STALK THEM, AND KILL THEM, By Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

Stalk and Kill

Stalk them, and kill them. That is the subtext of Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. In 1859, Charles Darwin published what would come to be one of the most influential books in human history. It was entitled: ‘The Preservation of Favored Races in The Struggle for Life’.  The basic premise of his theory of Natural selection is that both environmental challenges and a race’s genetic makeup cause some races to lose in the competition for resources and to eventually become extinct.

At the same time, those same conditions can cause other races to win in the competition for resources and to increase their population numbers because  their genetic makeup is more adapted to the unique challenges in their environment.

Thus, Darwin argued that all races are involved in a naturally determined zero sum game; in that game there can be only winners and losers. His vision was one which saw all life forms in a state of perpetual warfare and wherein human codes of morality are nothing more than instruments used by races on the cut list of nature.

More specifically, what is relevant for us today about Darwin’s theory is a prediction he made. He predicted: “At some future period, not to very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.” I have some questions concerning his predictions.

One, just who are the savage races he identified as facing inevitable extermination? Two, just who are the civilized races he identified as the exterminators? And third, is the prediction he made not a law of nature but rather what sociologists call a self-fulfilling prophesy?

In order to identify savage races which Darwin identified as facing inevitable extermination, all we need to do is survey the years since the publication of his book in 1859 and to find so called savage peoples defined by him as well as by the U.S. Federal and State governments, and the European nations. Let’s look at three such peoples.

One example is the Tasmanian people. They were black people who lived in Australia. They numbered in the thousands before the arrival of the British but by 1847 they had been virtually wiped out off the surface of the earth. They were shot dead, their women raped, and their children were knowingly and purposely infected with smallpox. Charles Darwin had visited Australia in 1836 and defined the Tasmanian people as savages. The last Tasmanian person died in 1869. The Tasmanian people are extinct.  

The Namibian people of South Africa are another example. They were experimented upon and murdered by German colonists. Their bones were buried in mass graves. This was done to them up to the year 1907. First, the Hereo (He-re-o) tribe which totaled 80,000 people was ultimately reduced to 15,000 people.  They were shot and starved to death. Their land was taken by the German government and distributed to German citizens in South Africa.

Next, the Nama tribe of Namibia were attacked. They fought back but half of their 20,000 population were killed. The remaining 10,000 Nama people were put into concentration camps where they were put into laboratories and experimented upon and where they died of malnourishment and starvation. Some of the remains of Nama people were sent to Europe for display in museums.  Some others were put in cages for public viewing in Belgium and German zoos.

AAAABlack Girl in a Belgium Zoo

Others were put into concentration camps, their women were used as sex slaves and their mixed offspring were used as experimental guinea pigs by a German eugenicist named Eugen Fischer. Fischer was a student of Charles Darwin.

Based upon his experiments with the Namibian people, he wrote and published an influential book entitled: ‘The Principles of Human Heredity and Race Hygiene’.  Adolf Hitler cited Fischer’s book in his own book: My Struggle. Both the Nama people and the Hereo (He-re-o) people were defined by Fischer as subhuman savages. But this kind of scientific racism was not limited to Germans in South Africa. Similar forms of repressions were taking place in the United States and throughout the Americas by France, the Dutch, Spain, Portugal, and British governments.

For example, there were approximately 15,000,000 (Million) indigenous peoples in the continental United States before it was colonized by Western Europe. By 1924, there were only 224,000 Native Americans who remained alive in the United States. Similarly, there were over one million Hawaiian people when Captain Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands in 1778. By 1900, there were 50,000 native Hawaiian people left; today there are about 5,000.

In the continental United Stated, ninety three Native American tribes were exterminated by the western powers before and after the newly formed colonies and United States. The exterminations began before Darwin’s book was published but the exterminations were given scientific justification after 1859 and picked up momentum by means of shootings, knowingly an purposely exposing Native Americans to smallpox, and by starvation in Federal government concentration camps.

So determined where Federal and State Governments such as California to exterminate Native peoples that they paid individual white men for each bullet used to stalk, kill, and scalp men, women, and children upon proof of showing a native scalp or head.

bounties for Indians

Native American land was stolen based upon the fallacious claims made on philosophical  grounds put forth by John Locke. He made the claim that Native Americans were not using the land productively and therefore had no right to recognizable title to it.  Native Americans had also been defined as savages and thus on the pale of humanity by the United States Supreme Court in the famous 1823 case: Johnson v. M’Intosh. The court decision was written by Chief Justice John Marshall.

