AT THE RING OF THE BELL, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

Pavlov Dog 3

Pavlov had a dog. One day as he looked at his dog a question came to his mind: What is it that causes my dog to behave toward me the way that it does? After thinking on it for a while he decided to conduct an experiment to find out.

He took his dog into his laboratory. He waited until the dog became extremely hungry. He then showed the dog a large steak. Afterward, he rang a bell. Right after he rang the bell he fed the dog the large steak.

He did that time after time. First he would ring the bell then he would feed his dog a large steak.

Finally, after he had fed countless steaks to his dog he decided that it was time to implement phase two of his experiment.

He took the dog and attached sensors to the inside of its mouth. Then he waited until his dog was very hungry. When that time arrived he rang the bell. But this time there was no steak. He wanted to see what would happen to the dog.

He looked at his measuring devise and discovered that his dog had salivated at the sound of the bell even though he had not seen the steak before the ring of the bell. He called the dog’s reaction: conditioned reflex. 

He had gotten the ringing bell sound into the subconscious mind of the dog in association with the pleasurable taste of a steak.

What that means is that the dog’s central nervous system had been trained to salivate in expectation of the pleasurable taste of a steak at the sound of a bell.

What he also understood was that the brain is the center of the nervous center. He understood that he had gotten into the dog’s subconscious mind and manipulated anxiety attraction for the pleasurable taste of a steak.

He understood after repeated trials of his experiment that the human subconscious mind was much like the dog’s subconscious mind. The human subconscious, too, could be accessed and controlled by triggers in the environment like the ringing bell in his experiment. He knew that much of human social behavior could be directed by powerful people in government and media who had the technology to access the subconscious minds of masses of people by the ringing of a bell.

Words, pictures, sounds like music, odors, and even textures could be used to excite expectations of pleasure or pain in order to guide human feelings and behavior onto a desired path.  But that kind of control would not be limited to just one individual at a time.

Millions, even billions of people can be trained to march in step in response to mechanisms put in place around them. Those mechanisms are put in place to trigger certain mental and biological responses from individuals in their expectation of pleasure or pain.

Today, there is virtually no African American media. Ninety percent of all media is now owned by six corporations. The media’s whole agenda is to persuade us to believe that they are credible and to buy goods and ideas in mass. The media manipulates us just as Pavlov manipulated his dog by the ringing of a bell.

What the scientists who work for media know is that by appealing to the unconscious fears and sexual anxieties of people scientists can arouse in people expectations of pleasure or pain. Scientists also know that if those triggers are repeated enough times over days and months they can get the association with pleasure or pain to stick in peoples subconscious minds.

For example, for five decades after World War 2, every December 7 the media reminded Americans of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. But now there is hardly a mention of it on December 7. The result is that people now have a more favorable stereotype of the nation of Japan. No longer do Americans associate December 7, 1941 with anxiety fear of pain from Japan. This is especially true for those in the age range 30 and younger.

When expectations of pleasure or pain stick in the subconscious mind each person will more or less behave automatically.  Just as your heart beats without your conscious effort, people will respond to their unconscious anxieties of fear and sexuality associated with words, sounds, odors, textures, and taste implanted in their subconscious minds by the mass media. 

For example, whenever you turn on the television or play video games on your Xbox the image and sound content is the ringing of the bell at the time that you are experiencing high levels of anxiety. That is exactly what reduces you to the level of a salivating dog.  

Don’t you know… success of that kind of conditioning is one of the reasons for the kinds of hip hop music videos being played in media? Have you ever noticed how when you hear it your body begins to move; you begin to sing along with it; you memorize the lyrics. It makes you anxious either in fear or sexuality. All of that is evidence that it has been implanted into your subconscious mind. Most of the time you see and feel in your subconscious mind instead of making logical decisions based upon facts in the world around you. You, in your subconscious mind, have been reduced to the level of a dog. You can call it dehumanization if you want to but you are more like Pavlov’s dog.

Politicians ring the bell, too. Their speeches ring bells to excite in you fear anxieties for the expectation of pain or attraction anxieties for the expectation of pleasure. So, they promise and promise what they will give you if you vote for them. By making promises to you they make you feel pleasurable or good but as soon as they get into office they do what they want to do for their Wall Street or corporate donors. And now, race and gender are the new ringing bells.

President Obama rang the race bell and incited pleasurable feelings in millions of African Americans. It worked because African Americans saw him in their subconscious minds as a ‘black man’ when in fact he is not a ‘black man’ in reality. African Americans voted for what they saw in their subconscious minds and of course President Obama would just ring the bell to give them the expectation of pleasure. But in the end African Americans have nothing but disappointment.

