Millenials 2

There is both a national and international plan underfoot. It is being carried out by the power elite. Their goal is to take away judicial jurisdiction out of the hands of the millennial generation as well as all future generations of U.S. citizens.The power elite are carrying out their plan in order to preserve wealth and power on a transnational level in their hands and the hands of their descendants.

Their immediate purpose is to subordinate Federal and State judicial jurisdiction defined by the United States Constitution under Article 3 as well as the 10th amendment.   That would put our highest courts under a new special global corporate legal jurisdiction called the ‘Investors State Dispute Settlements Court’. The consequence is that corporations through the court would then be enabled to sue nations for their projected corporate losses of ‘expected future monetary profits’. 

That new legal system called the ‘Investors State Dispute Settlement’ court is designed to dominate both Federal and State courts in matters relating to foreign corporate interests in the United States and throughout the pacific rim. That system would make U.S. citizens pay billions of dollars in fines if they pass laws to protect U.S. interests which conflict with and interfere with foreign corporate profits.

The plan is called the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. If it is signed into law by the next President of the United States, it will signal the first step to an end of United States Sovereign power and the beginning of direct multinational corporate control over the U.S. military, forever. 

It is an agreement made by the 1% to 10% of power elites defined by Forbes 400 Magazine in 2015, the 40 pacific rim nation prospective signatories, multinational corporations, Wall Street, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and International Bank of Settlements. They all want the aggreement to be signed by President Barak Obama. He wants to sign it, too. He works for them.

Those parties and institutions want our Congress and the President to make the TPP agreement binding with no sunset clause in it. They want that because such a law will take away not only judicial jurisdiction over companies and nations doing business in the the United States but also to take away their right to bear arms which the power elite perceive to be a great threat to their growing power in the United States.

They want to limit legal jurisdiction of Federal and State courts, and they want total control over the U.S. military and the industries which support it.  In short, they want absolute power because the national political winds are no longer blowing in their favor. They can feel it pressing against their faces. 

They see before their eyes a political turn that is occurring and have marked it as a hinge period in U.S. political history. A period which has the potential to irreversibly change the course of world history against their interests.

They know that there will be no going back to the days when they could work in the shadows. They know that they must act now and they plan to do so under a Presidency of either Obama, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. For they see demographic, economic, and state and federal voting patterns are now threatening their power. 

Millennials pass Baby Boomers

The Millennials are making their political and economic frustrations and anger known to the world. The millennials are defined as those born between 1981 to those reaching the age of 18 years of age in 2016. In 2015, the millennial generation population is over 70 million; it has surpassed the baby boom population which numbered over 60 million persons born between 1945 and 1964.[1] Their postmodern political preferences are now being felt. Old political boundaries mean nothing to them; justice, the environment, and their future means everything to them.

During the recent democratic party nomination process, the effect of postmodern millennial culture was a political quake. More than 80% of all votes for democratic party socialist Bernie Sanders were cast by millennials. It was a clear statement of their collective sentiment for social change. For them, the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States is cause for them to have high anxiety and for good reasons.

Hillary Clinton is unalterably tied to and personally loyal to Wall Street financial interests. Millennials know that her husband Bill Clinton signed into law the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act of 1933 which set in motion the economic collapse of 2008. They know Bill Clinton signed into law the welfare reformation act. They know that Bill Clinton signed into law N.A.F.T.A. All at the behest of Wall Street and corporate interests. They know it has cost them uncounted thousands of jobs. They know that it was Bill and Hillary Clinton who signed into law outrageous prison sentences for petty non-violent drug offenders.  They know that Hillary Clinton is duplicitous by design.

Millennials know that the Clinton Foundation has clear international conflicts of interests ranging from deals with shady individuals, foreign corporations to nation states such as Saudi Arabia. All of that underscores to millennials that there will be no respite from their lives of debt. Even now, 31% of all Federal assets are student loans over 1.2 trillion dollars.[2] The Federal Government has become dependent on students remaining in financial debt for student loans for life.