In writing for the court, he states that the Federal Government was justified and excused in taking possession and title to all Native American land based upon White Supremacy and Native American racial and cultural inferiority.

Historically, there is a common political, legal, literary, scientific, and military strategy played out by Europe and the United States worldwide.

In each example, it was the European exterminators who claimed to be civilized and superior by race and thus justified and excused to murder and commit larceny on all people defined by them as savages according to the theory social Darwinists called: “Survival of the fittest.” 

For social Darwinists, survival of the fittest is a condition driven by a natural law and cannot be changed by secular convention. The theory of survival of the fittest necessarily causes conflict between different races as well as between rich and poor; intelligent and less intelligent, strong and weak.  But at the time Darwin wrote his theory there were differing theories in the market place of ideas.


Charles Darwin did not claim the only global theory of evolution. A Russian anthropologist named Peter Kro-pot-kin wrote a book entitled: ‘Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution’. His theory is based upon the premise that ‘mutual aid’ or ‘cooperation within groups’ and between different groups, though not the only factors, are the greater factors associated with whether or not a species survives, thrives, and evolves.

If we accept Darwin’s theory as absolutely correct then we would be forced to justify and excuse injustice and ultimately slavery, murder, and genocide. We would have to accept the many injuries committed against us as the normal course of affairs; at the end of the day, we would have to approve and admit our racial inferiority. We would have to admit that reparations for past injuries to a whole people are never justified under the theory of survival of the fittest.

However, if we accept theories like Kro-pot-kin’s theory of ‘mutual aid’ then we must necessarily conclude that human beings are not only driven by changes in their environmental conditions and their genetic make-up but that also they are driven by something more.

What we would be forced to do is to analyze race relations not only in terms of conflict but also in terms of prospects for reasonable accommodation, constructive competition, and mutual aid or cooperation.

That is what makes the difference between all other animals who ‘stalk and kill’ and human beings who are not only animal but also rational. Human beings endowed by their Creator with the rational capacity to rise above the compulsions of natural law and in so doing to make peace by imposing upon natural law the ideals of human cooperation and mutual aid.

Only human beings can apply such ideals of reasoned justice for all people in spite of the fact that we have in common with all other animals the same unconscious instinctual drives which make fear and therefore social and global conflict a constant danger to us all.

So now you should know who the real savages have been in the past and who they are today. The Western European nations and United States and all those who have condoned their murderous acts and larcenies are the real savages not the innocent people enslaved or made extinct by them in Australia, Namibia, and in the Americas and throughout the world.

They are those who have failed the high standard that defines what it means to be a rational human being and instead they are comfortable moving along upon all fours in the role of predatory beasts.

They, like all non-rational animals, are driven by unconscious forces of greed which prevents peace in the world. They are those who ‘stalk and kill’ innocent people ‘under the color of political authority’ and the use of state police force.

Their institutionalized ideology of racism generates self-fulfilling prophesy in all social relations between citizens and non-citizens. 

Self-fulfilling prophesy is a social theory expressed by Robert Merton. It is defined as: “A prediction we make at the start of individual or collective social performance which affects our behavior in such a way that we make the prediction happen.” The prediction which triggers behavior can be based upon a myth like racial inferiority but that myth once it becomes institutionalized and universally taught triggers behavior which makes the false myth real in everyday social relations.  

Throughout our nation, when you see police officers ‘stalk and kill’ innocent black people at a rate of 1 per every 28 hours you are witnessing ‘self-fulfilling prophesy.” You are witnessing acts of savagery.





Freddie Gray

I watched a video segment of the news in April 2015 which covered the after effects of the Baltimore riot in Sandtown. The video showed black people, with the exception of one person, cleaning out a CVS store which had been burned and looted the day before and sweeping the streets. The people doing it rationalized their volunteer work by claiming that they were helping to keep ‘their city’ clean.

There are several sad things about the news piece. To know and understand that our people living in Sandtown, Baltimore, where the protests occurred, receive no financial return for all the money that they spend in the city belies the heart of the problem.

Those individuals have now cleaned up a section of the city streets in which they do not own title to any of the property despite the fact that they and their families have lived in that area for over 100 years. They are all tenants subject to the will of the landowner.

As they cleaned the veneer of that section of the city I could only think that something toxic remains deep inside the city. That toxicity is such that no amount of street sweeping, painting, and government programs can clean it out. That toxicity will remain deeply embedded in Baltimore because it, like a waterfall of waste, rains down on the mass of dispossessed people from the very centers of political and corporate corruption.

