Revisiting Public Place Tragedies, Mass Killings, And The Second Amendment – By Wayne Johnson, Attorney At Law, Oakland, California

2ndEveryday people are killed in the United States by violence, including gun violence.   Let us examine this.  While it is horrific to see that young children are killed, and particularly by lunatics with no known reason, violence, and gun violence, in particular, is as “American as cherry pie.”  (Quote by H. Rap Brown).

It is how the oppressors subjugated the natives on every continent, including this one.   It is how the slave owners kept the slaves in slavery.  It is how the so-called Knights of the KKK intimidated the south and in the other cardinal directions.  It is how the government keeps Chevron, Bectel, and Halliburton on top.  It is how the police kill criminals and the innocent alike.  It is how the West Was Won.  

Gun violence is common in poor rural areas, but more common in urban neighborhoods.  It is not always executed outside the law…, or by those we are told are cowards, maniacs, lunatics, or criminals.   Police shoot to kill and do kill many innocent victims each year.    I suppose we can argue that a police officer that shoots an innocent person is outside the law, and is therefore, a maniac, a lunatic, and a criminal.  However, there is no cry to disarm the police.   They only want to disarm the people.  Police go on killing sprees too.  Remember Christopher Dorner?  In fact, a study found that they kill and are more likely than the average person to attack their spouses and lovers.

Not everyone decides to pick up a weapon and to cause destruction.  So the question remains will I feel safer with every gun being registered, every clip holding less than ten rounds, or with everyone in the national database?  The answer may depend on who you are. 

Me personally, no!  I will never feel safe so long as I know that people will be fed unhealthy food, and given poor quality healthcare.   When the people begin to suffer they will implode, possibly taking me with them.  

My research shows me that the United States is the number one arms, and particularly gun, supplier and manufacturer on the planet.  I invite you to conduct your own research.  The only people being placed into these databases will be … guess who?… the people who have always been the subject of government investigations. 

Descendants of “Johnny Rebel,” those who actually lost the civil war will continue to be just as gun toting has they have always been.  And, I am told there is a backlog on purchasing assault style weapons.  I distinguish actual assault weapons from assault “style” weapons.  An assault style weapon is no more potent, or menacing than a regular weapon.   It just looks more menacing.   We cannot legally buy real assault weapons, like machine guns and 50 Caliber rifles anyway. 

Of course, they may use the database to locate other people from time to time; however, if J. Edgar Hoover’s people have any say, they will use the database to curb dissention or simply to make sure that all protests remain peaceful, orderly, nonviolent, and ineffective.  Protesters will be like fish in a barrel, or cattle to be rounded up and placed in the fenced area.

Under the Constitution, we have a right to form militias to defend the Constitution and to defend ourselves against governmental tyranny.

Given our Constitutional right to bear arms is to defend the Constitution, and not the individuals, I say gun control may be a good thing, but only if the government disarms too.   Defending the Constitution is a much broader concept than taking orders blindly from a government official.  You are not necessarily a hero because you blindly follow orders to kill. 

Being a Patriot requires some thought and after thought…, some intelligence…, some strategizing.   It does not require that you put on a uniform or bark and obey like a dog.  Interestingly enough, this led me to do research on the entomology of “sic,’ as in to sic a dog on another.    Apparently, the true word is to seek, or hunt.  Seeking or hunting on command requires brainwashing. 

The government sends paid police out to seek or hunt us, like dogs.   So I suppose in a utopian world, only those who are sent out to sic, seek, or hunt on command will have weapons.   By definition, the rest of us will be bystanders… or the sought after, hunted, or the prey.    Unless I was a thrill seeker (play on words), if I was a hunter, I would not like my prey to be armed.   Ideally, I think I would prefer my prey to depend on me for safety too. 

What if I was a closet Klansmen?  Boy!  Would I like to be able to hold a firearm and to control or police those animals in the inner cities? 

Then of course, there are the terrorists…  Those who don’t like the way we lace up our boots in the morning and who envy us and who may want to blow us up because we love “freedom too much.”