Hillary Clinton is the gender bell. She will play the same tactic on women that Obama played on African Americans. Women will see her through their subconscious mind in association with all the anger and resentment they have toward men. She will present herself as their savior pagan goddess. She will pleasure them with promises and stoke anxieties of fear about what will happen politically and economically if she does not win the presidency.

Never mind the facts that the same Wall Street and Corporate interests will fund her as did Obama and the Republicans. Women in general will be dehumanized by her campaign because she will not tell them the truth about herself and her real loyalties. Hillary Clinton’s loyalty is to the global plutocracy. It is now and it always has been just like her husband Bill Clinton.

But how will she get into the subconscious fears and hopes of African Americans? There is a simple answer to that. She will ring her bell and the Al Sharpton national action network, Jessie Jackson, Eric Dyson, Black Churches, the Urban League, the NAACP, and the Black Caucus, along with a host of other black influence peddlers will begin to salivate like the dog in Pavlov’s experiment. They will make their rounds mainly on the network news and talk shows to advance her promises to you in hopes that you confuse the color of their skin with the reality of their true motives. Their motives are economic self-interest and anxiety attraction for the love of their masters who ring the bell.

This kind of manipulation has gone on for centuries. But today it is much more sophisticated because of modern technology.

Most African Americans get caught up in the whirl of propaganda. Like Pavlov’s dog they are conditioned to respond to the bell even when there is no benefit for them. The proof of that premise is evidenced by the spending pattern of African Americans. Most of what they buy in stores has no utilitarian value at all. For example, in 2009 African Americans spent 3 billion dollars on alcohol and 3.30 billion dollars on tobacco products.

Remember the subconscious mind does not view reality as it is; the subconscious mind views what has been artificially implanted in it. Amoral scientists and politicians will always dominate people who cannot understand that premise.  They will always abuse people who cannot defend themselves.

So, even though legal remedies to our problems are important. Just look were that has gotten us since Brown v. Board of Education, 1954 or the 1965 Civil Rights Act; collectively we are worse off.

What is even more important than legislation is that we first stop responding to the ringing of the bell. We must keep our enemies’ artificial montage of destructive stereotypes out of our subconscious minds. We must not allow ourselves to be trained like dogs to respond to the ringing of a bell.







“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” (First Amendment, United States Constitution).


Read carefully the two clauses: “Congress shall make no law 1)… abridging the freedom of speech and 2) or the press…” What those two clauses mean is that Congress cannot deny any citizen their right to speak or publish to the general public including the world public. But the right to speak and publish is double edged. Under the Constitution you may be legally deceived.


Freedom of speech in the United States does not limit a person, government, for-profit or non-profit corporation from lying to you.  Everyone in the United States has a LEGAL right to tell the truth or to lie to you. Once you understand this fact you will understand why there is so much controversy in media, economics, religion, and politics. Therefore, no person except under oath in a court of law can be prosecuted for perjury. There are only a few exceptions under the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Other government agencies are vague in their policies about lying to the public.


For example, in New World Communications of Tampa, Florida v. Akre, 866 So.2d 1231 (Dist. Ct. App. Fla. 2003) the court’s interpretation of FCC Section 448.102 concluded that “News broadcasters have no obligation to tell the truth.” this is so, they reasoned, because the FCC news distortion policy is not qualified as a law or statute.


Given these legal facts one should not be surprised that politicians make outrageous lies when campaigning. They know that their speech is legally protected speech as long as they do not tell such lies in a court of law under oath.  They even know that they can lie in court as long as they are not under oath.  But politicians are not the only ones who lie unabashedly to the public.


Media personalities also know that lying is protected speech. So, they purposely generate controversy on important issues to debunk truth or to simply deceive the public.


Religious spokes persons know that they too have a legal right to lie under the Constitution. Their lying far exceeds the lies politicians make because they preach more often to the public.  Anyone in the Unites States can claim that they are ‘God’ or God’s Messenger or that they are filled with the ‘holy spirit’.  They have a legal right to express that under the constitution. It does not matter that they are lying. No one or government can prohibit them from making such claims. Unlike politicians, such religious persons can even make such claims in a court of law under oath and not be prosecuted. So, what should truth seekers do under these circumstances? There is an easy solution to the problem of both lying politicians and religious frauds.


