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Millions of right wing religious and secular conservatives in the Republican party are increasing their push to repress Islam and Muslims in the United States. Those same people and the media which propagandize their views are also voices for war against Islam and therefore against all Muslims in the world. Except for the exercise of their own right to freedom of speech, Donald Trump’s (and Republicans like him) proposed State and Federal policies for Muslims are unconstitutional because they would restrict Muslim speech and are thus tyrannical by definition.  

Those same people and media intentionally ignore those parts of the first amendment which do not serve their immediate political agenda but nevertheless run parallel to the right to free speech.

Muslims may practice their religious beliefs in the United States because “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”. Here, the preposition ‘respecting’ means that no ‘religious beliefs’ in the United States can be legally recognized as a natural nor legal person under the law. A religious belief is not constitutionally required to be incorporated under States’ corporate laws and thus need not be a ‘legal person’. The term ‘establishment’ means simply ‘articulable beliefs’ even in the absence of any concrete infrastructure.

For example, a specific set of religious beliefs cannot be sued in civil court. Nor can a warrant be issued under the fourth amendment to arrest a ‘religious belief’ to appear in a criminal court because all religious beliefs operate outside the jurisdiction of both civil and criminal law. That is what it means to have ‘religious freedom’ in the United States. Therefore, Islamic beliefs held by persons in the United States cannot be criminalized nor can ‘Islamic beliefs’ be named as a tortfeasor in a civil complaint. 

Islam as a set of beliefs cannot be legally prohibited from being believed by people and Islamic beliefs cannot be prohibited from being practiced in the United States and its protectorates. That is so because only ‘natural persons’ who commit an act which violates a State or Federal statute, or crime against humanity can be arrested and denied freedom under either State or Federal criminal law. 

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No ‘natural person’ who commits a crime in the name of a particular religion can be charged in the name of his or her religion; only a person or group of persons can be charged with violation of a clearly defined criminal statute. Further, beliefs cannot be criminally charged because neither state nor federal law can ‘recognize’ the ‘beliefs’ of a religion.

Islamic faith is not a natural or legal person. Therefore, only an individual or corporation that commits a criminal act can be held responsible even though he or she or it may claim to be Islamic. For Islamic religious beliefs cannot ‘act’ to commit crimes. Nor can Islamic religious beliefs form an ‘intent’ to commit a criminal act. Both common law and statutory law clearly state that only natural persons and legal persons can form an intent and commit an act that violates a State or Federal criminal statute.

Therefore, it would be unconstitutional for any state or for the federal government to indict a natural person as being identical to a ‘religious belief’ or to indict a religious belief as being identical to a ‘natural or legal person’.  Such a distinction between a person’s actions and his or her ‘religious beliefs’ is a manifestation of the legal superiority of the first amendment precept of separation of church and state. A man or woman cannot be detained nor killed for his or her religious beliefs. 

Neither would it be constitutional under the first amendment for the federal government to wage war against Islam anywhere for crimes committed by an individual or group of individuals even though those people may claim to be adherents to Islamic beliefs. For to wage war against Islam everywhere would be to wage war not against natural persons but against ‘Islamic religious beliefs’ and the idea which gives rise to those beliefs and therefore it would be war against all Muslims in the United States, too.



The mass of evidence is increasingly compelling informed Americans to conclude that President Barak Obama is but another presidential link in a long chain of Presidents who is under the absolute control of the military-industrial-complex pushing the United States into a state of fascism. This claim is not made lightly or as opinion. Incontrovertible facts support it.

First, President Obama campaigned in 2008 that the war in Iraq was illegal. He boasted that as a senator he did not vote to attack Iraq under the Bush administration because the claims made by Colin Powell in 2003 at the United Nations that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction were false and that the Bush administration knew it. He used that argument against Hillary Clinton who voted for the war.  But once President Obama became President he didn’t stop the war, he altered the nature of the war by using drones indiscriminately in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen to kill suspected terrorists and all those Muslims in close proximity including children.  He ordered the use of drones by the CIA in those countries with full knowledge that he was violating their national sovereignty under international law.

Second, President Obama ordered the killing of U.S. citizens in Yemen one of whom was a 16 year old child who was having breakfast with other children.  He gave that order knowing that it violated the Federal Juvenile Act and the 5th amendment right of those U.S. citizens to their right to due process under law.  His press secretary said that the child should have picked a better father.  Obama rationalized his order to assassinate on the basis of speech which under the constitution is a protected right.  He is also setting up the African Command to commit the same kinds of war crimes while at the same time approving monetary aid to countries with child soldiers in Africa. Is this a set up to kill more children?