Well, outside of making car and house notes, and owning a few items of jewelry and clothing, or maybe watching good television program occasionally, most people I know never enjoy that level of freedom.    George Bush’s and “Dick” Cheney have a very different concept of freedom than most of us.  Economics has never prevented them from going where they wish and doing as they please.   Maybe intelligence and compassion have limited their travels.  For what it is worth, you’ve “gotta” love George Bush for his proclaimed “Mission Accomplished.”   Indeed, he did accomplish his mission.  That being, getting all the oil and money he could ever use in his lifetime.

What if I want to defend or pursue my own idea or concept of the Constitution, or freedom?   Should I be left with peace rallies… or should I have to rely upon the people in the government I may not agree with to defend my ideas and ideals?   What if you cannot be elected to a governmental seat?  What if you make too much noise?  What if they tell you to lie face down on the ground and interlace your fingers behind your head?   What if you are accidently shot by an officer who meant to only to “taze” or daze you for being vociferous?   What if you do not have enough money to pay bail or to hire legal assistance?  What if the judge is not sympathetic to your point of view?

Of course, all weapons should be secured so that we and nobody else can have random access to them.   Otherwise, a tragedy is most likely to occur. 

What will happen when unemployment insurance, disability insurance, social security, Food Stamps (Debit Cards), CalWORKs, Medicare, alcohol, marijuana, football, basketball, and those silly television court programs are no more? 

What will happen when there is no more food or water on the table or we cannot pay taxes, rent, or purchases clothes?  What will happen when we are scavenging in the streets and armed people and armed police are looting?   “Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”  How are the lyrics: “…Police naw give ya no break.  Naw soldier might naw give ya no break.”

When the so-called 99% were demonstrating, many police claimed they were part of the 99%.  They wanted to protect their pensions; however, they were still swinging batons and firing upon crowds on command to protect the governmental interests.  The government’s interest is to maintain the status quo.   Does that mean keep the 1% in the 1%?  

If there is chaos in the streets, who will be armed?   Who will be harmed?  Who will be a career criminal then?   What will they do with those arms?  Will there even be a recognizable government?   We have seen in the past when the tension reaches a certain level all of our Constitutional rights may be suspended and the banks may close.   What happened in Cyprus can happen here.   It happened during the depression.  

Whose side will the President take?  In the words of Gil Scott Heron “Will the revolution be televised?”   When it is every man for “himself” who will be in the national registry?  Who will have access to it, and how will it be used? 

China has purchased a lot of the United States’ debt.   China has over a billion people.  China has nuclear weapons.  Israel may have nuclear weapons, Pakistan has nuclear weapons, India has nuclear weapons, the British have nuclear weapons.  Russia has nuclear weapons.  North Korea has nuclear weapons.   The United States has every know weapon on the planet, and most weapons are manufactured in the United States.  How will this play out if China calls in its chips? 

Do we really care how many people, even children, die as a result of gun violence?   Is it more important that we protect the status quo?  What is the status quo?  Who is the status quo?   If it came down to people or property what would be more important?  Would our government act to maintain the status quo, or protect lives?    Who will crusade for the children then? 

Of course, some politician will claim the airwaves and claim to be a protector of the children, but will the children still go hungry along with their parents?   It sounds good when you can claim to defend the “innocent.”   It sounds good when you can call a tyrant a “coward.”  Who wants to harm the innocent?   Who are the innocent anyway?  What is a coward?  How many dictators have we backed in name of freedom and democracy?  And, how many innocent lives have they mowed down for the sake of profits? 

When money trickles down how much trickles down and where does it go?  When we spend money in toppled countries who actually receives the money?  Isn’t it true that most of those dollars just come back to the large corporations who beat the tax system in the form of uncompetitive bids?  Is that welfare or an entitlement?  Do we even care?

That is why Presidents and police always employ euphemisms like cowards or say things like  “protect,” “innocent,” and “lives” in the same phrase when they are grand standing, trying to impress us. 

The truth of the matter is “name-calling” works.   The ugly truth is we are all our brother’s keepers.  We all have some of the same “Good, Bad, and the Ugly” within us.   That is why the so-called western countries use drones, stealth jets, 15,000 pound bunker bombs, and worse on civilian populations who never see it coming.   People use what they can get when they want to harm others.  So, if firearms are not available, people who want to cause harm find things, invent things.