Black people in Baltimore have no vested interests in the city. The African American community has have been set up over the last 2 generations in that post industrial post modern city to be pushed out. Our people cannot read the hand writing on the wall: “get out”.  Black neo-liberals will not read what is written on the wall and communicate it to black people in Baltimore. Nor will they translate what it means to them.  

The political structure of the city is intact because Baltimore black politicians remain loyal to their corporate Democratic National Committee or Republican Party monetary benefactors. The infrastructure of black communities, however, suffer. Black communities are as dysfunctional as social infrastructures in the nation of Haiti. The infrastructure has been the victim of criminal negligence.

But instead of the power elite in the state of Maryland and in the city of Baltimore properly defining the overarching social problems faced by black people there they have resorted to categorizing the black population as a ‘thug’ community. It is clear that white supremacists have a plan.

Sandtown and its surrounding blocks in Baltimore have been allowed to undergo multi-dimensional deterioration over time. That deterioration has been allowed to grow into a multi-dimensional demographic push force making black people in Sandtown Baltimore appear suicidal. The ultimate underlying goal is the reduction of the black population in Balitmore and finally eliminating that population without fanfare or notice. 

We must note and be aware of this supreme manipulation taking place. Having black people in state political roles and having blacks as heads of city bureaucracies has not resulted in a more equitable distribution of wealth. These types of positions given to black people are only a ploy to lull black people into a false sense of security and trust.

police officers Freddie Gray

To understand the nature of the shell game being played on black people in Baltimore we must compare black politicians to the three black police officers. The police officers were hired to ‘protect and serve’, but they were actually accomplices in the murder of Freddie Gray. Analogously, black politicians, who are elected to also protect and serve, are also accomplices to the acts of negligence which have caused the degredation of black lives in the city of Baltimore. This leads to one undeniable fact.

Having black people in positions of state power is not the same as all black people having a vested present and future interest in the economy of the city of Baltimore.

For example, the city’s political structure reveals the following characteristics: the state’s attorney general is black; Baltimore has a black mayor, a black police commissioner, a black superintendent of schools, and 2/3 of the city council members are black.  Whereas the city’s black infrastructure reveals these characteristics: 90% of Baltimore’s jail population is black; 61% of its high school drop outs are black; 25% of blacks are below the poverty line; 41% of those 25 to 54 years of age are unemployed; 38% of those 20-24 years of age are unemployed; 18% of the homes are vacant; and, out of a population of 651,154, 59.2% of families are single parent female headed households. What does this tell us about black people having a vested interest in the city of Baltimore?

It tells us that being born flesh and blood into a city is not necessarily equal to having a vested interest in the present and future economic interests of that city. Just as a fetus carried in the womb of its mother has no vested interest in the body that carries it. For example, thousands of Africans are risking their lives by fleeing their homelands wherein they were born because they have no vested present and future interests in Africa. Why?

The answer is because something more is needed by men and women wherever they live; something which supersedes a mere claim of birth rights based upon citizenship and the civil and human rights which are constitutionally guaranteed to them. Black people must get property rights based upon ownership and no less.

The United States Constitution defines the right of a ‘vested interest’ as the inherent right of a person that cannot be defeated or cancelled by any natural or legal person. Courts of law qualify such a vested interest on a showing of proof of title or ownership.

Thus, property ownership by a person or a people is central to what determines a vested present or future interest in a state, county, or city. What a people own is not just a subject of civil law and individual rights under the law, but what they own adds the value of liberty to civil equality under the law.

It is liberty which will exempt black people from the extraneous control of state police power. It is liberty and only liberty which can free the shackled will of black people so that they can make moral choices beyond the narrow confines of their open air prisons in cities like Baltimore across the nation. Without liberty there are deadly consequences. Freddie Gray’s death is but one example of that.

Black people living in Sandtown Baltimore do not have a present nor a future vested interest in the very ground upon which they stand and upon which previous generations of their families stood. 

Thus, black people’s lives are lived at the whim of the owners of that property; and the owners are non-verbally communicating to black people living in Sandtown and its surrounding blocks these words: ‘Get out’.

For those black people who seek liberty for themselves and their children in the United States they must make a moral choice. They must rise up and take an economic stand; they must rise up and make an economic revolution as was done in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in Rosewood, Florida at the turn of the 20th century.