Millennials know that they are being slowly enclosed within the walls of a new kind of color blind global slave plantation. A plantation system which approximates the Roman Empire more than any other since ancient Rome. They know what that means for them. The ‘Fasces’ will be carried by a new global legal system with a mercenary global military to back it up. Millennials know that if they do not act now they will not have the freedom to act in the near future.

Millions of millennials are and will continue to be under employed at low paying jobs in the service sector economy and forced to live at home with their parents well into their 30s with no change in sight. They have therefore beaten a new path.

Millennials have sought an anti-neo-liberal and Republican path because they have no confidence in the political status quo. That has led the power elite to political panic and mayhem on the streets of America. For the first time in over 100 years we are seeing a democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, supported by both a fractured and corrupt democratic party combined with corrupt republicans. Republicans who have abandoned the GOP because a national revolt by disenfranchised grass root ‘white’ Americans have gutted the Republican Party.  

New political sentiments driven by a new born national conscience are threatening to redistribute the wealth of the power elite and restructure its armed guard…the sheriffs’ and police departments. Thus, the TPP is an instrument for the elite to maintain their wealth and power.

The TPP has an ultimate aim. Their aim is to take away Federal and State judicial jurisdiction over corporations in the TPP from all future generations of the U.S regardless of race and gender. They aim to do that because they know that if they don’t take away Federal and State judicial jurisdition over the TPP then any law passed in their favor under either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be repealed after one or the other leaves office. They know they have lost control over the two party system; thus they will be less able to manipulate nominees to power. The power elite know that a whole new political order is on the horizon. They are running frenzied at the mere thought of it.

Non white outnumber whites

The power elite face yet another problem looming on the horizon. It was reported by the Pew Research Center in June of 2016 that: “The bureau’s (Census Bureau) estimates for July 1, 2015, released today, say that just over half – 50.2% – of U.S. babies younger than 1-year-old were racial or ethnic minorities. In sheer numbers, there were 1,995,102 minority babies compared with 1,982,936 non-Hispanic white infants, according to the census estimates.”[3] Assuming conditions remain more or less the same, a higher birth rate of racial minority infants will continue resulting in a majority non-white U.S. population.

The days when the fallacious racial strategy of ‘appeal to the silent majority’ to garner votes are over. So now the power elite have a big problem because most of the wealth in the United States and the world is concentrated in the hands of a small group of about 10% of the white population. They can no longer rely on old majority numbers.

So what of the United State military? What role will it play? There has already been a corporate coup d’etat of the U.S. military. For example, it was reported by ‘Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics’ in Washington D.C. and ‘the Brave New Foundation’ that “…70% of retired three and four star generals took jobs with defense contractors or consultants.”[4]

That fact demonstrates that the U.S. military has been for over 100 years infiltrated by Wall Street and corporate money. Money and the manufacturers of war materials actually control the military just as police and sheriffs’ departments across the nation control city politicians when it is in their interests to do so.

The cooptation of the United States military by TPP courts will give TPP the global muscle to enforce its corporate legal jurisdiction as the military has done for domestic corporations since its inception.[5]

Finally, for the power elite, U.S. citizens must be disarmed. If Hillary Clinton is elected she will appoint a Supreme Court Justice or justices who will swing court voting in that direction. It will give the court a majority vote in some obscure case which makes its way up the court system. The Second Amendment will be so watered down that over time only shot guns will be lawful in one’s home.

The de facto repeal of the second amendment to the United States Constitution is viewed by the power elite as necessary. They see it as necessary because the power elite fear an armed citizenry and know it cannot be subordinated to tyranny whether that tyranny is foreign or domestic. If and when the above plans come to fruition it will be the end of the United States of America as a sovereign nation.

The Millennials and every generation which follows after them will lose their constitutional power to reverse decisions made by the Investors State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) court if they are not proactive in changing the political status quo.  




