Welcome to Earth Colony.net: TRICK OR TREAT: WHITE SUPREMACIST TRICKNOLOGY, by Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed


White supremacists are getting a face lift; they are having cosmetic surgery. They want to appear young, clean, and fertile. Like a whore, they want to turn tricks with unsuspecting and ignorant men, women, and children. For it is such as they who are the kinds of people they have preyed upon for centuries. They yell out from street curbs everywhere: “10 and 2, ten dollars for the womb and two dollars for the room.”  They give birth to trick baby psychopaths like Joseph Paul Frank.  He drove around murdering people because they did not fit the white supremacist model.

Joseph Paul Franklin

Joseph Paul Franklin


Their home grown instinctual insecurities can no longer be adequately rationalized by the centuries old forms of racism and race religion which they institutionalized and practice. This is so because they are now being challenged by the beatific vision; it is the truth. The truth now has them in panic mode; it is driving them into a mad frenzy. They know that their power over and control of the collective conscious is at stake.


Their new myth is slowly displacing their old creation myths which were and are based upon the assumption of the polygenetic origin of the different human phenotypes. But don’t be fooled, they are using the same old tricknology. 


Zachariah Sitchin

The new myth has its new priestly ideologues.  They have asserted their apostle’s creed that Nordic aliens made the so-called white race. They are many. Zachariah Sitchin[1] (dead), Marshell Klarfeld[2], and Gerald Clark[3] are but a few who are panicking in the dark to find a way to propagandize their new lie.  No doubt some are financed by psychological operations (psyche-opts) connected to government. But they all have a common goal; it is to maintain a psychological advantage over non-European people. 


For racism and its priestly ideologues to survive as an institution and to stay in power they must morph their myth. They know that its outward appearance must change. That is so because the basic premises of their old mythological propositions such as that ‘there are races’ and that ‘they each developed independently of each other’ and that ‘some are superior and others inferior based upon skin color and intelligence’ has been disproven by modern genetic science. Their old icons of racial types[4] now lay scattered about on the highway of history like discarded refuse.[5]  


Their new story turns on the existence of extra-terrestrial UFO observations made by people all over the world.  Though such observations are a fact and are circumstantial evidence of the existence of UFOs, the ultimate fact is that no other material evidence exists anywhere which can prove any of their theses regarding who or what is riding in or controlling UFOs.   


So, they cleverly use what they know are un-definable and vague subjects to support their hypotheses. They use dead languages. They use ancient cave drawings. They use Jewish biblical creation myths. They use Greek polytheistic mythology.  And now they have added to their creed references to ‘Nordic tall blond’ aliens from space.  Now they say it is the Nordic aliens who are the ‘Let Us…’ in the Genesis creation myth.[6] They do that to make a persuasive argument in support of their theses to attract attention in popular race culture.[7]  They preach their sermons from the pulpit of radio shows such as ‘Coast to Coast AM’. 


However, therein lay the fallacy. Their various arguments are fallacious at their core. For it is a fundamental law of logic that an argument with a true premise combined with a false premise can only produce a false conclusion even if the form of the argument is valid and even if the premises stack up a mile high.  So, because their premises reek with falsity what they seek are true believers whose irrational insecurities can be manipulated. They want the reigns of irrational power under their control. The history of Europe and the United States has proven that race ideology is irrational and thus it is destructive power.   



Modern genetic scientists have irrefutably proven that all human beings stem from an 80,000 year old ethnic group called the San Bushman. The San Bushman still lives in South Africa. They are the oldest living human survivors of a planetary super volcanic catastrophe which occurred about 80,000 years ago in Sumatra, Indonesia on what is now called Lake Toba. That catastrophe caused mass extinction of life on our planet.  A few thousand humans survived. 


All human ethnic groups carry the ‘Y’ chromosome marker of the San Bushman.[8]  It is passed down unchanged from father to son. Genetic analysis of people all over the world has conclusively proven that all human beings are descendants of Africans out of Western Southern Africa.[9]  It is the ‘San Bushman’ DNA which carry all of the genetic variety we see extent in all human phenotypes in the world.  That includes both dominant and recessive genetic traits.


Later, some 2% to 3% of Neanderthal and Denisovan hominid DNA entered the human population DNA.  That genetic inclusion occurred when some Africans migrated over from North Africa into Southern Europe from the Sahara when the Sahara was wet and green. It occurred some 100,000 years ago.[10] Evidence now substantiates that they naturally interbred with Neanderthal Hominids in Europe as well as with Denisovan Hominids in Siberia, Asia, and Pacific Islands.[11] 


Don’t be a ‘trick baby’. We should celebrate our common ancestry and work hard to eliminate racism in our society and in the world.






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Definition: Tricknology means an unsound or un-cogent argument characterized by a valid logical form but with one or two false premises or un-verifiable subjects or predicates in a proposition or by the intentional use of grammatical errors or by use of some formal fallacious method.

Intelligent Extra-Terrestrial Beings Do Exist: A Report By Dr. Steven Nur Ahmed

Dear Readers,

What I am presenting to you is not a thesis. What I am presenting to you is an objective report.  The craft that I am reporting on is real. Only afterward will I draw some inferences based solely upon my report and 15 months of the careful research and study of my evidence.  I do not claim to be right with respect to my inferences.  I am still thinking on them. 

My name is Steven Nur Ahmed. On Thursday night, December 1, 2011, my youngest daughter asked me to help her choose an extra credit science project.  After listening to her I asked her to give me a couple of days to think on it. 