Poice Van Freddie Gray

Our choices are but two; they are either liberty or death. It is no false dichotomy that I present to you.  Our choices are liberty or death.



THE PRECIOUS COMPLEX, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

lynch 3

Why did a female African American police sergeant at the scene of Eric Garner’s murder not intervene to stop police officer Pantaleo from choking Mr. Eric Garner to death? 

If you look at the two video shoots which captured the killing of Eric Garner you will see a female African American police officer with the rank of sergeant.  She stood by and watched the killing of Eric Garner and did not intervene to stop Pantaleo from choking Eric Garner despite the fact that she, too, could hear Eric Garner crying out: ‘I can’t breathe” eleven times.

I don’t know her name; no one has researched her report, if she had to submit a report. But millions of African Americans want to know why she acted as an accomplice during and after the fact of the commission of a felony by allowing the killing of Eric Garner to take place.

In civil law, under the common law of tort no one is compelled by law to assist a stranger in danger even if it is the danger of loss of life. But her involvement in the incident of Eric Garner’s murder cannot be brushed aside as just a simple case of her being a bystander.

Her presence at the scene of the crime cannot be lawfully brushed aside from scrutiny by the criminal justice system. It cannot be brushed aside from a magnified public scrutiny either, because she was then and is now an officer of the law; and as a police officer she is entrusted by citizens to serve and to protect them from harm.  She had a duty to rescue Eric Garner from danger.

Yet, she committed an intentional act of omission under the color of her authority by choosing not to do her duty by protecting Eric Garner from the choke hold put on him by Pantaleo and all others who with their total body weight held Eric Garner’s body on the ground thereby assisting in his execution by “…compression to body and prone positioning.” Mr. Garner’s experience of the choke hold was that he was suffocating.

We know that a homicide occurred. But was there malice aforethought? We do know that Pantaleo put a choke hold on Eric Garner. We know that the choke hold is banned from use in New York. We know that Pantaleo was reacting to his subconscious mind and all the negative stereotypes associated with black men.  For those reasons, no reasonable person would deny the evidence that Pantaleo acted in a frenzy of depravity and with callous disregard for Eric Garner’s life.

We also know that Pantaleo’s subconscious mind at the time outweighed his consciousness of police training and procedures he had learned which specify the proper circumstances under which the use of deadly force on non-felonious and unarmed citizens may lawfully be used.  But why did the black female police sergeant act as an accomplice to the murder of Eric Garner?

One of the great paradoxes of being African American is that you are more or less a source of great anxiety physically felt in most Caucasians; the paradox arises because generally African Americans suffer the same anxiety about themselves. Ironically, they suffer that anxiety because most Caucasians feel threatened by African Americans.  Let me use an example to explain my point.

Do you remember the movie: Precious? There was a scene in that movie which stood out to me as an exploration into to very psyche of the main character Precious.  Precious was in her bathroom looking at her image reflected in the mirror. But as she looked she saw the image of a white girl instead of her own image. That scene brought out what dominates the subconscious of far too many African people and which dominated the subconscious of the African American police officer at the scene of Eric Garner’s death.

You see, the reason is because that black female police sergeant sees herself through her subconscious mind which is made up of the same negative stereotypes associated with black people as are in the white police officer’s subconscious mind.  She was and is connected to him through an unseen collective subconscious mind which she shares with her police colleagues.

In order for her to see herself as a white woman through her subconscious mind she must continually deny what is consciously evident to her. She must deny that she is black.  

In her subconscious mind she is a white woman and thus her reactions in real time and space to black people in general and black men in particular are the same irrational reactions which white police officers have to black people in general as they  see them in their collective subconscious mind.  Such a mental condition is the cause of significant psychopathology.[1]

For example, in the famous 1940s Baby Doll Experiment done by Kenneth and Mamie Clark,    black children in that experiment were given a choice to play with either a black or a white doll. Consistently, the black children chose the white doll to play with.  When the children were asked why they chose the white doll the children responded that the white dolls were good, clean, pretty, and that the black dolls were ugly, dirty, and bad. In more resent replications of the Clark experiment the black girls chose white girl and boy dolls. What does that mean and what is its relevance to the black female sergeant present at the Eric Garner murder?

It means that the black female police sergeant will consistently choose white men as opposed to black men. The baby doll experiment generally means that negative images associated with African Americans are injected into the subconscious minds of little black children and then fortified and reinforced over the course of their life time. 