Thirdly, you ordered yet another violation of international law by using the North Atlantic Treaty Organization out of its jurisdiction and contrary to the United Nations into an unprovoked attack on Libya. You set the stage and furthered the murder of the national leader of Libya, Qaddafi, just as Eisenhower ordered a CIA hit on President Patrice Lumumba of the Congo in 1961 and Bush on Saddam Hussain. Since then Congo has been pillaged by multinational corporations for the mineral coltan and other minerals while its people remain dirt poor. Libya is now a ghetto nation like Iraq and Syria. President Obama knew better because the British did it to his father’s family in Kenya. They kept the Kenyans in a perpetual state of ghetto.  But ghetto doesn’t resonate with President Obama here or abroad.

Fourthly, he has not fought congress to reinstitute Glass-Steagall which your mentor William Jefferson Clinton helped repeal for his and your corporate bosses; he has instead catered wholly to corporate powers which donated heavily to both of his presidential campaigns. For example, he signed into law the Monsanto Protection Act (see section 735) which gives ‘Monsanto Corporation’ immunity from federal courts pending the review of any GM crop that is thought to be dangerous. Even more, in his 2013 state of the union he endorsed a free trade agreement with the European Union which would grant corporations the power to challenge many regulations both at home and abroad.  These facts are indisputable.

When President Obama took office in 2008, he appointed Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner both of whom were and are Wall Street agents and crime partners with the major banks which stole trillions of dollars from the American people and which caused the 2008 economic meltdown. President Obama knew that.  He was told to keep them.

Yet, President Obama has not addressed the fact that major banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo aid in the ghetto payday loans to exploit the poor with up to 500% interest rates on the internet. Its alright to leach on the poor; that’s the nature of his administration.

Instead, President Obama will meet in Lima, Peru to endorse the ‘Trans-Pacific-Partnership Treaty’ which will give corporations everywhere the right to have a trade tribunal hear claims brought against them; it would override U.S. Federal law.  It is an act against poor nations and poor people in those nations. President Obama knows that.  He condones it for his corporate masters.

Fifthly, President Obama attended a Bilderberg meeting in 2008 before he was elected. He has not revealed to his constituents why he attended and what the nature of his meeting with its members, who happen to be the most powerful men in the world, was.  However, we do know that Chris Hughes, Editor of the New Republic and co-founder of Face-Book attended a Bilderberg meeting in 2011. We also know that he was the ‘coordinator for online organizing’ for the Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and donated millions of dollars to Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. See: ‘The Kid who made Obama President…, Fast Company Magazine’. We also know that Chris Hughes is gay and made over 500 million dollars in 2012. That’s why you argued that the Supreme Court should strike down the ‘Defense of Marriage, Act’ 2-23-2013. No President Obama, gays did not put you in office; African Americans put you in office.  For them you have done nothing.  And don’t throw out to us the ‘Obama-Care’ bone because the insurance industry will profit from ‘Obama-Care.’ That’s not enough pay back for a 93% African American voter support.

Sixthly, President Obama dog’s the poor. He has not advocated for public education and so he silently supports the privatization of K-12 education.  But there’s more, in 2008 he promised that he’d never cut Social Security to the elderly but now he says that it is on the table as a possibility under a ‘chained CPI’ proposal.  Further, he has done nothing to address the crisis of prison incarceration in the United States and again by silence condones the privatization of the criminal justice system for profit.

NSA whisteblower

Seventh, President Obama is now engaged in a frontal attack on the rights of all American citizens.  He signed into law on 2012 the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which allows the government to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens with no right of habeas corpus (Section 1021).

Now a courageous American has stepped forward. Edward Snowden who is an ex- CIA agent has leaked a totally fascist plan by President Obama, et al. The Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act has been found to allow the FBI and National Security Agency secret ‘back door’ access which they have been using for over a year at a 300,000,000 intercepted calls per day clip of all phone calls, emails, pictures, and videos  through and by cooperation with INTERNET PROVIDERS such as Verizon, AT&T, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft-Skype, AOL, et al of all U.S. citizens with complete disregard for the 4th amendment prohibition against warrantless searches of persons, houses, papers, and effects without a warrant which if given would require an affidavit which particularly describes the person or things to be searched or seized based upon probable cause and signed by a judge .

The ‘New York Times’ has stated that President Obama has lost all credibility. Just weeks before this new revelation it had been found the Eric Holder who is the U.S. Attorney General had signed on a memorandum authorizing the FBI to spy on ‘Associated Press’ news reporter’s phone calls. And on top of that, the Internal Revenue Service is charged with having targeted persons because of their political association or those political parties which applied for tax exempt status.


The facts support the following conclusion. President Obama is a war criminal and a corporate puppet. His smile will not fool historians in the future nor will it fool intelligent people today. He has joined the ranks of J. Edgar Hoover the master mind of ‘co-intell-pro’, smut spying, and murder . We, U.S. citizens, are now living in a fascist state. There has been a corporate hostile takeover of our government. It is now a corporate and military-police power structured to exercise totalitarian rule over us. You may consume alcohol, smoke weed, listen to hip-hop; you may use drugs until your brain is mush, watch television until your eyes are red, but you may not think.  Welcome to the ‘Brave New World’ of America.