The next day, December 2, 2011 at about 7:00 a.m., I was on my way to work.  I was taking my usual route to work along highway 205 to interstate highway 5 in Tracy, California. While driving I noticed a cloud formation.  I thought about what kind of science project might be interesting.  I remembered that for about a year I had been doing research on an unusual new cloud formation which had only recently been given the name ‘Asperatus’ cloud.  The cloud formation which I observed while driving was an Asperatus formation. 

I thought that a project on Asperatus cloud formations would be a good science project for my daughter.  Luckily, I had with me my iphone. It was on the passenger’s seat. While driving, I picked up the iphone and took two pictures of the cloud formation. The sun was at my back to the east; it was just beginning to illumine the morning sky. I was facing westward. This is the first picture I took of the cloud. (See Exhibit #1)

 photo (1)

Later, at home, I printed the picture and put a transparent grid onto it.  I carefully looked at each square to observe its content. I then observed at the top right hand corner of the cloud formation a shiny object angled at 45 degrees.  It was not shaped like a plane, a blimp, or a drone.  I did a thorough review of modern aircraft pictures in various encyclopedias; its form did not conform to any man made air craft.  The second exhibit is a magnification of 600x.  (See Exhibit #2)

 photo 2

The next exhibit is a black and white picture of the craft. (See Exhibit #3)


After magnifying the picture in color, I subtracted the color to see it in black and white. The above picture is black and white of the same craft. 

Later, I took the same picture to a copy center and had it blown up to the size of a chalk board.  That picture brought out even more detail on the craft. 

I observed on the picture that it was disk shaped; that along the full length of its midsection there are clearly visible bright lighted squares separated by lattices.  Observable at the lower left end one of the bright squares is partially opened into the craft as a ‘bay hatch’ would be on a ship. 

Observable in the black and white picture is a bright transparent hub which can be seen on top of the craft and secondly, underneath the craft clearly observable are four defined spheres (orbs) attached to the craft and to each other.

Later I did a simple triangulation from my position on highway 205.  I was able to determine that the craft was positioned at an angle giving to it a full top view of Lawrence Livermore Lab in the city of Livermore, California.

My observation by means of my iphone camera was purely serendipitous.  I was not UFO hunting.  It was not my intent to take a picture of a UFO.



I have researched and studied my pictures for over a year.  I have shared them with only a hand full of people.  I have drawn some inferences which I now share with you:

1.)   Our government has been and is withholding information about intelligent beings who are not a product of the natural evolution of life on this planet Earth.

2.)  The U.S. Air Force Academy’s Physics course taught in its text book in the 50s and 60s that ‘Unidentified Flying Objects’ exist and that they have been here for over 50,000 years.

3.)  The craft was over a major city (Livermore) yet was not challenged by our Air Force.  These are the possible reasons: a. our government knew about the craft and chose not to challenge it because there is nothing it can do about the craft; b. our government is working for the occupants of the craft; c. our government didn’t know that the craft was present; d. if we had challenged them it would have brought attention to their presence; e. our government is/was enriching plutonium and doing genetics research at Lawrence Livermore Lab and the Intelligent Extra Terrestrials don’t like it.

4.)  The craft is able to absorb visible light (not reflect it) in the sky and thus does not appear within our range of light sensitivity. (See: Electro-Magnetic Spectrum: visible light)

5.)  I got a picture of one so they do not mind being seen or they are fallible but not fearful. 

6.)  The spheres are surveillance devises able to take in spherical motion pictures. They are often referred to as ‘fire balls’. They are seen as bright colors. (see: ‘Foo Fighter Orbs’ reported by world war two pilots.)

7.)  The shape of the surveillance devices suggests something about their eyes  (large like a fly’s eyes with thousands of lenses) and the structure of some aspects of their neurology.  Probably, their field of vision is far greater than the 180 degree semi spherical field of vision which we have. For example: if you look straight ahead you see a one half image bubble. They would be able to see behind their shoulders. Their technology is adapted to their visual organs. 

8.)  The craft and spheres are far more advanced above what Human Beings have made and the fact that they were over our national air space without being challenged means they are dominant over us.

9.)  They know our complete history.  a) They know our nature; b) It is more likely than not that we have been genetically altered by them.

They are involved in our development and we (the earth) are their colony or put another way, we are their zoo.


Few people are telling you the truth about our global status. Your government is not.  Most spokes persons are not either because their ignorant or afraid.  This cannot be explained by means of any world religion.  They do not subscribe to our belief systems. They are obviously scientifically oriented.  We are probably not capable of comprehending their level of science any more than a chimpanzee can comprehend calculus.    

I have a few remaining questions. What are they harvesting from the earth? Or put another way; what have they been getting from the earth?  Are we simply their entertainment?  Our follies projected onto their minds as a mixture of violence and comedy?  Are their craft ‘cruise ships’ full of vacationing E.T.s?  They are not going to destroy us; they could have done that when we were in the stone age. 

I highly advise you to think about this. 


After further observation of the cloud new questions arise.  Does the cloud formation conform to an upward spiral?  Does it express the Fibonacci sequence? If both questions can be answered in the affirmative, then does the cloud formation signify an intent on the part of the alians to communicate their presence in mathematical form?

Addendum #2

I have further infered that; 1. where there is one craft there are more; 2. where there are 2 or more craft then there must be a base of operation; 3. the base of operation must be signicficantly larger than any two craft; 4. there must be many alians; 5. there must be a location where the base of operation is situated; 6. the base of operation must be secure and secured by weapons but not necessarily distructive weapons.