Every politician running for a national Federal office from president on down to the Congress should be made to submit to a lie detector test administered by neutral expert citizens from whom they seek votes not from his or her official party affiliates.


So egregious has the level of political and religious deceit become that every religious spokes person who makes a claim to divinity or the holy spirit or some other non-human mandate to speak to the people should be forced to submit to a lie detector test. Lie detector testing is standard practice in the FBI, CIA, DEA, the military, and in other high security venues of government.  Our personal security as citizens is just as important.


If in either case the party refuses to submit to a lie detector test they should be summarily dismissed as a liar and thus should get no support from the people or particular religious institution.


Lie detector tests are not admissible in a court of law as evidence to prosecute or support a claim for the plaintiff but they can facilitate the public with weeding out those who would deceive us.  You will be shocked at the numbers of political and religious liars who refuse to take the test or who fail it.


Judas Goats: Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool? Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full. One Fo Da Master, One Fo His Dame, …

Judas Goat

A Judas goat is a goat trained to gain the trust of an unsuspecting herd of sheep and then to lead them in a given direction for slaughter. The Judas Goat’s life is spared so it can mislead again and again.  In order for the Judas Goat to accomplish its goal it must sell snake oil.

Snake oil is the phrase used to identify fake cures sold to the public by those who hustle poor, desperate, fearful, and/or ignorant people. Snake oil can be something material or it can be emotional in nature.


Snake oil is still being sold to you. The interesting fact is that if you watch and listen closely you can see a person telling you in the same media image frame that it works and at the same time telling you that he or she is lying.  You see, it’s because it’s not listed as an FDA approved drug but rather as some natural concoction like ‘water’. As long as you don’t say ‘it cures’ you can skirt around federal law and sell junk to the public as a ‘natural’ treatment for some disease.  People are duped because they are feeling insecure or fearful due to personal problems.

For example, Al Sharpton advertises a product for men who’s testosterone levels have decreased with aging and for which he gets paid MONEY to advertise.  But if you check it out, the product is not FDA approved.  Nor does Al Sharpton ever say that he has taken it. He has never said that his testosterone level has increased because of it. Does this picture of him look to you like his testosterone level is as high as a 20 year old man? Now, he might be on a prescription steroid because he has no muscle mass.

 al sharpton

If he ever did say that it measurably caused his testosterone level to increase he would never have a before treatment and after treatment measure of his testosterone levels to prove it to you. That’s because he is not doing science; he’s selling snake oil.  If he did that he’d be prosecuted by the federal government for misrepresentation and go to jail or be fined.   So, I can’t say he is lying, but I can say that he is using the trust that many have in him that he would not mislead them in order to sell to them snake oil for which he gets paid.


The early 20th century reveals to us some very important social, economic, and political patterns in very simple form. The early 20th century is an excellent classroom for that reason.  If we identify and define those patterns they allow us to understand our present day subjugation.  Understand, the conqueror is always steps ahead of you because that is part of what it means to have power over another group of people.

africa conquered

But before we identify some other Judas Goats we should first admit that: we African Americans are a conquered people.  That’s a historical fact.  Being conquered is a necessary reason for being enslaved; but slavery is not the only possible outcome of having been conquered.  So, to understand slavery you must first understand the nature of what it means to be a conquered people.

A conquered people are characterized by having no self-determination whatsoever. The conquered are subject to the physical, emotional, and psychological imprint of the conqueror. In short, the conqueror can do to the conquered whatsoever they will because the conquered have not equal or greater power to stop the conqueror.  If the conqueror wants to expend much physical energy to control us then the conqueror can repress us physically.  Over time the relationship between the conqueror and the conquered becomes sadomasochistic.

For example, if the conqueror wants to limit the population of the conquered people they simply put the men in prison, kill them, put toxins in their food and water, or keep them poor so they cannot or so they probably will not reproduce too many offspring. Then, the conqueror offers the women abortion by making the women think the men don’t want nor won’t financially support their offspring all the while the conqueror prevents the men from getting employment.

Abortion has been framed for the public as an exercise of women’s right to choose. In the woman’s mind that makes her think that she, first, will avoid what she cannot economically afford and, two, that choosing abortion is what makes her more powerful than her male counterpart who cannot legally intervene to stop her. In fact, both the conquered male and female are never defined by their humanity but rather as inferior humans.

The same holds true for psychological repression and suppression. And that is what takes us to the next level of our inquiry.   I’m going to list some pictures and tell you a few things about the persons. First, however, one historical fact: on May 3, 1917, the United States Army started a spy program which was to operate within the United States.  Now here is a picture of Emmett Scott with Booker T. Washington.