No amount of education or rational development can overcome the weight of their negative subconscious identity. Subconsciously, they see themselves as white and thus live lives with an unbridgeable split between their subconscious mind and their conscious mind. They are damaged for life.

The Kenneth and Mamie Clark experiment is also a material fact and so it is relevant to my question: why did the female police sergeant act as an accomplice to murder? The study is relevant because it explains her act of omission and role as accomplice at the scene of the murder.  

You see, the female police officer is similar to the character in the movie ‘Precious’.  She like Precious was looking into the mirror of her subconscious mind at the scene of the crime where she could find unity with her racist police colleagues. But of course for her there was and remains a problem. The problem for her was and is reality.

She sees herself as a white women wearing black face and she wants to do everything she can do to wipe the blackness off of her face. Even if it means imagining herself at being on the white team to murder a black man who in her subconscious mind makes her just as spiteful, cruel, and hateful toward him as whites can be.

For example, in Jamaica, in South Africa, in Nigeria, and here in the United States Black people are unhappy with ‘being who they are’. They are acting out their unhappiness in a very, very, creepy way. Skin bleaching is becoming a pandemic among black people.  Their skin bleaching is occurring because they want to rid themselves of their myelin.  Look at how Sammy Sosa has disfigured his body!

Their actions are manifestations of their subconscious mind as it leaks out into the very pores of their outer skin.  It is the subconscious anxiety which they too feel about themselves being black just as white people feel about them being black; it is the subconscious denial of what is consciously obvious to all rational persons…that they are of African descent.

Malcolm X once said that the house Negro would come to identify so much with the master that when the master would cough the house Negro would say: ‘We got a cold master’. What that means is that people like the black female police officer have had her own subconscious mind merged with the collective subconscious mind of racist white police officers.  

The day Eric Garner was murdered she could no more follow her police training when in relation to a black person than white officers could. Her training had no effect because she was and is dominated by her police colleagues’ collective subconscious mind. Her subconscious mind unleashed an irrational force of cruelty as she listened to Eric Garner cry out for mercy: ‘I cannot breathe’ eleven times.  

She was not hired to have empathy for her fellow citizens. No, she was profiled and hired for the element of cruelty measured in her personality.

The minimal empathy she can muster up is reserved for her masters; she has no empathy for good citizens who take to the streets in their search for justice.

My dear brothers and sisters, ground zero of the war to destroy you is being waged in the unseen dimension of your subconscious minds; your own natural forces are being manipulated to destroy you.

You will never understand what is being done to your subconscious mind and you will never be able to win the subconscious war that wages within you unless you first understand the power that white oligarchs weld in your subconscious mind.  Secondly, you must understand that the conversion of your subconscious mind to freedom cannot be done successfully by substituting one set of false stereotypes with another set of false stereotypes because only the truth can set you free.

If no amount of police training can fix this problem, then what if anything can we do to remedy these deadly police forces?

There is one force that the new totalitarian police state cannot withstand even with all of its cruelty; with all of its technology including body-metric chips which they now have ready for deployment into you and your babies’ bodies. The negative complex of images and stereotypes which they have put into your subconscious minds cannot withstand the supernatural power of Divine Light.  

That power will cost you nothing but the courage to ‘stand where he stood and to stand for what he stood for’ then and only then will you become free men and women.


[1] Franz Fanon, Black Skin, White Mask

PURIFICATION BY FIRE, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed


Caucasian and some African American police officers react to African Americans from their subconscious minds not their conscious minds. Why black police officers react in that way calls for a far more complex analysis. So, I will focus on why Caucasian police officers react in that way in this article.

All across America citizens are trying to find solutions to the epidemic of excessive force used by white police officers on unarmed black men and children. For example, between 2010 and 2012, Police shot 1.47 per million whites as compared to 31.17 per million blacks in the age range 15-19.

To address the disproportionate shooting of blacks one of the proposals is that more training on the proper use of force be given to all police officers and that they be required to wear small video cameras.  But, in my opinion, no amount of extra training can solve the problem of police use of excessive force against black males. As far as the video cameras are concerned, their use depends upon local police procedural changes not upon Federal legislation. That is primarily because states’ rights preempt federal control of local and county law enforcement under the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So, I am very skeptical about police change. Why? Let me try to explain. First, Darren Wilson.

Darren Wilson’s reaction to Michael Brown was a subconscious reaction not a conscious reaction. His subconscious reaction does not mean that he didn’t know what he was doing, nor does it mean that he didn’t intend to murder Michael Brown. He did know and he did intend to kill. This is not the same as an unconscious act of murder for which there is no possible intent.