When we were children in the inner city, I remember children from around the corner sneak attacking us with rocks, liquor bottles, and tin cans that were flattened by cars in the streets.   The cans were brutal because you never knew what trajectory they would take.  When they accidentally hit a kid who was too young, we called the other guys cowards, and the victim, innocent.   Even though we felt sympathy, when we retaliated, we would pretend we did not care if a very young child was struck.  It was all justified as our defense against the surprise attackers.

When politicians or news people have given a good speech, you hear us mimicking the same things.    When the United States participated in hunting down and killing President Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, first they called him names.  Then they disarmed his side.  Then they accused him of “killing his own people.”  Finally, they accused him of killing innocent people who were later armed and backed by western backed forces.  Once they were armed, they were no longer innocent by anyone’s definition.  Not that I want anyone to die; however, if he killed anyone, I certainly would prefer he kill his own people, instead of “my people” whomever they may be.

The “Founding Fathers” were more intelligent than we give them credit.  You have to keep in mind that the Founders were terrorists to the English Crown.   They did not pay taxes to the Crown.  They sold liquor and tea without permission from the Crown.  They destroyed property that belonged to the Crown.  Some abandoned their posts. 

They knew what amendments were important to them and they knew the order in which to place them.    Speech, associations, and ideas are number one.  The right to defend those ideas is number two.   The right to exclude armed soldiers from living in your home is number three.  The right to keep the government away from and off of your Property without proper reason is number four.  

The United States population is about 313,914,040.   In 2010, in the United States there were 2,468,435 deaths from all causes.  Of those there were 358 murders involving rifles. Murders involving the use of handguns in the U.S. that same year totaled 6,009, with another 1,939 murders with the firearm type unreported.  Homicide is not even close to the leading cause of death.  Cancer claims over half a million.  


Summary Table Of People Killed By Police In the United States in 2012


Number of killings in list



























As a matter of fact, if you are a minority, or lower income person of any persuasion, there is an unreasonable likelihood that you or someone you know may be shot or killed by police.  As a matter of fact you have almost as much to fear from the police as you do an armed robber.   So when the topic is gun control, maybe we should advocate gun control on the part of the police.  

When people die we miss them.  When they die suddenly or unexpectedly, we miss them even more.   You do not have time to say good-bye.  So, a gun death is traumatic. 

Let’s face it.  Arming yourself alone will not protect you from the government.  A S.W.A.T. team, a drone, an attack helicopter, a bomb, or a tank would be hard to combat.  You would have to really use your brain to defend yourself against trained attack dogs.  

Because curbing dissent may be the real issue, the next time the government tries to engage you in a debate or a discussion over gun control, change the topic to food, shelter, real healthcare, and survival.   We know that the real problem with healthcare is not the availability.  There are all sorts of doctors and hospitals.  It is the cost and it is the unnecessary drugs and procedures. 

Next time, force a discussion on the number and kind of weapons and rounds the police can use.   Force a discussion on how the cities will pay to compensate all of these police and law enforcement officials when they retire.  More police on the streets do not prevent crime because no matter how many exist, smart criminals will wait until the police leave to commit crimes.

Even if I do not own any weapons, I do not want the government to know what I might have or how to play me in the event of a crisis.   You might hear that the Second Amendment was drafted in a different time.  A time when the people relied upon guns to fight the Crown.  Those times may be here again.   We have tyranny and we have taxation without representation.   We have huge governmental intrusions into our lives and into our homes.  Look at camera on every street corner.  Look at “Smart Meters” that record our electric usage.  Think of the homing devices on our wireless equipment.

I want the government and the bank president to think twice before considering shutting down the bank without disbursing my funds, leaving me and my family to fend for ourselves.  I want the government to consider I might lawfully participate in an effective militia when it interferes with my Constitutional rights.  There is something fundamentally different about the fear associated with a civil boycott as opposed to that of armed people defending the Constitution.

Never concede any of your Constitutional rights.  Exercise them.  Our rights are there for a reason.  





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