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He is just a man

Is Barrack Hussein Obama the Anti-Christ? Can White racism, American Zionism and Politicized Judeao-Christian denominations find yet another moral low to sink to?

I am no Obama supporter. Rather, I strongly lean toward Constitutional Libertarianism and ideologically I am an inclusive separatist or secessionist. 

I also personally lean towards the negation of nonsensical manmade law(s) that do more harm than good. Instead, I am for the re-establishment of God’s laws as the social standard for all secular laws.

However, purely for the purpose of venting, this must be stated because it is undeniably true. Barrack Hussein Obama has drawn disproportionately racially motivated types of negativity and criticism purely because he is “THE” visible Black face in the Whitehouse.

Can anyone reading this recall any other U.S. President being equated with the Anti-Christ and taken out of the presidential context more often than Barrack Hussein Obama?  I’ll wait.  I am willing to bet that if he was behaving like his Democratic predecessor “Sweet Dick Billy” who seemingly has been given a pass for his continued behaviors along with that crooked wife (Hillary Clinton), the world would never hear the end of it and everybody knows it.

I do not recall criticism on “Biblical” proportions of any other President in my lifetime. In fact, did anyone equate President Harry Truman in 1944 to that of the “Anti-Christ” for his approval and first use of two atomic bombs on the mainland populace of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan? No, I don’t recall reading anything nearly that sinister or nefarious about President Truman.

For the greater white Zionist establishment, I guess seeing a black face in “THE” leadership position of “their” country could be equated with the end of the world as they know it or would imagined it to be. 

Other presidents have faced their share of scrutiny and that is unquestionable, but nothing like the scrutiny President Obama has been subject to. Other Presidents have authorized acts of violence worldwide with a deafening roar of approval or often times in complete silence while they themselves were oblivious to the sentiments of the populace at large.

In fact, in 1999 one of the largest bombing campaigns in US military history occurred during the Clinton Administration without U.N. Security Council approval and nobody seems to remember or give a damn about that! It was ironically called operation “Merciful Angel”. This name was later blamed on a “misunderstanding” or a “poor translation” at the hands of the Yugoslavian officials and I have yet to hear even ONE conspiracy aficionado say Boo!

Nearly 85,000 soldiers including 40,000 in and around Kosovo were killed.  In Albania, over 500 civilian deaths including the deaths of Chinese journalists in the Chinese embassy by the U.S. led NATO bombing campaigns during the Clinton Administration. I never once heard a name or an equating of “William Jefferson, Clinton” with that of the Anti-Christ when death was delivered wholesale on his watch under the title operation “Merciful Angel”.

Do you think I’m kidding?  Perhaps you should have lunch with some of my Bosnian and Serbian friends and let them tell you all about it. In fact according to eye witnesses, the “reported” civilian death tolls were much higher than what was actually reported. 

American double and triple standards along with its selective reprimanding of other leaders and governments is sickening both domestically and abroad.  And some proponents have the audacity, “the nerve” even to speak, to wrap themselves in Zionist flags and to speak in nationalist or religious overtones in the name of the Most High God who holds all might and majesty. At the end of the day, it is but a veiled attempt by them to shield their racial prejudices and bigotry. It is a slap in the face to everything Jesus preached and stood for and to all of the prophets that predated him.


YOU BETTER WAKE UP, QUICKLY, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

T.V. pic

You should read the book: ‘Propaganda’.  It was written by Edward Bernays and published in 1928.  Edward Bernays was the nephew of the German Physician, Sigmund Freud.  He was the founder of modern ‘Public Relations’ which is ‘newspeak’ for the word Propaganda.[i]

The thesis of his book turns on several fundamental biological and psychological premises first written on by his uncle Sigmund Freud.

First, the masses are incapable of thinking logically and clearly.  They are driven by instinct and prejudice.  Most people never read a book from cover to cover after high school.  If they drop out of high school then they probably never read a book of any kind.[ii]

Second, we are politically dominated by a plutocratic elite; that most people have minds, tastes, and ideas suggested to them by powerful men who remain hidden from public view and can even be unknown to each other.