Emmett Scott is important for our identification of a pattern. He subscribed to the political tactic of Booker T. Washington (a Boule’ member, too) which was accommodation on the part of African Americans through industrial training, business enterprise, and subordination to Whites.  The training is not the problem; the doctrine of subordination is a problem. But Scott also worked for President Woodrow Wilson in 1917.


Woodrow Wilson was an avowed racist.  So, why did he hire Emmett Scott to his highest ‘Black’ post as ‘Advisor of Black Affairs’ to the Secretary of War, Newton Baker, at the very time Wilson was segregating all federal agencies and promoting Jim Crow laws in the States?  It is because Emmett Scott worked for the Army spy program. His job was to gather information on the actions of African Americans via a network of African American informants in churches and organizations.  Oh, one other fact, Emmett Scott was the head of the Boule’ fraternity (Sigma, Pi, Phi) also known as The Talented 10th at the same time.   The Boule members are genetic racists. They believe that a large number of African Americans are genetically unfit and should be sterilized.


Those patterns of the 20th century are discernible in the 21st century.

Parallel Strategy: the plutocrats choose who you will listen to by paying those persons money and by making them ‘media famous’. Religion is a case in point.

Freedom of Religious worship in the United States has become a license to exploit the poor. If you draw a time line and plot the origin and run of many urban religious cults, fraternities, and elite organizations you will see something very interesting.  For example:

A. Each ran parallel to Marcus Garvey’s movement which started May 1917.  Remember, Boule member Emmett Scott started spying for Woodrow Wilson in 1917.

  1. Each ran parallel to Paul Robeson’s socialist philosophy and activism for the working man and women, beginning in 1933.
  2. There were hundreds of minor and major African American religious cults that sprang up with literal idiots claiming to be God. Father Divine, Daddy Grace, King Narcisse, and Elijah Muhammad who claimed that Fard Muhammad was God but whose son Warith Deen Muhammad said that his mother said that Fard Muhammad never said that he was God.

Father Divine

Father Divine

 Daddy Grace

Daddy Grace


King Narsissy

Fard Muhammad

Fard Muhammad

elijah muhammad

Elijah Muhammad

  1.  Each cult left millions of dollars in tithes to Caucasian women or their offspring. For example: Father Divine, Daddy Grace, King Narsissy, Elijah Muhammad.
  2. Most of them promoted the Roman Emperor Constantine’s Christian doctrine and ritual on an illiterate African American population.
  3. Each took pieces of Garvey’s and Robeson’s ideas to fain social concerns.
  4. Each died comfortably in mansions.
  5. One fraternity recruited educated African Americans via Jewish assistance namely the Boule’ and or talented 10th.
  6. All were spied upon by the U.S. Army spy program: started in 5-3-1917.  W.E.B. Dubois, Robert Church (1st African American millionaire), Emmett Scott all worked for the army spy program.
  7. W.E.B. Dubois did not form nor fund the N.A.A.C.P., Jews and White Anglo Saxon Protestants did.
  8. African Americans did not form nor fund the National Urban League: Jews and White Anglo Saxon Protestants did.
  9. Each maliciously denigrated Marcus Garvey.
  10. All of the Boule endorsed and were paid to work for Eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s ‘Negro Project’ to sterilize African Women.
  11.  Tuskegee University: Booker T. Washington: Accommodation Plan (Booker T. Washington) v. integration (NAACP, et al)
  12. All African American mega churches and secular organizations were and ARE infiltrated by ‘African American’ paid informants.
  13. Roy Wilkins was a F.B.I. agent who spied on Dr. Martin Luther King for J. Edgar Hoover.

There is so much more you need to think on, but the point is that most of what we have identified are and were used as diversions to draw your attention away from ideas which the plutocrats know can cause major change in the community at large and in the African American community in particular. You were and are being lead by Judas Goats selling Snake Oil.


Welcome to Earth Colony: THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

king at washington 2

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the 1963 march on Washington.  I remember that day 50 years ago.  I was a young boy and along with my mother I watched Dr. King deliver his “I have a dream’ speech on our small black and white television set.  I remember how he bowed-up at the dais on the Lincoln Memorial steps saying nonverbally that the civil war will end in justice for all.

We were poor as were most of our neighbors but we did have a sense of neighborhood and community. We had a sense of closeness.  Dr. King and others made us believe that there was hope for a better future in America.