What it means is…that which triggered Wilson’s reaction was faster than the conscious control his training is meant to have over his fears.  What is in Darren Wilson’s subconscious mind made him able to rationalize an irrational impulse filtered through his conscious mind.

He could justify his act of murder by the Supreme Court holding in Tennessee v. Garner (1985) and by his white supremacist religion that what he did was morally right even though he reacted automatically like a programmed robot.

The text of the transcript says it all. Darren Wilson described Michael Brown as a ‘Demon’. That description of Michael Brow in the transcript of the Grand Jury hearing is evidence of exactly why Wilson murdered Michael Brown.  It is evidence because it is a picture of how he views black men in general.

The idea of ‘demonic’ Black people is an old ancient belief in white culture. That belief was internalized into Wilson’s subconscious mind as a child as is the case with all white children. It is part of their white supremacist religious catechism. Demonic and the color black are made synonymous throughout their white supremacists’ religious scriptures. Those scriptures are poured into their subconscious minds like water into their bellies.

As children they are made to feel extremely uncomfortable even touching what is black. Of course it works on some more than others. But even those with a higher I.Q. are not less likely to be brain washed than the whites with a low I.Q.

Wilson’s anxieties or fears were associated with his instinctual urge for ‘self-preservation’. That urge was kindled when he saw Michael Brown. To a lesser degree those same feelings of fear and impending death are kindled whenever he sees or encounters a black male or even sees the picture of a black male. Imagine how disturbed Darren Wilson would feel if he were to walk into his church and see a picture of Jesus as a black man.

The imagery of what is demonic is black and the color ‘black’ is defined as demonic in his subconscious mind; that is what made Wilson shoot his weapon at least 11 times at Michael Brown. His public service role is but a mask.

In the transcript, Wilson described himself as a 5 year old child. This is important to note. The description of himself as a 5 year old child is the picture of innocence which he cleverly used on media to evoke in all white people a feeling of the kind of helplessness a child would feel in the grip of danger.  It was a clever use of the media to dig into the subconscious of millions of white Americans’ empathy.

Wilson’s subconscious connection with all others like him was that of ‘good white’ versus ‘evil black’.  There is historical evidence in literature and the film industry to prove the subconscious connection which all Caucasians have with one another in much of Western Civilization.

Watch the movie: Birth of a Nation. In it there is a scene of a black man foaming at the mouth in pursuit of a young white girl.  The girl reaches the ledge of a cliff. Unable to run away, she decides to commit suicide. The subconscious response in association with anxiety and the urge to ‘self-preservation’ is turned upside down to make the viewers conclude subconsciously that death is better than being touched by a black man. Wilson was acting out what was put into him subconsciously; he was taught to hate black men.

But there is even more media evidence of the subconscious unity which white Americans like Wilson have in their fear of Black men. Look at the book: The Scarlet Letter. Don’t watch the movie because what I will cite to you has been deleted from all the movies made on that book.

Look at chapter 16: ‘A Forrest Walk’; in it the writer uses the imagery ‘evil is black’, ‘black is evil’. The story describes a scene in which a little girl is told that the forest is haunted by a big black Man. The black man carries a huge book held together with metal clamps. What this Black man does is lure white girls to sign their names in the book he carries with their own blood. Thereafter, the black man puts a taint of character on them by the symbol of a color, scarlet.  The black man in that scene is described as the devil or at least a demon.

When Daren Wilson murdered Michael Brown he was reacting to images and anxieties tied together in his subconscious mind. It is the unseen subconscious mind which ties all white people together more or less to white supremacy in the United States. That is why no matter where you go most white people react to black people the same way. It is almost as if they act as one organism. You’d think they know each other, but you know that they don’t. It is a very creepy experience to have of them.

Now, let’s examine another creepy moment of white supremacy; the Eric Garner murder. If you look at the second video shoot of the incident taken from within a store directly in front his body, you will see Eric Garner’s dead body. What you will not see is any attempt by the police officers to give CPR despite the fact that all of them are trained to do so in emergencies and despite the fact that he cried out 11 times that he could not breathe. Why?

Even when the ambulance arrives you will see the EMT or Emergency Medical Technician check on his pulse but not give to him any CPR. You will see Officer Pantaleo smile and wave to the camera. You will see how the police officers callously dropped his body on the gurney. How they let his leg drop off the gurney. How they pulled his t-shirt up to expose his body. Why?