Third, economic power is correlated with political power.

Fourth, propaganda is the “…executive arm of the invisible government.”[iii]

Fifth, by means of the media, information is ‘rubber stamped’ (the stimulus) such that there are uniform imprinted pictures and audio sounds onto the minds of millions of people at the same time under all circumstances and is evidenced by herd regimental behavior (the herd response).

Sixth, propaganda is a large scale organized effort to indoctrinate millions at a time into a set of officially approved range of beliefs and behaviors.

Seventh, people are more likely to respond quickly to their instinctual impulses, i.e., sexual erotic impulses and/or fear or anxiety (simply put, to pleasure and/or pain) not to a rational presentation of facts.  All markets are set up so as to prong those two basic impulses along a desired pathway.  The net result is power in the hands of the plutocrats over the majority of the masses of people.[iv]


Six corporations own 90% of the media outlets in the United States and 70% of your cable television media. General Electric, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS are the big six.  They have amassed unimaginable power and wealth.  They have been given a license for power by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission).


African Americans watch on average 7 hours and 12 minutes of television per day.[v]  That is over 50 hours per week or almost 1/3 of the hours in a week of 168 hours!!  That’s as much as we sleep in a week! It is over 2,400 hours per year.  That is more television time than any other ethnic group in the United States and in the world. African American brains are totally accessed by propaganda. Their sentiment is fashioned by media.  Correlated to that is the fact that we have the lowest education scores in the nation! Has the ‘idiot box’ made us into idiots?  Most African Americans will never understand what you are now reading because they can’t follow the critical logical argument or as a defense reaction out of fear that they would have to face the hard task of changing and putting at risk their illusory comfort.

A corporation is owned by its shareholders.  So, hundreds of thousands of owners derive profit or income from their corporate enterprises. Since African Americans watch the most television, and ratings are based on the number of viewers which in turn attracts advertisers to spend money for air time, it is African Americans who generate a disproportionate amount of profit for media corporations cable television companies!

There are about 232 corporate executives who run the day to day operations of all corporations along with all of the journalists, camera persons, writers, etc.  Each of them brings to the collective a mindset which was and is derived from the same public mindset conditioned by media over generations of time. They make the day to day decisions about how to present information to the public or whether or not to omit information from public view.  This is important to know.  It is important because it is that cadre of executives and workers who are wedded to government agencies to promote propaganda to us, the public.


Below is a CIA memorandum.  Read it carefully.  It is evidence that media corporations are infiltrated by government agents with the sole purpose to control what and when people think about and respond to preselected economic, political, and racial events.  Your mind is under their control.  We are not free to choose because our choices are being predetermined for us by the use of raising the anxiety throttle or by provoking sexual impulses.

The CIA memo below is evidence that the media is controlled from top to bottom by CIA operatives.  Today, all major news and talk show hosts are vetted by the CIA, et al, to work for them.  They sell out for money, prestige, and status.



If you listen and watch closely you’ll notice how some events are raised to provoke public sentiment while other stories are ignored or debunked.  For example, listen to Al Sharpton’s radio show.  He frames issues within a very narrow range of subjects.  Besides religious issues which are targeted to a southern Baptist base, most of the issues are framed to highlight ‘racial polarization’ because that’s always how he has gathered attention to promote himself as ‘America’s civil rights leader’. He feeds on racial polarization. Its’ not that racism doesn’t exit, it does exist, but between 1976 and 2011 there have been 279,384 African American homicides. The fact is that 94 percent of those homicides have involved an African American murdering another African American.[vi]  Al Sharpton can’t get traction on that fact because it does not involve racial polarization, so he ignores it or minimizes his comments on it.

