who is more barbaric?


Those folks live in Syria and Iraq. Heads roll.  That is how they roll over there. They have been rolling like that since before the inception of the United States and they will always roll in that manner.

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