Now, 50 years later we have an African American President of the United States, congressmen and women, thousands of college educated African Americans, athletes, entertainers, and hundreds of thousands of African Americans in the middle class.  We can shop in the malls, eat in any restaurant, and use any rest room which we want to.  All of that is very different from the apartheid society in which I grew up 50 years ago.  It is a major achievement for which much was paid by many who did not live to see the sweeping changes wrought by their personal sacrifices.

I watched some of the commemoration activities on television this week.  I think that it was good to commemorate the 1963 March on Washington.  After all, the Jews have their ‘Passover, the Muslims have their ‘Hajj’, the Hindus have their annual trek to the ‘River Ganges’, Christians go to Bethlehem, so we have our March on Washington and the Prophet with a Dream for all.

The commemoration speaker’s list was star studded. They were successful individuals.  I noticed that all of the speakers had nice clothing on and were well heeled.  I also noticed that there were many political figures there.  There were ex- Presidents, the current President, and the U.S. Attorney General.  I got the feeling it was ‘approved’. In 1963, President Kennedy did not attend nor did anyone from his administration.  The 1963 March on Washington was not ‘official’.  It was grass root.  I know, times have changed.

But I also know that all of the major socio-economic indicators which measure quality of life and life chances say that African Americans as a group are not better off today than they were in 1963.  Thus I am faced with a deep irony.  I must admit that there are great opportunities, that more doors are open, that individuals get free K-12 education and that one can aspire for and achieve higher education.

Yet, African Americans as a group are at the bottom when it comes to median income, health care access, high school graduation, and amount of wealth possessed while at the same time they are at the top of incarceration, unemployment, homicide, and  foster-child care rates.  Should I simply shrug this condition off as being the unavoidable absolute “The poor will always be with you”? Or ‘The best of times…the worst of times’ in perpetual relation?   Or should I think differently?

What should our moral standard of achievement be? How do we identify the moral standard of achievement for a civil rights movement which had its origin in the plight of a whole people and which was paid for in the only tender they had? That tender was the blood of slaves and their descendants. Blood bled out as a whole people on many country roads, on city streets, in ally-ways and over many decades, indeed over many centuries.

Our moral standard of achievement cannot be individualism as argued by John Dewey nor anyone else. It cannot be individualism because if we assume that line of reasoning then we would be forced to concede that since there were free and successful African Americans during slavery, some even owning slaves, the state of slavery that most Africans were subject to didn’t count in the moral scheme of things.   If individual success be our standard then logically it forces us to turn our back on the majority of our people so that we can have a clear view of the well heeled individuals among us.

Individualism is more myth than real because “No man is an island”; nature has prescribed that we each begin life as a group in relation to a women in a family.  Death is the only real individual experience one will ever have.  Death is absolute individuation. Therefore, individualism cannot be our moral standard of achievement and of success for our people.

The philosopher Jeremy Bentham once said: “The greatest good for the greatest number.”  If that be our moral standard of achievement then all our actions and our policies should aim to apportion the greatest number of benefits for the greatest number of African Americans.  Until then the struggle must continue to uplift all.




YOU BETTER WAKE UP, QUICKLY, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

T.V. pic

You should read the book: ‘Propaganda’.  It was written by Edward Bernays and published in 1928.  Edward Bernays was the nephew of the German Physician, Sigmund Freud.  He was the founder of modern ‘Public Relations’ which is ‘newspeak’ for the word Propaganda.[i]

The thesis of his book turns on several fundamental biological and psychological premises first written on by his uncle Sigmund Freud.

First, the masses are incapable of thinking logically and clearly.  They are driven by instinct and prejudice.  Most people never read a book from cover to cover after high school.  If they drop out of high school then they probably never read a book of any kind.[ii]

Second, we are politically dominated by a plutocratic elite; that most people have minds, tastes, and ideas suggested to them by powerful men who remain hidden from public view and can even be unknown to each other.

Third, economic power is correlated with political power.

Fourth, propaganda is the “…executive arm of the invisible government.”[iii]

Fifth, by means of the media, information is ‘rubber stamped’ (the stimulus) such that there are uniform imprinted pictures and audio sounds onto the minds of millions of people at the same time under all circumstances and is evidenced by herd regimental behavior (the herd response).

Sixth, propaganda is a large scale organized effort to indoctrinate millions at a time into a set of officially approved range of beliefs and behaviors.