He also works for MSNBC and the Democratic National Party (corporation). He is President Obama’s safe ‘house negro’. His job is to corral African American voters for democratic candidates through his organization ‘The National Action Network’.  He is a vote hustler with the gift of the gab.  He cannot speak truth to power.  But this is not new. Jessie Jackson through ‘People United to Save Humanity’ or P.U.S.H. with Clinton in the 1990s and Vernon Jordan, the National Urban League, for Jimmy Carter in the 1970s played that same role for many years. That political strategy was devised by the plutocrats to preempt the likelihood of any more Martin Luther King like grass root leaders from gaining an independent political power base.  It has worked. Why?  To play on a line from the movie ‘Network’ (1975): “…Because they’re on T.V. stupid.” The National Action Network is totally infiltrated by government agents. Some of the very ministers working with him are undercover agents. His annual convention was paid for by corporate interests. Note that he does not call for national boycotts anymore!









[i] 1984, by John Orwell

[ii] Some individuals may think logically and clearly but here it is the ‘masses’ or the totality of all people in a given thought and act moment which is being analyzed. Edward Bernays concluded that the average of all thinking by all people at any given time in the United States is illogical, so hustlers should appeal to their appetites for pleasure and their fears.

[iii] Propaganda, Edward Bernays, Published H. Liveright, New York, 1928

[iv] You should also read: Physical Control of The Mind: Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society, by Jose M.R. Delgado, M.D.,1969

[v] Nielson, April 2011

[vi] The Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2013



The mass of evidence is increasingly compelling informed Americans to conclude that President Barak Obama is but another presidential link in a long chain of Presidents who is under the absolute control of the military-industrial-complex pushing the United States into a state of fascism. This claim is not made lightly or as opinion. Incontrovertible facts support it.

First, President Obama campaigned in 2008 that the war in Iraq was illegal. He boasted that as a senator he did not vote to attack Iraq under the Bush administration because the claims made by Colin Powell in 2003 at the United Nations that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction were false and that the Bush administration knew it. He used that argument against Hillary Clinton who voted for the war.  But once President Obama became President he didn’t stop the war, he altered the nature of the war by using drones indiscriminately in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen to kill suspected terrorists and all those Muslims in close proximity including children.  He ordered the use of drones by the CIA in those countries with full knowledge that he was violating their national sovereignty under international law.

Second, President Obama ordered the killing of U.S. citizens in Yemen one of whom was a 16 year old child who was having breakfast with other children.  He gave that order knowing that it violated the Federal Juvenile Act and the 5th amendment right of those U.S. citizens to their right to due process under law.  His press secretary said that the child should have picked a better father.  Obama rationalized his order to assassinate on the basis of speech which under the constitution is a protected right.  He is also setting up the African Command to commit the same kinds of war crimes while at the same time approving monetary aid to countries with child soldiers in Africa. Is this a set up to kill more children?

Thirdly, you ordered yet another violation of international law by using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization out of its jurisdiction and contrary to the United Nations into an unprovoked attack on Libya. You set the stage and furthered the murder of the national leader of Libya, Qaddafi, just as Eisenhower ordered a CIA hit on President Patrice Lumumba of the Congo in 1961 and Bush on Saddam Hussain. Since then Congo has been pillaged by multinational corporations for the mineral coltan and other minerals while its people remain dirt poor. Libya is now a ghetto nation like Iraq and Syria. President Obama knew better because the British did it to his father’s family in Kenya. They kept the Kenyans in a perpetual state of ghetto.  But ghetto doesn’t resonate with President Obama here or abroad.

Fourthly, he has not fought congress to reinstitute Glass-Steagall which your mentor William Jefferson Clinton helped repeal for his and your corporate bosses; he has instead catered wholly to corporate powers which donated heavily to both of his presidential campaigns. For example, he signed into law the Monsanto Protection Act (see section 735) which gives ‘Monsanto Corporation’ immunity from federal courts pending the review of any GM crop that is thought to be dangerous. Even more, in his 2013 state of the union he endorsed a free trade agreement with the European Union which would grant corporations the power to challenge many regulations both at home and abroad.  These facts are indisputable.