When police officer Daniel Pantaleo jumped Eric Garner from behind with a choke hold he heard Mr. Garner cry out : I can’t breathe’ 11 times. But he tightened the choke hold around Mr. Garner neck. Why?

What happened is that Daniel Pantaleo was reacting to his subconscious mind not his conscious mind just as did Daren Wilson. All of his police training was not strong enough to overcome his loathing and hatred for Black men. And each of those officers and EMTs around him, including the black female and male officers, were subconsciously connected by their hatred and loathing of Mr. Garner. Not one of them intervened to loosen his grip on an unarmed man crying out ‘I can’t breathe’.

In Cleveland, Ohio, Tamir Rice, a 12 year old boy, was shot twice by police officer Timothy Loehmann within seconds of the police arrival. The boy had a toy gun which had been reported to the 911 dispatcher.  After the shooting, the police officer first called the Police officer’s union attorney and then afterward called the EMT ambulance.  He described the 12 year old as 20 years old. Why?

Loehmann was reacting to all the subconscious garbage in his mind. Subconsciously, there are no black male children; in his subconscious mind there are only dangerous black men. That is so because in Loehmann’s subconscious mind ‘black is evil’ and ‘evil is a threat’, and all threats must be killed. Combined with his general incompetence what he did to that boy was inevitable.  No amount of police training would have prevented Loehmann from murdering or harming Tamir Rice.

There is no cure, nor any treatment for the problem we face. What appears to you publicly as conscious and conscientious police officers who are performing their jobs within the limits of the law and their training is not what you should really be paying attention to. Their subconscious mind dominates their behavior and police officers are hired on a hidden criteria measured against the content of their subconscious mind. Police departments do not hire empathetic persons they want people with low empathy and moderate levels of cruelty measured in their personalities.

Their professional training is not and never has been stronger than their subconscious urge to kill African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Latino Americans. Their conscious unity under law is weaker than their subconscious unity to kill black people. Therefore, more black men will die.

Yes, we are governed and policed by psychopaths who have been given a license to kill.  But I want to tell you something.

We will not hide in our homes; we will not avoid the enjoyment of the society that we have helped to build and which we pay for. We will bring our children out into the sunlight and claim to the world that we are God’s creatures. And we are not going to wear out our shoes walking and marching to get you to understand that.



NO TRUST, NO PEACE, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

Black Anguish

Sounds expressed in speech as words from one person to another turn every kind of wheel in our society and lubricate the very ball bearings which make their rotational movement in time possible. But not just any words can do that, rather they are words which carry in them the power of trust.

They are written in contracts between citizens, communicated through body language like a hand shake or they are orally expressed as ‘I give you my word’. But no matter how trust is communicated, society as a whole turns on the power of trust between the people of that society and their local, state, and federal governments.

When there is no trust there can be no peace between citizens and their governments. There can be no peace because the absence of mutual trust between government and citizens make citizens look for justice in the streets. While correspondingly, states become increasingly disposed to execute police power arbitrarily against its citizens to control them. Both a desperate citizenry searching for justice in the streets and the execution of arbitrary state police power to repress citizens are a recipe for social disaster.

The Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury decision not to indict police officer Daren Wilson is just another example of what happens when extreme state and local government incompetence become mixed with the myth of white supremacy. When citizens begin to seek justice in the streets, the state does everything to execute power in such a way as to maintain and advance their property rights over human rights. That includes their justice system.

The Justice System is just another mechanism white supremacists use to suppress the truth by twisting facts, by deleting facts, by ignoring evidence, by falsifying reports, by stacking juries to crank out legally binding decisions in their favor and by demonizing victims of injustice. But what should we, as African Americans, know about trust?

The amount of trust in a group is directly proportional to the amount of cooperation in a group. The amount of cooperation in a group is directly proportional to the work quality of a group. The amount of work quality in a group is directly proportional to the success of a group. And a successful group is a group with a high quality of life.

Trust has a unique nature. It is positive in its definition but unlimited in its scope to empower us. Trust means a feeling or feelings characterized by a maximum of calm, joy, confidence, cooperation, and assurance. Conversely, there is a negative definition. It tells us what trust is not; what it is utterly incapable of being. Trust is the absence of anxiety, in the form of apprehension and distress; it is the absence of conflict or competition. It is the absence of forced accommodation. It is the absence of controversy in our relationships.