Seventh, people are more likely to respond quickly to their instinctual impulses, i.e., sexual erotic impulses and/or fear or anxiety (simply put, to pleasure and/or pain) not to a rational presentation of facts.  All markets are set up so as to prong those two basic impulses along a desired pathway.  The net result is power in the hands of the plutocrats over the majority of the masses of people.[iv]


Six corporations own 90% of the media outlets in the United States and 70% of your cable television media. General Electric, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS are the big six.  They have amassed unimaginable power and wealth.  They have been given a license for power by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission).


African Americans watch on average 7 hours and 12 minutes of television per day.[v]  That is over 50 hours per week or almost 1/3 of the hours in a week of 168 hours!!  That’s as much as we sleep in a week! It is over 2,400 hours per year.  That is more television time than any other ethnic group in the United States and in the world. African American brains are totally accessed by propaganda. Their sentiment is fashioned by media.  Correlated to that is the fact that we have the lowest education scores in the nation! Has the ‘idiot box’ made us into idiots?  Most African Americans will never understand what you are now reading because they can’t follow the critical logical argument or as a defense reaction out of fear that they would have to face the hard task of changing and putting at risk their illusory comfort.

A corporation is owned by its shareholders.  So, hundreds of thousands of owners derive profit or income from their corporate enterprises. Since African Americans watch the most television, and ratings are based on the number of viewers which in turn attracts advertisers to spend money for air time, it is African Americans who generate a disproportionate amount of profit for media corporations cable television companies!

There are about 232 corporate executives who run the day to day operations of all corporations along with all of the journalists, camera persons, writers, etc.  Each of them brings to the collective a mindset which was and is derived from the same public mindset conditioned by media over generations of time. They make the day to day decisions about how to present information to the public or whether or not to omit information from public view.  This is important to know.  It is important because it is that cadre of executives and workers who are wedded to government agencies to promote propaganda to us, the public.


Below is a CIA memorandum.  Read it carefully.  It is evidence that media corporations are infiltrated by government agents with the sole purpose to control what and when people think about and respond to preselected economic, political, and racial events.  Your mind is under their control.  We are not free to choose because our choices are being predetermined for us by the use of raising the anxiety throttle or by provoking sexual impulses.

The CIA memo below is evidence that the media is controlled from top to bottom by CIA operatives.  Today, all major news and talk show hosts are vetted by the CIA, et al, to work for them.  They sell out for money, prestige, and status.



If you listen and watch closely you’ll notice how some events are raised to provoke public sentiment while other stories are ignored or debunked.  For example, listen to Al Sharpton’s radio show.  He frames issues within a very narrow range of subjects.  Besides religious issues which are targeted to a southern Baptist base, most of the issues are framed to highlight ‘racial polarization’ because that’s always how he has gathered attention to promote himself as ‘America’s civil rights leader’. He feeds on racial polarization. Its’ not that racism doesn’t exit, it does exist, but between 1976 and 2011 there have been 279,384 African American homicides. The fact is that 94 percent of those homicides have involved an African American murdering another African American.[vi]  Al Sharpton can’t get traction on that fact because it does not involve racial polarization, so he ignores it or minimizes his comments on it.

He also works for MSNBC and the Democratic National Party (corporation). He is President Obama’s safe ‘house negro’. His job is to corral African American voters for democratic candidates through his organization ‘The National Action Network’.  He is a vote hustler with the gift of the gab.  He cannot speak truth to power.  But this is not new. Jessie Jackson through ‘People United to Save Humanity’ or P.U.S.H. with Clinton in the 1990s and Vernon Jordan, the National Urban League, for Jimmy Carter in the 1970s played that same role for many years. That political strategy was devised by the plutocrats to preempt the likelihood of any more Martin Luther King like grass root leaders from gaining an independent political power base.  It has worked. Why?  To play on a line from the movie ‘Network’ (1975): “…Because they’re on T.V. stupid.” The National Action Network is totally infiltrated by government agents. Some of the very ministers working with him are undercover agents. His annual convention was paid for by corporate interests. Note that he does not call for national boycotts anymore!









[i] 1984, by John Orwell

[ii] Some individuals may think logically and clearly but here it is the ‘masses’ or the totality of all people in a given thought and act moment which is being analyzed. Edward Bernays concluded that the average of all thinking by all people at any given time in the United States is illogical, so hustlers should appeal to their appetites for pleasure and their fears.

[iii] Propaganda, Edward Bernays, Published H. Liveright, New York, 1928

[iv] You should also read: Physical Control of The Mind: Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society, by Jose M.R. Delgado, M.D.,1969

[v] Nielson, April 2011

[vi] The Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2013