What is a dark skinned Caucasian? – By Wayne Johnson, Political-Economist, Attorney



In the never ending debate over the founders of the ancient Egyptian society I heard a Euro-centrist claim the Pharaohs were Dark Skinned Caucasians.

That prompted me to ask: “What is a Caucasian?”


Apparently, The noun Caucasian originally had absolutely nothing to do with race or color and Caucasian does not mean White.  I always knew it had something to do with the Caucasoid region below Russia.


See http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2011/01/stop-using-the-word-caucasian-to-mean-white/#.UZ0B6usj5Jk



A White / German anthropologist adopted the term for White people when he discovered, at least he thought he discovered, Persia / Assyria was the cradle of civilization. 



Caucasian (adjective)


1807, from Caucasus Mountains, between the Black and Caspian seas; applied to the “white” race 1795 (in German) by German anthropologist Johann Blumenbach, because its supposed ancestral homeland lay there; since abandoned as a historical/anthropological term. (See Aryan).




Aryans are not necessarily White either. 




Caucasian (noun)


“resident or native of the Caucasus,” 1843; see Caucasus  or Caucasian Meaning “one of the ‘white’ race” is from 1958 (earlier Caucasoid, 1956).




“Caucasia” the region where the Caucasoid Mountains are located is not Europe.    It is where the first signs of human civilization were allegedly found in what was Persia.   Caucasians are Persians, and Persians have color.    White people, at least White Europeans, are not truly Caucasians.  In fact, even more confusing is there is no history of any Western Europeans before 7,000 B.C.   Moreover, Europe is not really a separate Continent as it is not a main continuous expanses of land.  It is part of Asia.



See con·ti·nent  





Any of the world’s main continuous expanses of land (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America).




As we have since learned, race does not exist from a scientific standpoint, and one’s color is debatable.  Features are more determinative of one’s cultural or historical lines than actual color.  Also part of the discussion is light hair, light eyes, and light skin are all recessive genes.   Two Black people can produce a white child, with light hair, and light eyes.  Two White people, particularly two with blonde hair and blue eyes, cannot produce a Black child with dark eyes and dark hair.  I say race is insignificant because apparently there is a human race that was fathered by central Africans and the rest of us either mutated as a result of a changing environment or cross-breeding with other species, possibly Neanderthals or something not yet discovered.  

What is even more interesting is my deductions regarding rhythm.   And, this is only my opinion.  I believe that rhythm is connected somehow to melanin.   Does this mean that those with slight melanin have no rhythm?   Of course not.  What I think it means, and this is not scientific, yet, is those with significant amounts of melanin are extremely rhythmic while those with slight melanin usually struggle with rhythm.  It is no wonder all rhythmic dances originated in Africa and many of the great Black musicians made great recordings without reading music, while others have made great achievements in science.

When you are lacking in rhythm you have to rely upon counting to dance, to play instruments, and to be effective in many activities based in what we call athleticism.  Does this mean that people with rhythm cannot count?  Of course not.  Rhythm is like auto pilot.  It allows one to see an activity and closely mimic it without purposefully counting the movements.  While you are in a rhythmic state, your mind is free to do additional things while your subconscious mind is participating in the rhythmic activities.   It means you can make a move to the basket while deriving an algebraic formula.  It means the logical and artistic sides of the brain work together, or to put it simply, you can walk and chew gum at the same time.  In my opinion, this explains why many Blacks do not excel in Western education systems.  If you admittedly cannot use both sides of your brain at the same time how can you be expected to teach children who can?   This explains why so many Black scientists and inventors have made unique discoveries while they were alone and without much funding.


How does any of this relate to the initial topic?  Caucasians, Cro-Magnon men, and Neanderthals were named because of the regions where their remains were discovered.  The Cro-Magnon men and the Neanderthals were discovered in Western Europe and can be scientifically linked to Western Europeans.  Aside from a German scientists opinions, like my opinions on melanin and rhythm above, Caucasians are not necessarily linked to Western Europeans.  It is just theory, and a flawed one at that.



Also ironic is many of the people who live in the Caucasus region do not consider themselves white people per se.  Some are Russian, who are a mixed people.  Some Russians look like other Europeans, while many resemble Mongolians, like Genghis Khan.