By its very nature, trust fosters cooperation and moves people in consensual unison. The higher the trust the higher the unity. For example, think of a male and female relationship. Trust for them is foundational to sexual intercourse because at no time is a woman more vulnerable than when she allows a man to literally enter into her body and inject a foreign organic substance into her body. Therefore, a rational woman will want assurances from the man that he is clean and committed to her before she allows him to enter into her body.   

Likewise, a man is vulnerable when he exposes himself to a woman. He must also be given assurances from the woman that she is clean and has not exposed herself to unclean men before he exposes his penis to her vaginal secretions.  When both a man and a woman are mutually assured of the integrity of the other then each is qualified to enter into a contract to build a functional relationship. Such intimacy is possible because of trust. The power of that trust becomes a seed planted which has the potential to grow into a family.

The most dangerous enemy to trust is a lie.  If any person in relation to another tells a lie or if everyone in a group lies to each other then in proportion to their lying there is anxiety and thus a dysfunctional relation will grow between them.  We can now make a generalization.

Lying is the cause of dysfunction in our interpersonal lives. For that reason we cannot or do not trust one another. We cannot trust because we have lost confidence in those who live among us.

There is a psychology to our lack of trust. One reason that we ‘do not’ trust one another is because we are products of media propaganda. This propaganda when successful may result in our internalizing negative self images regarding our own physical characteristics into our subconscious mind. Those negative images then act as triggers which cause distress at our own ‘being who we are’. That puts us on continual defense.

No one wants to live in a family with their guard up; we want to live with our guard down. We want to live in peace with those we have learned to love. If a person must live in a family with his or her guard up then that family is dysfunctional and everyone in it will become more or less sick over time. But it does not end there at the door way of the family home.

Our communities are disproportionately unstable. This is due to the number of dysfunctional families in our communities. It is no wonder that today we as a people fail at forming functional families. Men don’t trust women and women don’t trust men. Mothers and fathers don’t trust children and children don’t trust mothers and fathers. Dysfunction will always follow in the absence of trust.

Only trust gives birth to family bonds of affection. And what holds a family together is the cooperation born by trusting one another.  What raises a family up to a high quality of life is trust.  And what enables each new generation of young people to trust is being born into families with the active capacity to trust in an actively trusting community of people.

Normally, we distrust that which threatens our well being. The distrust we feel when we are threatened is scientifically measurable as HIGH ANXIETY. When that happens we move away from the source of anxiety.

This is easily observable in all animals. A flock of birds will rest together in a tree. If they sense the presence of a cat then within seconds they scatter out of the tree away from the cat and into the air. This reduces their anxiety associated with death.

Human beings are no different. We too move away from what we perceive to be a threat to our family and individual well being. The problem for us, however, is that the normal anxiety aroused by an actual predator has been turned inward so that unlike the birds we are driven by anxiety to fly away from each other and even to feel uncomfortable in our own skin.

It is no wonder that we fail at forming business relationships, fail in school, and fail at discovering a non white supremacist knowledge of the nature of creation.

We fail at forming businesses because we fail to invest in forming trusting relations and thus cannot increase the cooperation to reduce the anxiety about working with one another. 

And so great is our anxiety in relation to our physiology that we will not even spend our money in businesses owned by our brothers and sisters. We fear raising them up higher than our own economic status. That fear becomes even more irrational when we envy and covet what our brothers and sisters have worked hard to earn for themselves.

We fail at forming our own schools because we have not become generally motivated to pursue a mastery of the sciences and modern technology. Instead, we pursue mythology in our backward gaze on long passed dead cultures and civilizations.

We must strive to overcome our failure at forming a clear and insightful knowledge of creation. An insight born out of our own minds as inspired by God and which is not dependent upon white supremacist mythology, nor dependent upon any other mythology nor white supremacist interpretations of creation. We must succeed at fostering that true vision of God; the God of Good, of Truth, of Oneness, and of Beauty.

Can we restore trust in our communities or at least restore enough trust to boost ourselves out of cultural stagnation? I think we can, but it will require hard work over many days, months, and years. Do we have the time we need to restore trust? I don’t know the answer to that question; but I do know this: we had better start trying right away.   

Trust spins our social world around and around. It generates the forces which keep our feet planted firmly on the ground of social life. It cements our relations of affection not only in the short term but in the long term. And, it protects us from social predators so that we can move in unison to avoid harm to one or to all.  Living in trust, we can build strong and lasting communities. Otherwise, if there is no trust among us here in the United States, then there will be no peace among us here in the United States.