When President Obama took office in 2008, he appointed Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner both of whom were and are Wall Street agents and crime partners with the major banks which stole trillions of dollars from the American people and which caused the 2008 economic meltdown. President Obama knew that.  He was told to keep them.

Yet, President Obama has not addressed the fact that major banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo aid in the ghetto payday loans to exploit the poor with up to 500% interest rates on the internet. Its alright to leach on the poor; that’s the nature of his administration.

Instead, President Obama will meet in Lima, Peru to endorse the ‘Trans-Pacific-Partnership Treaty’ which will give corporations everywhere the right to have a trade tribunal hear claims brought against them; it would override U.S. Federal law.  It is an act against poor nations and poor people in those nations. President Obama knows that.  He condones it for his corporate masters.

Fifthly, President Obama attended a Bilderberg meeting in 2008 before he was elected. He has not revealed to his constituents why he attended and what the nature of his meeting with its members, who happen to be the most powerful men in the world, was.  However, we do know that Chris Hughes, Editor of the New Republic and co-founder of Face-Book attended a Bilderberg meeting in 2011. We also know that he was the ‘coordinator for online organizing’ for the Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and donated millions of dollars to Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. See: ‘The Kid who made Obama President…, Fast Company Magazine’. We also know that Chris Hughes is gay and made over 500 million dollars in 2012. That’s why you argued that the Supreme Court should strike down the ‘Defense of Marriage, Act’ 2-23-2013. No President Obama, gays did not put you in office; African Americans put you in office.  For them you have done nothing.  And don’t throw out to us the ‘Obama-Care’ bone because the insurance industry will profit from ‘Obama-Care.’ That’s not enough pay back for a 93% African American voter support.

Sixthly, President Obama dog’s the poor. He has not advocated for public education and so he silently supports the privatization of K-12 education.  But there’s more, in 2008 he promised that he’d never cut Social Security to the elderly but now he says that it is on the table as a possibility under a ‘chained CPI’ proposal.  Further, he has done nothing to address the crisis of prison incarceration in the United States and again by silence condones the privatization of the criminal justice system for profit.

NSA whisteblower

Seventh, President Obama is now engaged in a frontal attack on the rights of all American citizens.  He signed into law on 2012 the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which allows the government to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens with no right of habeas corpus (Section 1021).

Now a courageous American has stepped forward. Edward Snowden who is an ex- CIA agent has leaked a totally fascist plan by President Obama, et al. The Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act has been found to allow the FBI and National Security Agency secret ‘back door’ access which they have been using for over a year at a 300,000,000 intercepted calls per day clip of all phone calls, emails, pictures, and videos  through and by cooperation with INTERNET PROVIDERS such as Verizon, AT&T, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft-Skype, AOL, et al of all U.S. citizens with complete disregard for the 4th amendment prohibition against warrantless searches of persons, houses, papers, and effects without a warrant which if given would require an affidavit which particularly describes the person or things to be searched or seized based upon probable cause and signed by a judge .

The ‘New York Times’ has stated that President Obama has lost all credibility. Just weeks before this new revelation it had been found the Eric Holder who is the U.S. Attorney General had signed on a memorandum authorizing the FBI to spy on ‘Associated Press’ news reporter’s phone calls. And on top of that, the Internal Revenue Service is charged with having targeted persons because of their political association or those political parties which applied for tax exempt status.


The facts support the following conclusion. President Obama is a war criminal and a corporate puppet. His smile will not fool historians in the future nor will it fool intelligent people today. He has joined the ranks of J. Edgar Hoover the master mind of ‘co-intell-pro’, smut spying, and murder . We, U.S. citizens, are now living in a fascist state. There has been a corporate hostile takeover of our government. It is now a corporate and military-police power structured to exercise totalitarian rule over us. You may consume alcohol, smoke weed, listen to hip-hop; you may use drugs until your brain is mush, watch television until your eyes are red, but you may not think.  Welcome to the ‘Brave New World’ of America.