Some in the Caucasus region are Persians and / or Middle Easterners who are also a mixed people.  Many of the people there do not consider Western Europeans to be Caucasians and they never ascribed to or bought into the superior White versus inferior Black philosophy.   That “so-called” White supremacist or racist theory was invented by Western Europeans in much more recent history to justify slavery in the “New World.”   



It is the fabricated brain size and the facial features theory that qualify Europeans as Caucasians, at least in their minds.   As we have seen there are many white people who are not as intelligent as other groups, regardless of brain size.  Anyone who has to cripple another’s learning skills by physically intimidating that person or preventing that person from acquiring knowledge by legislation clearly does not have superior intellect.   He just feels intimidated. 


What is even more ridiculous is someone asked: “[A]re Persians Caucasian?”   A better question would be: [A]re Europeans Caucasians?   


Are the people we consider Caucasian today in any way similar to the remains found in the Caucasoid Mountains?   It should not matter except to the extent one is seeking a cure for diseases, and if that is the case attempting to use that flawed science would render one’s results invalid.  The answer depends on the political goals one hopes to achieve.



Neanderthals occupied what is now Europe long before 7000 BC.   The name Neanderthal (or Neandertal) derives from the Neander Valley near Düsseldorf, Germany, where quarrymen unearthed portions of a human skeleton from a cave in 1856. Scientists have known for some time that Europeans share ancestry with the Cro-Magnon man and they recently discovered that many humans, particularly those of European descent, share Neanderthal DNA.    




The real reason White Western European people consider themselves Causasian is so they can claim to originate in the area where they believe human civilization began.  It is somewhat ironic that some Europeans claimed that the Shilluk people most closely resembled the ancient Egyptians, but they claimed the Shilluk people, though dark skinned with Black African features and culture, are actually White.  They claim the Shilluk are White people because they want to be linked to those who they believe are most closely related to the ancient Egyptians, just as they want to be linked to the Caucasians.  In truth, the pale skinned Western Europeans, of  blue eyed, blonde haired ancestry have no more of a connection to Caucasions, the Shilluk, or the ancient Egyptians than any other human.  They most likely have a lesser connection.


Photograph of the Shilluk People



In a recent discussions over the race of the ancient Egyptians, the pro European contingency claimed that the original Egyptians were White.  When it was established that the mummies had melanin, a characteristic usually found in Black people, then the pro Europeans maintained the mummies were not Black, at least not Black Africans, but they were Dark Caucasians.    



I chuckled at the concept of Dark Caucasians because I know now that Western European White people are not even Caucasian, just like those famous depictions of Cesare Borgia are not really Jesus of Nazareth.  So where were they going with this? 

I then laughed at the concept of a pure race, especially in light of Darwin’s theory, what I now know about DNA, and the original man.    

I also laughed at the concept of a pure race because I have seen human nature.  Those White men, particularly the United States founding fathers, had sex with their slaves, probably the men too, while at the same time declaring it unlawful and unholy.  Humans will sex up anything.  I have heard about women having sex with dogs, men having sex with sheep, and certainly I know all the so-called races have crossbred.  

What idiot suggested that a man would not have sex with another woman of any culture or race?  What idiot would state with a straight face that a woman would not have sex with a man of a different culture?   The only thing that would prevent that would be the lack of opportunity, and people have always traveled. 


Genghis Khan had an extremely vast empire that encompassed much of Asian, Europe, and Africa.   We know for a fact that his subjects crossbred. 


Given everyone has a Black ancestor, and given there have been many incursions by Blacks into White dominated areas and vice verse,  I conclude there are Dark Caucasians; however, they are not pure, and they are not what some generally accept as White.   Whatever they are, they are clearly Black or mixed with Black African.  So I conclude that the ancient Egyptians, from the Pharaohs down to the brick layer, were Black Africans.  Not only do most of the Pharaohs have Black people’s features, they have dark or Black skin.  While they look very similar to many Black people I have seen over the years, I have never seen a White person look anything like these art specimens.   

Research the images and the evidence and compare for yourself.







220px-Pharaoh.svgmedium_Pharaohs FathersTomb_of_Nakht_




tuts family 2



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